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Sci Fi Guidebooks

Welcome to the Sci Fi Guidebooks section of the site! You’ll find books in this area containing both Science Fiction and Non-Fiction. Each is a guide to various aspects of my story universe and offers some material not available in … Continue reading

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Heroes Using Weapons: writing a story with guns #Pietas #SciFi #MFRWhooks

In today’s society with arguments for and against gun control, is it smart to write a story in which weapons play a large part? What if heroes using weapons is the wrong thing to write about? I’m working on a … Continue reading

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Time Travel (part 2): Sci Fi or Historical? #SciFi #Historical #Book

In this two-part discussion on time travel, I’ll share a fascinating discussion in my reader group. I love science fiction and fantasy, space opera, whether film, TV, book, or magazine. Likewise, time travel has always fascinated me. But is it … Continue reading

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