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Time Travel (part 2): Sci Fi or Historical? #SciFi #Historical #Book

In this two-part discussion on time travel, I’ll share a fascinating discussion in my reader group. I love science fiction and fantasy, space opera, whether film, TV, book, or magazine. Likewise, time travel has always fascinated me. But is it sci fi or historical? I decided to ask my readers. Here is the winning response, from Jackie. We had a great discussion.

QUESTION: Is a time travel in which characters travel to the future a Sci Fi? Would one in which they traveled to the past be historical?

Time Travel (part 2): Sci Fi or Historical? #SciFi #Historical #Book


I offered a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon (winner’s choice) for the best answer. One of my readers is author Dariel Raye, who in turn asked some of her readers. I got responses from both groups. (read part 1 of this discussion)


Your description of sci/fi and historical time travel seems right. Also if its not too far into the future or past then I suppose it would just be plain old time travel. I guess one would have to know how long ago historical really is, and how far into the future is really sci/fi. Interesting time line question to think about.


Hadn’t considered that. So maybe there could even be levels of historical or futuristic. Maybe ancient history or far future? I like that!


Yeah I think there would have to be different levels. Not as simple as 1 2 3 or A B C. Maybe more like middle ages or maybe even just a simple as a year like 1800’s historical. Now future we would have to come up with different era names.


Any in mind? What would you call them?


I am not sure what I would call them. Maybe something involving destiny, or future generations, or the coming of? What do you think?


Well now that’s different. A time travel to the future wouldn’t affect the past, until you were in the future — and then your actions would be in the past. So the new future’s past would definitely be altered. Kind of makes your head spin, doesn’t it? ;)


LOL yes it does. I actually read what you wrote twice. I am reading a series now that has time travel involved, both past, present and future. So many things change and sometimes one doesn’t realize when you change one thing it can bring about a much different out come than you expected or wanted.


I love the idea of time travel. Time is moving, but so is space — the Earth will never again be physically in the same place it was when we leave a specific time. Which means if we tried to go back in time, we would also have to go back in space. So not only would time travel be traveling within time, but also everything time affects. Wear, distance, surroundings… how could we ever create something complex enough to take all that into consideration?

Which just fascinates me. I don’t think I’ve come across time travel that deals with that aspect. What about the series you’re reading now? What is it?


Wow I had not thought about that. The series I am reading did take some of those thoughts into consideration. Not only did circumstances change but so did the surroundings and also the people. They looked very different as well. I am reading a YA book series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Its called the chronicles of Nick. Very cool with a dark humor to it. It was fun picking each others brains and trying to come up with a creative idea.

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