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Kayelle Allen

That’s me, Kayelle (pronounced like K L) Allen, in the pink jacket. It’s my favorite color. I’m showing you my face because I want you know who I am. If we’re going to talk about books and life and fun stuff — it’s nice to put a face with a name.

Believe me, I value my privacy. You can also believe I will protect yours. You won’t get spam from me. Your email and name won’t be sold, shared, or given to anyone. Your information is as safe as I can make it and it is not stored on my website. I use Mailchimp to send information.

All material sent via the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group is PG13 or below.

You can subscribe with confidence, and unsubscribe at any time.

Pietas, the hero of Bringer of Chaos, will tell you how we handle cookies. (Psst! Don’t let his gruff exterior scare you away. His book reveals what a big heart he has. But — you didn’t hear that from me.)

— Kayelle Allen

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Download a printable list of books and check off stories as you read them. The list also shows reading order for different series. It's updated with every book and the url to reprint it is in the footer. When you visit your favorite bookseller, type "kayelle allen" in the search box. Ask for my books at the front desk of your library or their ordering system.

Follow my Amazon Author Page and get one alert when a new story is available, or if you prefer Smashwords, add me to your favorites. You can sign up for AuthorAlarms and get one email when I release a new story. You can also add or remove people from AuthorAlarms, or leave the entire list.

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