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Crab Nebula: crushed core of a collapsed star #scifi #science

The Crab Nebula supernova remnant is the crushed ultra-dense core of a collapsed star. It’s now pulsing like a wildly beating heart at a precise 30 times per second. Due to the neutron star’s rotation, it ejects twin beams of … Continue reading

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Tour Inside the Nizamrak Building #scifi #IAN1

I named the Nizamrak Building after my friend and mentor, the late author Barbara Karmazin. Nizamrak is Karmazin backward. BK, as she was affectionately known, loved the idea of having a site named after her. When my son Jamin created … Continue reading

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Whom do immortals trust? The CHOSEN #TBRlist #MM #99cents

The Tales of the Chosen Boxed set is available for 99 cents until the end of September. It includes An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth, which is 99 cents by itself. This book has hit the top 20 on Amazon in Gay … Continue reading

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Tarthian Empire Companion

For Tarthian Fans The Companion is a World Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series. Before writing the first book in the Tarthian Empire, I wrote ten thousand years of future history. The book features that history, and spans … Continue reading

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Kayelle Allen’s Homeworld

Welcome to my homeworld. I’m Kayelle Allen and I write books and create graphic art. I believe Romance Lives Forever. I am a US Navy veteran, married to a veteran, and we have a daughter, two sons, and five grandchildren. I’m a member … Continue reading

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Come to @OutlantaCon May 8-10

OutlantaCon Outlantacon is an Atlanta-based event for the Queer Geek audience! Everyone is welcome, and even straight folks like me find a home there. You’ll find all the usual convention fare here–discussion panels, gaming, costuming, special events, etc. The difference … Continue reading

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