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Badledeerin: Last Human War

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Welcome to Badledeerin

Using the list below, click the name of a world to visit.
From each world, you may click the Tarthian Tour Company (TTC) logo to return to the tour page, click a world name to visit another planet, or click Kayelle Allen at the top to return the main website. 
In whatever part of the empire your journey takes you, the TTC wishes you a pleasant stay.

Badledeerin, site of the Last Human War

Badledeerin is known as the Last Human War site. The residents prefer "Badledeerin, where the future is in reach." This planet is heavily cloaked. Often what appears as a brown haze obscures the view from space, but like Tarth, this is the result of multiple shielding.

Click planet and tour images to open full-sized in another window.

Badledeerin, site of the Last Human War

For a better view of the planet's natural resources, please purchase a side trip and visit the surface.

Androids and warbots now make up the bulk of the Imperial Armada. An interesting bit of trivia: soldiers injured during this war make up almost 30% of current cyborgs in the empire.

Shopping for souvenirs of the Badledeerin War is an adventure back in time. This was the last conflict in the Tarthian Empire fought with human ground troops.

The weapons sold in shops on Badledeerin are not working models. For the safety of all citizens, the Grand Parliament on Tarth has banned any weapon not used expressly for hunting. A shop owner might modify an antique weapon for other purposes upon request, however this is not recommended by the Tarthian Tour Company.

Badledeerin, where the future is in reach

Any purchase of banned material is at your own risk. Per Tradestandard law, all weapons (working or not) must be shipped in approved cases. These may be purchased from shop owners for an additional fee.

Because such a large percentage of the empire's cyborgs make their home on Badledeerin, medical tourism ranks high here. A hefty portion of the empire's transplant research takes place on this planet.


  • Use only TTC approved ships and shuttles.
  • Please note, the Tarthian Tour Company (TTC) is not responsible for injury or death resulting from non-approved portals and/or debarkation points.
  • For your safety and convenience, please stay within marked "TTC safe areas" while on board.
  • Avoid contact with animals in transport. Although all creatures on board have passed required health screenings, not all animals are tame. Do nothing to provoke attack.
  • If buying from local businesses while in port, look for the TTC seal of approval.
  • Unregistered firing weapons may be confiscated by the Weapons Regulation Board of the Imperial Armada. For the safety of all citizens, the Parliament on Tarth has banned any firing weapon not used for hunting.
  • Please report graffiti on TTC signs and passageways.
  • Tap TTC on your debit bracelet for more info.

Tarthian Tour Company art by Jamin Allen and/or Kayelle Allen
Some artwork includes compilation imagery courtesy of Depositphotos and Pixabay

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