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Alsnorn was discovered in 4652 tradestandard by Destoiya the Conqueror. It lies between Ezraki and Porosen la, two of the busiest jump points in the empire. Rebel leaders favor it as a site for piracy, since Armada ships often lay over here on their way from Porosen la to the non-human worlds.

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Alsnorn, Crossroads in the Tarthian Empire tour #SciFi #SpaceOpera @kayelleallen

Because this is a layover for the Imperial Armada, ground tours are available only by special permission. Please contact the ship's purser for more information and to purchase tickets, or tap TIKTBOT on your debit bracelet.

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Alsnorn has six moons, two of which orbit backward. One moon is the base of a small mining operation for a rare form of crystal. The mining is owned and operated by the Armada.


TTC Disclaimers

  • Please note, the Tarthian Tour Company (TTC) is not responsible for injury or death resulting from non-approved portals and/or debarkation points.
  • Use only TTC approved ships and shuttles.
  • For your safety and convenience, please stay within marked "TTC safe areas" while on board.
  • Avoid contact with animals in transport. Although all creatures on board have passed required health screenings, not all animals are tame. Do nothing to provoke attack.
  • If buying from local businesses while in port, look for the TTC seal of approval.
  • Unregistered firing weapons may be confiscated by the Weapons Regulation Board of the Imperial Armada. For the safety of all citizens, the Parliament on Tarth has banned any firing weapon not used for hunting.
  • Please report graffiti on TTC signs and passageways.
  • Tap TTC on your debit bracelet for more info.

Tarthian Tour Company art by Jamin Allen and/or Kayelle Allen

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