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Tips and tools for writers from Kayelle Allen

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Free Coloring Books


Want to color a thank you for frontline workers? Here’s a link to a few I made. I hope they encourage you and others.

Coloring Pages to Thank Front Line Workers

Color the Characters, then read the books.

Are you looking for coloring books for adults? Want some that are FREE? This is the place. Free is my favorite price! Why did I make these? I love art and I love creating. I’m also an author. By combining my love of art with my love of the creative writing process, I have the best of both worlds. My son (Jamin Allen of Nimajination Studios) created nearly all the art. I added details and patterns. Click any image in the gallery below to download your printable books. Each one has a link inside to bring you back for fresh copies or to share with a friend. Have you tried coloring games? Pass out multiple copies of your coloring pages and have a contest. You decide what the rules are and how to play.

Links to the books

These all open in new windows so you can view, download, and then come back for more. Take all you want. There’s a link in the footer of each to this page so you can check back for more books.

Unstoppable Heroes and Heroines – Characters to Color
The Antonello Brothers
Peril – the Immortals’ Game
Pietas – the Bringer of Chaos
Flowers of the Tarthian Empire
Butterflies of Felidae
Tales of the Chosen

Want to know when more free coloring books are added? Join my Romance Lives Forever Reader Group now and you’ll have first dibs on new ones.  You’ll be first to know when my next book is released, plus you’ll get access to exclusive content limited to members. SEND ME THE BOOKS

Benefits of Coloring

In their Health division, the news giant CNN suggests you take a mental health day and enjoy coloring. Art therapy (making and creating artwork) can help “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness” and more. Art helps adults de-stress and self-express. The activity can help achieve mindfulness.

Some books call themselves “art therapy.” Are they? It’s more likely you’ll achieve less stress if you’re creating the art yourself, rather than filling in someone else’s design in a coloring book. Painting on a blank canvas, laying out the design for a dress and then sewing it, building a sculpture with clay, and other art activities use a skillset different from coloring simple designs created by another person.

Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Absolutely not. Adult coloring books are relaxing, fun, and takes your mind away from your troubles. That can be a good thing!

How to Use Adult Coloring Books

The first thing to remember is — Relax! This is supposed to be fun. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about technique.

Don’t try to color the entire picture at one time. Your hand might cramp. You might lose patience. You could run out of ink. The point of adult coloring is to relax and take your time. Don’t do this on a schedule where you’re snapping your mental fingers saying “Hurry up!” Again, this is fun.

If you haven’t spent time coloring in a coloring book since you were a kid, it might surprise you that A) you still know how, and B) you need practice. If you’ve never colored before, congratulations! Coloring pictures will be relaxing and produce something beautiful you can enjoy seeing.

I print coupons on my computer, and there are always long strips of white paper left over. I use these to do color swatches when I’m working on a project.

Some basic “rules”
* Work from the outside in. It will help you keep from going outside the lines (if you’re trying to avoid that).
* Press gently. You can build up color by repeating strokes.
* Have a sharpener nearby for pencils. Use it often.
* Put the caps back on your pens. They might not dry out, but cleanup will be easier if you don’t have to find missing caps.
* Test your ink on a scrap paper first.
* You can never have too many pencils or pens!
* Color outside the lines. It’s okay. No one is going to slap your hand. Scribble in the margins and make your own doodles.
* Rules are made to be broken. The main thing is to have fun and relax.

Do I need special pens or pencils?

Not really. Feel free to sit down with your kids while they’re coloring and use their box of crayons. Not only is it a fun family time, it takes you back to your childhood. Remember opening that new box of crayons in school? The smell of the fresh crayons? Ahh… nice.

If you prefer fine-tipped pencils or gel pens, or you like vibrant colors, I can recommend these coloring pens and pencils for adult coloring books on Amazon.  Any will do. They are all good. These are popular items and are often on sale. You might find a real steal!


Prismacolor is a wonderful brand with rich colors. This page will show you all the various types of coloring tools they carry. Lots to choose from!

Staedtler Johanna Basford Triplus Fineliner Pens (Set of 36)

These pens come in 36 brilliant colors. The barrels of the coloring pens are triangular, making them ergonomic. The nice thing about these pens is they can be left uncapped without drying out. They are available on Amazon Prime (free shipping).

Eparon 36-piece Gel Pen Set with 40 Unique Colors

You can get these on Amazon Prime without paying for shipping. There are standard coloring pens, neon, mixed pastel, solid pastel, and more. They are acid-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Caliart 80 Supermarkers with Case

Also available on Amazon Prime, the Caliart supermarker set for adult coloring books has chisel-point tips, comes in primary and secondary colors, and includes its own case.

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!

Sci Fi Guidebooks

Welcome to the Sci Fi Guidebooks section of the site!

You'll find books in this area containing both Science Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Each is a guide to various aspects of my story universe and offers some material not available in the books, including a full glossary of the Kin language, Felis.


Books in this section include the Tarthian Empire Companion and An Immortal's Guide to Tarth.

Tarthian Empire Companion (non-fiction)

A World-Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series, Illustrated by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.

For the science fiction writer, this volume teaches you how to build believable worlds, track details of your story, organize your writing, and lay out your story bible. Novice or experienced, you will pick up tricks and tips here. This EPIC eBook Award winning writer shares organizational tips, links to marketing sites, groups supporting writers, science fiction groups, and more.

For the science fiction fan, the Companion reveals the worldbuilding magic that makes Kayelle Allen's Tarthian Empire tick. She shares every character in every book, 10k years of future history, offers inside peeks at scenes and stories, lays out a quick tour of the Empire, and dishes up a surfeit of secrets, all in one illustrated volume. Original art by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.

How to write a Sci Fi series and keep track of characters: The Tarthian Empire Companion #SciFi #AmWriting Click To Tweet

An Immortal's Guide to Tarth (fiction)

A tongue-in-cheek look at what relocating to the Tarthian Empire would be like for the immortals in books by Kayelle Allen. A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way, the book offers guidance from Joss Avaton, one of the immortals. Provides dire warnings about who not to cross, and what to do about pesky Mundanes (namely, those annoying humans), and who among the Chosen is not to be trusted.

The role playing game of Peril is spelled out, with downloads for character sheets and rules. Includes a who's who among the immortals, and stats of the players, with never before revealed secrets about Luc Saint-Cyr, Pietas, and others.

A must have for fans of the Tarthian Empire series. This handy guide will inform, entertain, and provide peeks behind the curtain.

If you're immortal and moving to Tarth, you better read this first. Pietas says so! #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!

How to watch live Instagram feed on your PC #Cosplay #Cosplayer #SciFi

How to watch live Instagram feed on your PC #Cosplay #Cosplayer #SciFi

Watch Live Instagram

Nik Nitsvetov is a photographer and award-winning cosplayer. Today he is portraying the immortal king, Pietas, from my Bringer of Chaos series. I've had this character in my head since I was 17. Now, 50 years later, I'm getting to see him brought to life. Live. From Russia. Pinch me! I must be dreaming. ;) Here's how to watch live Instagram on your computer.

Watch Live Instagram

I discovered you can see live events on your PC. I use Chrome, but I imagine it's also viewable on other browsers. If you need instructions on loading an app to your browser, watch this video.

You'll need an app -- here's one I suggest. It's the big brother of the one in this video: Chrome IG Story Plus.
Load it to your browser, then click the icon once it's installed (it's all in the video). Use the pop out feature and you can resize to fit your screen. Search for nitsvetov -- then pick Nitsvetov (Nik) to get the right one.

Choose Top Live at the bottom and sit back to watch.

Watch the Cosplay

On September 1, the Russian cosplayer, Nik Nitsvetov will be portraying immortal king Pietas during a live feed on Instagram. To take part, follow Nik on Instagram and then watch for an announcement that the feed has gone live.

Time for the cosplay is 7:00 AM Eastern (2:00 PM Moscow) and will last 3 hours. September 1, 2018. Drop in anytime.

Please follow Nik on Instagram
If you like amazing and unforgettable cosplay, support Nik on Patreon.
Check out by_cosphoto - photographer for the event

Hear Pietas speak

Hear Pietas (in his own voice) as he shares
several truths about himself and life.
"Finding the Voice of Pietas" coming soon

Voice of Pietas

Zack Black
Twitter - @zackblackvo
Instagram - @voicesbyzack

Nik Nitsvetov (top image, as Pietas) is a photographer and award-winning cosplayer. A gamer and anime fan, he often cosplays characters from popular series. He lives in Russia and is a strong supporter of Russian Cosplay. His personal photography ranges from cosplay to portraits and often includes animals and nature. You will find him online through various social media.

How to Upload to Instagram from your PC #tips from LA Sartor @LesannSartor #Instagram

How to Upload to Instagram from your PC

How to Upload to Instagram from your PC #tips from LA Sartor @LesannSartor

Share Your Tips

Want another tip? Here's How to Watch an Instagram Feed Live on Your PC.

If you're an author with tips for social media, contact me. I'd be happy to share your ideas.

Do you have any tips for using Instagram? Please share in the comments. I'd love to know what you might like me to share on future posts.


This tip is one I doubt I'd ever have discovered on my own. How to upload to Instagram from my PC. What a timesaver. My thanks to author LA Sartor for this one!

Sometimes I'm on my pc and have things I want to share on Instagram. Sometimes I save images from my phone to the cloud and then want to download and use them. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to upload to Instagram from my PC?

Guess what? You can.

There might be other ways to upload to Instagram but this one, using Chrome, is one of the easiest, and for me the best.

Upload to Instagram

My friend, author LA Sartor, shared her tip with my writer marketing group, Marketing for Romance Writers. It was so helpful that I asked LA if I could share it on my blog as well. Happily for us, she agreed. So I'm also sharing her book, Prince Of Granola. Wait till you see how that title came about!

A picture is worth 1000 words, they say. In this case I agree.

Here's the infographic on how to upload to Instagram that made the rounds on MFRW.

Prince Of Granola by LA Sartor

Cacao. Long a symbol of wealth, love, and power – now the center of a powerful rivalry.

The fabled Costa Rican Plantation of White Treasure, source of the rarest form of the cacao bean, is up for sale. Though two fierce competitors have been invited to bid on it, only one can win.

For Drew Hopkins, purchasing the plantation is the perfect solution to escape a life she never wanted.

For Robert Prince, it's the perfect route to revenge.

Drew, the founder's daughter and now CEO of HH Chocolate, heads a company whose sales are waning. Robert, CEO of Prince Organics, a man driven by excellence, despises everything and everyone labeled Hopkins.

But it wasn't always that way.

Will their forced proximity at the lush and exotic plantation rekindle old flames or will it fan the fires of antagonism?

Free on Kindle Unlimited

LA Sartor

Author LA SartorLA Sartor is a bestselling, award-winning author. She began telling stories around the age of 4 when her mother, at LA's insistence, wrote them down and LA illustrated them. As an adult, she writes suspense and action-adventure novels with a dash of romance, and screenplays--she's had a contracted adaptation! She lives in Colorado with her husband whom she met on a blind date. LA loves to travel and thinks life is an adventure and we should embrace the journey.
Amazon Author Page

Please come check out my Instagram

Nik Nitsvetov as PietasPlease stop by and check out my Instagram. I follow cosplay and some seriously awesome cosplayers. My favorite is Nik Nitsvetov, who cosplays my character Pietas. That totally focused and intense blond on the right is Nik as Pietas, from my Bringer of Chaos series.

My interests in archaeology, geology, and astronomy are reflected in stories I share on Instagram. I also follow many of the national parks in the US and share their images. Right now, I need a reminder of the majesty and beauty of our amazing world. Don't you?

I rarely post anything about my books, but if you want to know more about me as a person, Instagram is a good place to start.

Kayelle Allen Creative Team

The Creative Team

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Volgraza (aka Jamin Allen) illustrated the Tarthian Empire Companion and the Tarthian Tour Company plus other art on the site and was the first member of the Creative Team.

Read More >>>


Nik Nitsvetov is an award-winning cosplayer and photographer who portrays the immortal king, Pietas, from Bringer of Chaos. His role on the Creative Team is invaluable.

Read More >>>


Professional voiceover artist Zack Black is the member of the creative team performing the voice of Pietas in videos and snippets.

Read More >>>


Nano-Core creates fantasy and sci fi weapon designs, environments, mechs and other objects. His part on the creative team is concept design.

Read More >>>


Zealot6 designs and creates audio, video, and music productions as part of the Creative Team.

Read More >>>


Tarthian Empire Companion

Tarthian Empire Companion #NonFiction #SciFi #AmWriting

Genre: Non-fiction, writer's guidebook

For Tarthian Fans

The Companion is a World Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series.

Before writing the first book in the Tarthian Empire, I wrote ten thousand years of future history.

This book features that history, and spans Earth and its colonization of the galaxy, focusing on the big picture.

The Tarthian Empire Companion also provides advice and suggestions for creating a Science Fiction series and building worlds.

The companion provides organizational tips, links to marketing sites, groups supporting writers, science fiction groups, and more.

Illustrated in full color with original art created by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.

What is a Story Bible?

A "story bible" is the book an author uses to keep all the details straight when writing a story or book. Different from a synopsis or outline, a story bible is a collection of details that bring a story to life. Is your hero left handed? What year did your king assume the throne? What is the name of your heroine's pet? What type of money does your character have in his pocket? All these details and more are kept in a story bible. This book includes my story bible -- and shows you how to create your own.

Qualified to Write a How-To

I have studied the craft and read classic Scifi since I was a child. In 2008 I won an honorary mention for the EPIC eBook Award for Fantasy, and in 2010 won the EPIC eBook Award for Science Fiction Romance. My books have won reviewer's awards and received multiple four- and five-star reviews. I have published numerous Science Fiction books, Science Fiction Romances, and have written within the genre since 2003.

Writing a History

Writers must understand the culture of the people about whom they write. What events drove their wars? Who won them? What made the peace so short, and the fighting so dire? The Tarthian Empire Companion suggests other questions to consider when writing a history for your world.

Sample the Companion

Would you like the free Top Stops edition of the Companion? Top Stops is 24 pages of images and info about Tarth and other places in the empire. Download a sample of the Tarthian Empire Companion.
(Read how to send this sample to your Kindle)

Where to buy the Tarthian Empire Companion

Universal book link - buy from your favorite store:

Read the Tarthian Empire Companion for free

Want to read this book and not pay for it? Legally. Here's how you can get the book at no cost.
Members of my Reader Groups have the opportunity to sign up for my Free Books Forever Club and download any of my books, just for asking. Get the full scoop on this page

The content on this page may use referral links for which I am compensated. The links do not result in a higher price for you. Because of promotions or relationships, these links might provide savings. Read about our cookies, our full disclosure policy and simple privacy policy under the About menu. A printable list of books can be found under About > About Kayelle. Thank you for visiting my site!
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