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Kivahndo-Passat, Unified Border World

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Welcome to Kivahndo-Passat

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In whatever part of the empire your journey takes you, the TTC wishes you a pleasant stay.

Kivahndo-Passat, Unified Border World

Natives on one side of the world called their planet Kivahndo. The other side called it Passat. Neither group knew the other existed.

In 4647 tradestandard, when the Conqueror absorbed the planet into the Tarthian Empire and brought the two hemispheres of people together, fierce fighting broke out between them.

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Kivahndo-Passat, Unified Border World

Kivahndo-Passat, Unified Border World

Each group believed the other had lied about their origins on the planet. Neither had any written or oral history mentioning the others, yet genetically, the groups were identical. How their world managed to evolve without leaving a history as to their shared background is a mystery.

Deepening the curiosity is the fact that their languages are based on Etymis, the tradestandard language of the empire.

Because Kivahndo-Passat is located so near the edge of the galaxy, its night sky is almost devoid of stars during some seasons and completely filled with them during others.

Kivahndo-Passat Moons

Kivahndo Moons


Passat Moons



  • Use only TTC approved ships and shuttles.
  • Please note, the Tarthian Tour Company (TTC) is not responsible for injury or death resulting from non-approved portals and/or debarkation points.
  • For your safety and convenience, please stay within marked "TTC safe areas" while on board.
  • Avoid contact with animals in transport. Although all creatures on board have passed required health screenings, not all animals are tame. Do nothing to provoke attack.
  • If buying from local businesses while in port, look for the TTC seal of approval.
  • Unregistered firing weapons may be confiscated by the Weapons Regulation Board of the Imperial Armada. For the safety of all citizens, the Parliament on Tarth has banned any firing weapon not used for hunting.
  • Please report graffiti on TTC signs and passageways.
  • Tap TTC on your debit bracelet for more info.

Tarthian Tour Company art by Jamin Allen and/or Kayelle Allen
Some artwork includes compilation imagery courtesy of Depositphotos and Pixabay

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