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Insights into characters and how they act or react.

"Look what I bought," women said of him #SciFi #Romance

From For Women Only

In this scene from For Women Only, Khyff awakens beside Mehfawni, the feline-humanoid Kin ambassador to the Tarthian Empire. He'd been ordered to seduce her, part of a complicated ploy by the Empress, who wants to remove Mehfawni from the Kin line of succession.
The seduction took no time on Khyff's part. The moment Mehfawni saw the gorgeous blond and blue-eyed human, she pursued him.

Khyff has always been a plaything for women to enjoy, never a person to get to know. Until he meets Fawni.

Khyff drifted off to sleep, more comfortable than he could remember being in years and woke sometime later to the feel of a hand sliding down his abs and across his belly. He opened his eyes.

"Look what I bought," women said of him #SciFi #RomanceWhen she noticed he was watching her, mild surprise widened Mehfawni's big golden eyes with their jade green flecks. "Oh, you're awake."
"I hope I didn't wake you. You looked..." She sighed. "I wanted to touch you. You're so smooth."
"It's okay. You can touch me any time you like." He stretched. It felt good to be rested. No light showed at the windows. "What time is it?"
She shrugged. "I pay no attention to such things. Local time. Tradestandard time. Time zones. Time to hold council. Time to sleep." She hooked her claws into the air, a picture of frustration. "My staff open doors and pour wine and feed me. They lay out my clothes and draw my bath. All the rest of my life is work." She dragged the tips of her claws down his body.
Khyff's skin jumped, still hypersensitive after their riotous lovemaking.
"This--" she stroked his belly "--is outside time. This is my time. I will not look at clocks while I'm with you."
Warmth swept over him that had nothing to do with sex. He turned the feeling over in his mind, unsure what to make of it, and held out his arms.
She moved into his embrace, body flush against his at leg and groin, skin pressed against his. She lay half atop him, leaning a bit to one side, propped on one elbow.
"Are you hungry, Khyff?"
He hadn't noticed until she asked. "Starving. I have plenty of food in the kitchen. What would you like?"

"Besides you?"
"You can have me, too."
She tapped his nose and sat up. "I want to take you out to dinner. In Tarth City, surely there is always food ready somewhere."
"I know plenty of places." They had told him to prepare to be spoiled. Kin females were accustomed to being in charge. Khyff hadn't mentioned he was used to women paying his way. They liked to flaunt him to their friends and display him like a new charm on their wrist bracelets. Look what I bought.
"Somewhere quiet." Mehfawni folded her legs, elbows on her knees. "I don't wish women to gawk at you when you're with me."

Khyff's secret truth could devastate her family and make her an outcast. She should shun this human, return to her own people and forget him. Yet how can she let him suffer in the darkness that binds his heart?

His secret truth is her people's darkest lie...

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The Antonello Brothers Series

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You make one visit to Toy Planet and the media goes wild #Excerpt from A Stolen Heart #SciFi #MFRWhooks

In this scene, Luc is arriving home after shopping for clothes with Senthys, the young boy he rescued earlier. He had taken the child to Toy Planet as a reward for good behavior. When they arrive home, Luc discovers the trip has made the tabloids, where he is a constant source of attention. Luc is a fashion maven in the Tarthian Empire, and his shopping habits have spilled over into his trip.

Toy Planet

Set up: Luc had joked that he would fire his liaison, Shohn. Not long after, he mentioned that he planned to send flowers to the manager of the children's clothing store.

Toy Planet and the Media Darling

When Luc walked in the front door with Senthys, he found Andel and Brinn moving big boxes from the foyer to the living area.

Senthys released Luc's hand and ran to them. "I got a new bear! See?" He held up a bear a hundred years junior to his current model.

"Cute!" Brinn tousled the boy's hair.

"This guy has fur and everything." Andel sat on the floor and gathered Senthys onto his lap. "What's his name?"

While the two chatted, Luc examined the boxes. "What's in these?"

"This?" Brinn indicated the chest-high stacks. "I think this is what 'a few things to wear' looks like to Luc Saint-Cyr."

Walking around the boxes, Luc checked out the labels. "Kelthian Kids delivered already."

Brinn braced a hand on one box. "There was a note on this one. It was meant for your eyes only, but I unsealed it, thinking it was a packing slip." He handed Luc the handwritten note. "Sorry."

"No problem." He skimmed it, then re-read the words written by the Kelthian Kids manager. "Thank you for the flowers. Roses are my favorite. Yes, I'd love to meet for dinner." She'd signed it with her name and mobile contact.

Apparently, Shohn had decided to play matchmaker. Depending on how dinner went, she might be fired after all. "Or promoted."


"Nothing. Now you know one reason why I bought out the store."

"After seeing this, I half expected a truck from Toy Planet to back into the driveway. Guess their manager wasn't as cute." Brinn tapped the box.

"Imagine how entertaining I find that."

Brinn bit his lips too late to hide a smile.

Luc tucked the note into a pocket. "I'm curious, however, how you knew I took the boy to Toy Planet. The manager told me those bears are sold everywhere. Easy to replace if damaged." Although, considering the boy's attachment to his other bear, wear made no difference.

"I saw you guys on the news." Brinn pulled out his mobile device and scrolled. "Here."

Two tabloid media celebrities from Idle Time Ezine were chatting. His name scrolled across a banner at the bottom. They'd made their fortune exploiting him for news. "Luc Saint-Cyr, the 'retired'," the woman made air quotes, "Grand Master of the Thieves' Guild has sold name rights to the Bank of Tarth. The banking conglomerate, which controls branches throughout the empire, will feature the Harbinger's likeness in advertising, showing he backs the company as a solid investment."

"Does that mean," the male asked, "that he'll never rob it?"

"Robbery? Of a bank?" Luc stopped the video. "Honestly, do these people research nothing? Bank robbery! As if I'd remain at that level. That is so far beneath my skill. Brinn," he turned to him, "what does this have to do with Toy Planet?"

Brinn gave him a cryptic smile. "Keep watching."

With an aggravated sigh, he tapped play.

"What do you suppose he'll do with all that money?" the male asked.

With a snide smile, the woman responded, "It might buy one of his less expensive suits." The two laughed at their own joke.


"Trust me. It's coming."

"Apparently, though," she continued, "he might need some of that money for toys." An amateur shot of him stooping beside Senthys at Toy Planet popped up. "Saint-Cyr's support of Kin businesses is well documented. Perhaps this HalfKin child is a by-product of that 'support.'" Again, she made air quotes and the two exchanged a knowing look.

Luc jabbed the stop icon. "I will kill them both."

"If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were serious."

Luc slid his unsmiling gaze in the young man's direction.

"Umm... Okay, then." Brinn tucked away the mobile. "I'll finish here while you... uh... Whatever."

Luc tried counting to force down his anger. "Not enough numbers."

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This version is self-edited and will be sent out for its final edit next week. I'd be happy to get questions if you have any, or if you were confused by anything. An early review would be a great help. Thank you!

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The Antonello Brothers Series

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You'll find Luc and Senth mentioned in many books in my story universe.
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Hear Pietas speak
(in his own voice) as he shares
several truths about himself and life.
"Finding the Voice of Pietas" coming soon

Voice of Pietas

Zack Black

Twitter - @zackblackvo

Instagram - @voicesbyzack

Still Fangirling...

Over the voice of Pietas - Zack Black of Voices by Zack and Nik Nitsvetov, the body and face of Pietas. If you listen to the short snippet above, you will hear Pietas the way I hear him when I write. I want you to hear Pietas the way he should be heard. Do take a moment and click play.

On September 1, the Russian cosplayer, Nik Nitsvetov portrayed immortal king Pietas during a live feed on Instagram.

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Check out by_cosphoto - photographer for the event

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire

An exiled, immortal king, a ginormous panther "kitty" and the most dysfunctional family since forever. #SciFi #SpaceOpera #Pietas https://books2read.com/u/bpW7Kg

Click to open in a larger size

Nik Nitsvetov (above, as Pietas) is a photographer and award-winning cosplayer. A gamer and anime fan, he often cosplays characters from popular series. He lives in Russia and is a strong supporter of Russian Cosplay. His personal photography ranges from cosplay to portraits and often includes animals and nature. You will find him online through various social media.

He should eat. But he headed for the bar #Excerpt Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen #SciFi #GayRomance #MFRWhooks

Surrender Love
Antonello Brothers: Immortal

Reprint - previously published under the same title (as erotic)
Genre: Scifi Romance, Gay Romance

Length: Full novel (130k words)
Heat level: Mainstream, sweetly sensual (PG13)

A little feral, a little innocent, all male, Izzorah Ceeow flees a world that denies him basic rights. Forced into a human society blind to his needs, the young Kin male lives for his music. When a freak accident throws him into the care of Luc Saint-Cyr, the most powerful human in the empire, the attention Izzorah receives is beyond anything he'd ever dreamed. But is the attraction he feels toward his rescuer gratitude, lust, or a deeper, abiding call to yield all that he is?

The prestige of Luc's power, wealth, and influence direct an empire scattered across the stars. His word shapes the foundations of business and his financial prowess is of mythic proportions. Yet beneath the myths beats the heart of a man who craves what he has never given and is certain he will always be denied -- steadfast, faithful love.

This will take more than love. It needs full out surrender...

(This heavily edited second edition includes many new scenes and over 7k additional words).

Excerpt from Surrender Love

In this scene from the beginning of the book, Luc is arriving home from work, where "friends" have spent the day telling him how sorry they are he recently broke up with his lover. Aggravated beyond words, he runs into McDoth, his android major-domo, a stickler for rules who's been appointed watchdog by Luc's king, who is worried about him.

Outside the entrance to his home, Luc stopped, fingertips against his brow. He lifted his head, straightened his shoulders, and opened the door. The scent of polished wood and fresh flowers greeted him. A hint of baking bread beckoned and his stomach growled in answer. He should eat.

Instead, he headed straight for the bar.

As usual, McDoth lay in wait. The attentive butler / major-domo was as predictable as his immaculate tuxedo uniform. With his graying hair and wrinkles, most people mistook him for human. A kindly, aging grandfather who still worked for a living. Like his driver, James, the android was firepower mixed with grit. More tyrannical than a nagging wife and more tenacious than a steel weed. No matter how far Luc went, McDoth would follow, protecting him, serving him, while refusing to let him forget a single detail, rule, or obligation.

Were it his choice, Luc would fire McDoth tonight. In truth, the android deserved a medal. His tolerance and patience knew no bounds. Their relationship had lasted centuries and would for a thousand centuries more.

If their king had his way, Luc would never be rid of the human-shaped ball and chain. Which was the point of a referee. They kept you honest. At least...as much as they could.

"Welcome home, sir." The refined accent programmed into McDoth for this lifetime fit the look of a staid butler.


The android dropped a few ice cubes into a tumbler and set it on the bar. "For your whiskey, sir. Do try to limit yourself to one this evening."

And there it was. The daily lecture. You drink too much. You eat too little. You work too late. You never stay home.

Luc reached past him and picked up a fresh bottle of his best whiskey, a Kelthian brand from a distillery he'd bought a few years prior.

"Allow me to take your overcoat." The butler reached for it.

He turned to give his servant access, changing the bottle from one hand to the other as he slipped off the garment.

"It's quite late, sir. You must be tired." McDoth folded the coat over his arm. "How was your day?"

"Same as yesterday. Busy, but I accomplished nothing." He darted toward the stairs.


He halted, gripping the banister so hard he expected to see marks when he let go. The promise of solitude in his chambers above beckoned, but there would be no ignoring the interrogation. He checked an impatient sigh and turned back. "What?"

McDoth came to even sharper attention, his habitual passivity giving way to concern. "It is good to have you home, sir. We see little of you. Shall I bring you dinner? No records show you ate today, unless the earlier visit to your club included dining on someone else's account."

"I'm capable of asking for food if I'm hungry and I don't need a reminder you keep electronic tabs on me. I have no illusions about being your true employer. I'm not hungry. I'm fine. Stop fussing over me."

"As you wish, sir." The butler brought him the tumbler. "Remember, just one."

Luc lifted the bottle of whiskey and wagged it right in the android's face. "I will."

Surrender Love is due to release the last week of February 2021

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The Antonello Brothers Series

These books are in the same universe as Surrender Love, and feature Luc Saint-Cyr.

You'll find these characters mentioned in many books in my story universe.
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Your queen is risking her life. Show some respect #Excerpt The Last Vhalgenn #Fantasy #MFRWhooks



The Last Vhalgenn




One of these things
may kill her.

The Vhalgenn is the last of her kind, a companion bred to serve the king. Duty and honor burn in her blood.

When the queen begs for a secret blessing to save the newborn prince, the Vhalgenn answers.

But when she takes the babe to the queen's homeland for the ritual, what she discovers could topple the king and overthrow the kingdom.

To save them, she must abandon every last thing she holds sacred, and do the one thing that will destroy her own heart...

Excerpt from The Last Vhalgenn

Duty has shaped the Vhalgenn's life since birth, but to protect the newborn heir, she must betray all she holds sacred.

In this scene from The Last Vhalgenn, the heroine, Raik, has just bathed and eaten, and is alone with King Orix. They grew up together, but his new queen barred Raik from the palace. Raik is back to deliver news of a battle and while delighted to be with Orix, is nervous about his queen discovering them.


Orix set his fingers beneath my chin, and turned my face up to his. "You're more than pretty. You're magnificent. My queen has never once sat near the fire with me and talked."

It had been our nightly ritual. "Never?"

"Never." He brushed my hair back from my face. "I've learned to get along with her, Vhalgenn, but I never had to learn anything with you. We grew up with one another. You were my partner in everything I did. My lover, my sister, my sparring partner, my best friend. My everything."

I lifted my head to look up at him. As I did, his mouth came down on mine. A feverish chill coursed through me at his touch. I'd wanted his mouth from the moment I'd seen him on his throne. Orix could not help but be languid and sultry and hot. I felt desire emanating from him like heat from an oven with its door ajar. It scorched my face and I drew in a shallow breath, afraid of being burnt.

Resisting him was something I had never done, except in play. He thought I meant it that way now and made as if to pressure me, until he saw my eyes were brimming.

"Please, Orix. Don't." I pushed myself away from him. "I can't."

He frowned, confused. For him, life was simple. A need? Fulfill it. Thirsty? Drink. Hungry? Eat. Lusty? Love.

"Half the palace must know I'm here. Do you think your queen will let this go unnoticed? She'll have someone in here to check on me before the night's through and I won't be thrown out again, Orix. I couldn't bear it."

"Vhalgenn, I promise. She'll never know."

"No!" I moved away from him. "She's no fool. She's your queen and she's risking her life to have your child. The least you can do is be faithful."

The look of horror on his face tore out a piece of my heart. Then I realized he was looking past me.

His pregnant queen stood in the darkness, right outside the door.

Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
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Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog.
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Pietas ap Lorectic was introduced in the book For Women Only. He’s a physically beautiful immortal male who appears young, despite being over twelve thousand years old. He and his twin sister were the only naturally conceived and born Ultras.

The name Pietas comes from the word “pieta“, meaning “representation.” A famous statue by Michelangelo called “The Pieta” represents a dramatic event in Christendom. Another word for “pieta” is “creation.” Pietas was considered (at his birth to two supposedly infertile immortals) to be the highest creation, the epitome of success. His mother, Helia hid her pregnancy from all but a close circle of others, fearful of what might happen if humans discovered she was fertile.

Unknown to Helia, she carried twins. A female child was delivered only minutes after Pietas, and she was considered a delight, and a good omen. She was named Dessy from the root word decet (dess-say) meaning good or proper. We know her today as Empress Rheyn Destoiya, or the Conqueror. She detests being called Dessy. Pietas makes a point of calling her that to irritate her.

Pietas and Dessy’s father is Mahikos. Those who’ve read Surrender Love had an opportunity to meet him. Helia will appear in an upcoming book.

Other names for Pietas in human history are Marauder, Impaler, Hammer of God, Soul Ripper, Destroyer of Worlds, Slayer of Innocents, and Hound of Hell. He is mentioned in the Tales of the Chosen series, and Surrender Love. There is a love-hate relationship between Pietas and Luc Saint-Cyr, whom Pietas insists on calling by his Sempervian name, Cyken.

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