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Sempervians, Reborn, Ultras, Risen, Changelings, and Terran Ghosts are all included in this list of immortal heroes.

Bringer of Chaos Series #SciFi and #SpaceOpera

Bringer of Chaos Series #SciFi and #SpaceOperaEnemies: 1 immortal, 1 mortal. In exile. Together.
Genre: space opera, science fiction

Bringer of Chaos: Origin of Pietas

On the day of impending peace talks with humans, Pietas, narcissistic leader of the immortal Ultras, must bow to the will of the mighty Council or face impeachment. As he suspected, the peace talks devolve into an inescapable trap.
Faced with the perma-death of his beloved mother and the destruction of his people, Pietas surrenders. Once imprisoned aboard a vessel bound for the edge of the galaxy, he finds an unlikely ally in the human to whom he surrendered.
How low has he fallen! He now has no choice.
Either he will doom his people to exile and face the end of his own immortality, or place his faith in that which he most hates. A human…

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Bringer of Chaos: Forged in FireBringer of Chaos Series #SciFi and #SpaceOpera

Exiled to a barren world with only a human for company, the immortal Pietas demands the mortal serve him.
When Six refuses and insists they are equals, Pietas is outraged. How dare a mortal refuse anything he requests?
But when he needs Six’s support to find and join his people, Pietas must learn to humble himself and ask for help–politely–and even more outrageous–request forgiveness. From a human.
For without aid, the immortal king might spend an eternity alone, never finding the people he has already died over a thousand times to save…

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Lights Out (Ghost Corps)
(short story / anthology)

Bringer of Chaos Series #SciFi and #SpaceOpera

Lights Out – Bringer of Chaos prequel is included

He can save mankind. After he does one important thing. Die.
Join the Ghost Corps, they said. You’ll live forever, they said. You’ll save mankind, they said. They didn’t say that to do it, first he had to die.
When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line, he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps. Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later, he’s assigned duty on the space station Enderium Six.
He’s facing his most dangerous mission yet, the very reason the corps exists.
Do they expect him to win? Fat chance. Tornahdo and his team are already dead and this mission is codenamed “Lights Out.” No, there’s more to this than he can see.
To discover the truth, he must face an unbeatable, unkillable enemy, and this time–somehow–find a way to keep himself alive…

Lights Out, part of the anthology The Expanding Universe 4: Space Adventure, Alien Contact and Military Science Fiction, edited by Craig Martelle.
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Bringer of Chaos: Watch Your Six

Is immortality a sentence greater than death? Or the key to everlasting vengeance… Coming Soon!

Illustrated Bringer of Chaos Series Quote Books

The most powerful of all the immortal Ultras, Pietas ap Lorectic rules his people with an iron fist and a heart of stone. Or so he would have you believe. The man behind the myth is a scientist, deep thinker, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover. He has shared his thoughts with few. These books are a collection of full color illustrated quotes on by the man known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos.
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An exiled, immortal king, a ginormous panther 'kitty' and the most dysfunctional family since forever #SciFi #SpaceOpera #Pietas Click To Tweet

About Zealot6 – Media Production

About Zealot6 - Media Production



Media Production


Zealot6 specializes in audio, video, and music. He believes communication and consistency are the keys to a great experience with a client.

I hired him the first time because I needed help syncing spoken words with images and music. He was relatively inexpensive to hire and had a super quick turnaround time. I loved the final product.

After using his services once, I decided to try again when I created another video. This one was great as well. Since then, I've worked exclusively with him to create videos. I plan many more over the next year and hope to have his help on all of them. He's polite, easy to work with, and thorough.

Want to hire Zealot6 yourself? He's on

Check out his work by watching the Ritual of Strength or The Ultras video. Each is performed by Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas and Zack Black as the voice of Pietas.

About Zack Black – Voice Artist

About Zack Black Voice Artist


Zack Black

Voice Artist

Voices by Zack

Zack Black has been a DJ for over a decade and prides himself on his ability to not only rock a party but also read the crowd. Once he has listeners where he wants them, he lets them know who's keeping their feet moving -- all -- night -- long! He is also a motivational speaker and provides daily insights and uplifting messages on Instagram.

As a voiceover artist, Zack's voice is warm, intelligent, and clear. He has a wide range from friendly and fun for commercial aspects and narration, to serious and regal for corporate events and e-Learning.

Zack has performed as Pietas for multiple projects. Pietas is not easy to capture but Zack's voice is close to what I hear in my head when I write. I love hearing him speak my words. Coupled with the performance of Nik Nitsvetov in costume as Pietas, it is a surreal experience.

Zack has astonishing talent and pays meticulous attention to detail. It's a pleasure to work with him every time. Click any of the links below for voice-only samples or hear him as Pietas in two videos, Ritual of Strength, and/or The Ultras.

Want to hire Zack yourself? He's on

Zack's performance when Pietas introduces himself is perfect. (5 seconds)

A quote from Pietas, found in all the Bringer of Chaos series books. (6 seconds)

This performance as Pietas is a snippet from the Ritual of Strength. (2 seconds)

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