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Kayelle Allen Review Team

Be part of the Review Team to receive advanced copies of books by Kayelle Allen.

Kayelle Allen Review Team

Choose your books for the review team

  • If you prefer to review Science Fiction, Space Opera, and Fantasy
    WITHOUT ROMANCE, click here. Members of this group receive no romance titles.
  • If you prefer to review Science Fiction, Space Opera, and Fantasy
    WITH ROMANCE, click here. Members of this group receive all books.
  • If you have no preference, please choose WITH ROMANCE. Choosing both will result in duplicate emails. The review team will receive new titles and choose whether to receive a beta version (pre-final edit) or the final version (pre-release). A favorable review is not required, just an honest one.

What members are asked to do:

  • Members of the Review Team receive all the perks of Reader Group membership plus an advance copy of each new book I release.
  • Each book comes in your preferred format (mobi, epub, pdf). You choose when you download.
  • In exchange for the book, I ask you to review it. Your review can be placed on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, or any other site you choose. And no, it doesn't have to be a five star review. I prefer honest responses.
  • Once you've posted the review, send me a link.
  • Do not share the book with others. The Review Team is a private group. You may, however, send a friend an invitation to join.
  • If you decide not to review one book, that's fine. After two books are not reviewed, you will removed from the club.
  • When you choose your group, you'll be taken to a special page with an exclusive, downloadable map of Tarth City, where many of my books take place.

That's it! Those are the requirements for joining the Review Team. In exchange, you'll receive a copy of each new book as they are released. After you've reviewed at least one book, you may request a copy of any previous book for review.

Thank you for being part of the Review Team!