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About Belyaeva Yuliya – Pietas Photographer

Belyaeva Yuliya - AKA By_Cosphoto


Belyaeva Yuliya

Photographer, Cosplayer, Model

Instagram - Cosplay

Instagram - Photographer



Belyaeva Yuliya is a photographer and cosplayer who created the imagery of Pietas used all over my website. She is known on Instagram as photographer @by_cosphoto, and as cosplayer @by_yulli.

The English variant of her name is Julia.

If you are in Russia and want her to photograph your cosplay, you're in luck. That's her location also! You can find her pricing on VK (the Russian equivalent of Facebook).


Nik in the Rain

One of my favorite photos of Nik.

Taken by Belyaeva Yuliya

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