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Jawk, Tales of the Chosen

Jawk: Tales of the Chosen #WriteLGBTQ #SciFi #Romance

Jawk: Tales of the Chosen

Easy mission. All he has to do is seduce Luc, the most powerful man in the empire, and then betray him.

Jawk spies on the enigmatic man, known empire-wide as the Harbinger. Undercover as a waiter in Luc's favorite haunt, Jawk gets a break when Luc seeks to hire him for a one-night ménage with his current lover, Wulf.

Jawk agrees, and things go well until Wulf and Luc fight, and Jawk is dismissed. He must get back in the man's good graces.

When Luc seeks to make Wulf jealous by taking Jawk on a long trip, the means to gather intel is too good to pass up.

But meanwhile, a forbidden dalliance between Wulf and Alitus tests the bounds of trust between immortals and their Chosen humans.

The elicit affair threatens to rupture the eons-old alliance forever, and subject every last immortal to risk...

The erotic MM Sci-Fi Romance, Jawk, serves as the conclusion to the Tales of the Chosen series, and the gateway to Antonello Brothers: Immortal series.

Excerpt from Jawk: Tales of the Chosen

In this scene, Luc and his lover, Wulf, are about to begin a session with Jawk, a Kin male. Kin have pointed catlike ears, slashed pupils, and small fangs. They can smell emotion. The three are alone in a room reserved for sensual play.


"Wulf." Luc folded his arms. "Would you like to kiss Jawk?"

"Yes, Master." He moved a little closer.

The Kin curled his fingers and released his claws, but sheathed them again and glanced at Luc. A light dusting of velvety skinfur gave him a golden glow. In this lighting, he looked like a feline angel about to throw his might over to the devil's side. He reached for Wulf.

"No, Jawk. Do not touch him yet."

A growl rumbled in his chest like an angry purr, but Jawk made fists and lowered his hands.

"Stand still. Allow Wulf to kiss you."

The Kin shut his eyes and swallowed, his breathing raspy.

"Kiss him, Wulf. No tongue yet. Do not touch him anywhere other than his lips."

"Yes, Master." Hands behind him, Wulf leaned up and tilted his head to press his mouth into Jawk's. The Kin's ears went down and out--a sign of surrender.

Luc touched the tip of his fingers to his own lips, imagining Wulf's butterfly-soft kiss. Jawk's groan of desire reflected his own. The Kin flexed his hands the same way Luc did.

"Open your mouth, Jawk. Kiss him, Wulf."

Wulf tilted his head as he leaned up to press his mouth to Jawk's. The Kin groaned, the sound ripe with longing. His quick breaths sounded loud in the open room.

Luc chewed his lip, aching for the feel of Wulf's tongue in his own mouth. Stroking deep, tasting of honey and raw lust. Wulf's mouth locked in passion with his, submitting to his kiss, returning it with feverish desire...


Wulf jerked back. Both he and Jawk glanced at Luc and then stepped away from each other, heads down.

Luc covered his mouth, had to turn his back until he could gain control. He forced himself to swallow twice, slowing down his reactions, slamming one fist into the other hand in an effort to stay focused. Controlled. Sane.

He shut off the nagging thoughts in his mind and turned back. Taking a seat, he motioned Wulf to the other.

Luc leaned back, letting the Kin stare from one of them to the other. The uncertainty on Jawk's face made a good gauge of his concern over what they'd make him do.

Wulf remained silent, head bowed, hands folded in his lap, a smile playing about his mouth. Luc laced his fingers together.

Time to let Jawk earn his keep.

Tales of the Chosen

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These books are in the same universe as the Antonello Brothers, and Antonello Brothers: Immortal books.
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Wulf: Tales of the Chosen #WriteLGBTQ #SciFi #Romance

AlitusAlitus: Tales of the Chosen #WriteLGBTQ #SciFi #Romance


Jawk: Tales of the Chosen #WriteLGBTQ #SciFi #Romance

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