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Bringer of Chaos series - if you want to read space opera, read space opera

The Antonello Brothers - heroes you'll ache for, laugh with, and love

Guides to Kayelle Allen's story universe, including a full lexicon of the Kin language, Felis

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News from the Homeworld


The Dragon Dagger and the Ritual of Strength #SciFi #MFRWhooks

With his sister's help, Pietas uses his dragon dagger to perform the Ritual of Strength. The ritual affirms his own prowess, and is far from religious in nature, but he never declares war ...
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Time is almost up #GOT fans: dragon jewelry giveaway and more #GameOfThrones #Giveaway

Join us for a “Game of Thrones giveaway” fan-inspired event where everybody wins. One prize up for everyone is the illustrated quote book Chaos (pictured here with Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas, the immortal ...
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Light blared like a blast of horns #SciFi #MFRWhooks

In this scene from Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas, the hero is trapped in darkness within a lifepod without one spark of light. Rather than being put into stasis, his captors ...
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One cannot pretend a ritual, Six.

Watch Pietas perform the ritual of strength

Seeing her, he could believe in angels.

Go ahead, human. Touch me. I dare you.

Do not call me Pi, human.

You don't know the truth, human.

Welcome to Enderium Six

The Creative Team

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Volgraza Artist

Volgraza (aka Jamin Allen) illustrated the Tarthian Empire Companion and the Tarthian Tour Company plus other art on the site.

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Nik Nitsvetov Pietas Cosplay

Nik Nitsvetov is an award-winning cosplayer and photographer who portrays the immortal king, Pietas, from Bringer of Chaos.

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Professional voiceover artist Zack Black creates the voice of Pietas in videos and voice snippets.

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Nano-Core creates fantasy and sci fi weapon designs, environments, mechs and other objects.

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Zealot6 designs and creates audio, video, and music productions.

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