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News from the Homeworld

Surrender Love #1 in the Antonello Brothers: Immortal series #Rockstar #Romance #MMRomance #SciFi

Surrender Love is free April 15-16, 2021 Amazon worldwide https://books2read.com/surrender-love-immortal In this scene, Izzorah has had a short session with Nanchonta, a friend of Luc's and a doctor. Unknown to Izzorah, Chon is ...
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“No, here’s what I know.” #PietasFans #SciFi Excerpt Ring of the Dragon #Dragons

Luc, whose immortal name is Cyken, has just laid down the law to Pietas -- the immortal king himself. Brazen and bold, but Luc wants his freedom and he fears Pietas will never ...
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He was skittish as a horse with a new saddle #Excerpt Ring of the Dragon #PNR #Dragons #SciFi

This scene from Ring of the Dragon features Pietas and Dark Hair, the Kin female who is helping him hunt for a specific horse (hynder). They have traipsed across a huge portion of ...
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A Stolen Heart
99c ~ Book 1 of Antonello Brothers

Surrender Love
99c ~ Book 1 of Antonello Brothers: Immortal


Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas, Bringer of Chaos

Go ahead, human. Touch me. I dare you.

Do not call me Pi, human.

You don't know the truth, human.

One cannot pretend a ritual, Six.

Seeing her, he could believe in angels.

Read My Story, Human

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