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Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen is out May 1, 2016 @kayelleallen #scifi

The bad boy everyone loves to hate is in town! Bringer of Chaos released to the world May 1, 2016. Nothing will ever be the same in my story universe. Try a sample of Bringer of Chaos or read a free book in my universe. Click the links or scroll down for more info.

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In case you’re wondering who all those guys are in the header, they’re unstoppable heroes from my Tarthian Empire series. (Original art by Jamin Allen)

L to R: Pietas, Six, Wulf, Alitus, Jawk, Luc, Izzorah, Senth, and Khyff.

The order is intentional. Pietas is king of the Sempervians, and Wulf, Alitus and Jawk are the Chosen who support the Sempervians. Luc is the right hand of Pietas. Izzorah and Luc have a series together. Senth and Khyff are half-brothers. Senth is Luc’s adopted son. Everyone shown has a relationship to Luc, and even if they are not aware of it, to Pietas.

I’m Kayelle Allen, author and graphic artist. Welcome to my homeworld. I believe Romance Lives Forever.

I’d love for you to sample my work and fall in love with my characters and their worlds. To help you do that, I created the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group. When you join, you immediately get a copy of Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. The book comes in epub, mobi, or pdf format. The next day, you’ll get a copy of the Tarthian Tour Company Top Stops — the important planets in the Tarthian Empire. Because I value my privacy, I protect yours. I don’t share your email with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time. Join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group

I’m a US Navy veteran, married, have a daughter and two sons, and five grandchildren. I lead a writer’s group in my community. I retired not long ago, but I’m busier than ever. I own a graphic design and eBook conversion service for writers of all types, called The Author’s Secret, and I am the founder of Marketing for Romance Writers, a peer-mentoring group for authors.

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If your favorite bookseller is not listed above, when you visit your site again, try “kayelle allen” in the search box. Because I publish through Smashwords, I have wide distribution, including libraries. Ask at the front desk or in the library’s ordering system.

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Download a printable list of books. When you visit your favorite bookseller, type “kayelle allen” in the search box. I have wide distribution, including libraries. Ask at the front desk or in your library’s ordering system.

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