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Ring of the Dragon: Antonello Brothers – Immortal

Ring of the Dragon - Antonello Brothers: Immortal

Genre: Scifi Romance, Gay Romance, Bisexual Romance

Length: Full novel (130k words)
Heat level: Mainstream, sweetly sensual (PG13)

For millennia, the immortal alpha king Pietas and his general, Cyken, fight side by side. As Light and Shadow, they share every battle, as well as a fierce and passionate love. But, torn apart by Pietas's rage, Cyken ends their relationship. Though the heartbroken king seeks forgiveness and reunion, Cyken refuses.

When Cyken falls in love with another and wants to seal the relationship in an eternal bond, Pietas undertakes a quest to prove he is the better choice. On a dangerous world where he has no power or significance, he seeks an item Cyken desires.

If he succeeds, it will either bring Cyken back or drive him even closer to his new love.

Pietas must try, for one thing he knows: He cannot face eternity without a shadow to balance his light...

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Coming: Apr 16, 2021
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The quest Pietas undertakes in Ring of the Dragon unearths a new enemy. How does Pietas handle that?

Read Just Desserts to find out what the Master of Misdirection has in mind...

Just Desserts, Antonello Brothers: Immortal by Kayelle Allen #SciFi #SpaceOpera

In this scene, Pietas and his android servant and bodyguard, Uurah, have gathered what Pietas needs for a few days on the planet they're orbiting. After finagling his way out of being accompanied by the overprotective bodyguard, Pietas is reminded not to leave until he says goodbye to his cat, a huge black panther. But the cat might not be so easy to ditch...


A door opened and a servant android entered, the black panther at his side.

Pietas stooped and opened his arms. "My good, big kitty!"

Tiklaus trotted over to him, stuck its nose against Pietas and snuffled him. Shadow.

Their shared bond transmitted concepts and feelings, but the panther used a few words as well. Pietas petted the cat's wide head. Yes, you smell Shadow.

Even the panther tribe thought of the general that way and had given Cyken the moniker as his tribal name. A rare honor. Though Pietas hadn't seen Cyken for over twenty hours, and had bathed and changed clothes, the animal still knew they'd been together.

Tiklaus sniffed Pietas's neck. Whisper.Ring of the Dragon: Antonello Brothers - Immortal

Yes, Tik. I've been with Whisper too. Joss sends her love. You're welcome to go see her while I'm gone for the next few days.

Tik go Promise. Keep. Care. Guard.

Promise: his tribal name, earned by keeping his word. Something Cyken failed to recognize. No, Tik. I'm not taking you this time. I don't need a guard.

The panther laid back its ears, green eyes narrowed. Tik go Promise. Keep. Care. Guard.

No, my friend. Pietas pressed his face against the cat's muzzle. I'm sorry.

The panther rubbed its nose against Pietas's jaw. Thing go Promise. Keep. Care. Guard.

"Thing" being Uurah, who had no people smell. No, I'm not taking Uurah either. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

No worry. Much know. Much much danger. Thing go. Keep. Care. Guard.

First Uurah, and now Tiklaus. There was no dealing with these two. No, Tiklaus. I'm not taking you and I'm not taking Uurah.

Thing go. The cat wrapped its tail around its feet and stared at him, unblinking, ears forward. Take Thing. Much danger. Keep. Care. Guard. Take Thing.

What was this, a conspiracy? Pietas tucked a strand of hair behind one ear. All right. For you, I'll compromise. I'll take a female android down to the planet and then once I get where I'm going, I'll send her back. Deal?

Tik no like. The cat laid back both ears. Take Thing.

I'm not taking Uurah. I'm not taking you. Sorry. I'll take the female android. Deal? Take it or leave it.

Tik no like. Keep. Care. Guard. Take Thing.

For the last time, Tiklaus. No. I'm not taking anyone but the female android. Understand?

A low growl followed by a sneeze: a grudging yes.

Pietas stood. Some king he was, ordered about by androids and cats. "Uurah, Tiklaus wants me to take a female android. Go ahead and put one together."

"Excellent, my lord. I had one ready, just in case."

Antonello Brothers: Immortal includes

Surrender Love

Forbid My Heart (bonus with Surrender Love)

Ring of the Dragon

Just Desserts (bonus with Ring of the Dragon)

Forever Love

Antonello Brothers: Immortal series by Kayelle Allen #SciFi #Romance

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