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Luc and Rah Go Dancing #scifi #mm

This is a Luc and Rah story, with Luc and Izzorah from Surrender Love, Forbid My Heart, and the upcoming Surrender Trust. (926 words) Characters Izzorah Ceeow is a Kin (feline humanoid) with claws beneath human-looking nails, catlike ears and … Continue reading

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Tarthian Empire Companion

For Tarthian Fans The Companion is a World Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series. Before writing the first book in the Tarthian Empire, I wrote ten thousand years of future history. The book features that history, and spans … Continue reading

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Fan Questions: Characters Stahn and Izzorah

Answering a fan question is fun. I love having the opportunity. After all, my books have complex plots and a slew of characters, so a fan question is likely! I also enjoy dropping hints and leaving breadcrumbs for fans to … Continue reading

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