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Halloween 2006: birth of a monster that rocked the writing world #MFRWauthor #MFRWhooks

To be honest, I didn’t know I was birthing a monster. I thought it was only a small, innocent creature that would help writers. I had no idea it would end up changing lives, including my own. The monster was … Continue reading

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Sci Fi Guidebooks

Welcome to the Sci Fi Guidebooks section of the site! You’ll find books in this area containing both Science Fiction and Non-Fiction. Each is a guide to various aspects of my story universe and offers some material not available in … Continue reading

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New Logo: Art, Sci Fi, Space Opera, Romance, Suspense – Kayelle Allen #MFRWhooks #SciFi #SpaceOpera

For years, my logo has shown four words: Art, Sci-fi, Romance, Suspense. This year, I’ve honed my skill with Space Opera, so I decided I needed a new logo to show it. New Logo Not as easy as I thought! … Continue reading

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