South It Is: Pietas wins one #ChaosIsComing #scifi #quote

In this scene from Bringer of Chaos, Six wants to head north. Pietas maneuvers him into heading south and into the belief going south was his idea in the first place.

30 Days of Chaos: Day 29

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South It Is

South It Is: Pietas wins one #ChaosIsComing #scifi @kayelleallen#chaos #quote

Pietas dangled a length of fishing line in the water. He lassoed it to a rock, braced his back against a boulder, and crossed his ankles. “This day is so beautiful.”

“Uh huh.” Six tended the three lines he had going, each in a different part of the creek.

“How good the weather is on this world. I’m quite pleased with it. If we have to be marooned here, at least we’re not facing constant storms or stuck in a desert.”

“I hope it lasts.”

“You think it won’t?” Pietas craned his neck, but in this part of the creek, under the canopy of trees, the sky showed up as blue specks.

“No place has perfect weather. It must rain sometime. Trees don’t get as big as these or the creek full without rain.”

“Ah, of course. I knew that. My mother is a consummate terraformer. She taught me about the cycles of life and renewal and how planets replenish themselves before I was ten. She made me learn the name of every plant and animal in existence, I think. I got caught up in enjoying the beauty and forgot my lessons.”

“You know, Pietas… It’s okay to admit you forgot a detail.” Six shot him a smile.

“For you, perhaps. Such excuses were unacceptable when I was growing up. Saying I forgot was equivalent to saying please beat me now.”

Six chuckled. “Sounds like a tough childhood.”

“You have no idea.” Pietas settled back against the boulder. “But regarding rain, I hope we have ample warning. We need better shelter than our lean to.”

“I was thinking, now that you’re able to walk on your own, we might relocate upstream. There are hills north of here, and I found shallow caves. Deeper ones would be good natural shelter. There are fish near the waterfall.”

“I agree shelter would be good, but we agreed once I’m able to walk any distance, we need to find my people.”

Six faced him. “I haven’t forgotten, but we don’t know where they were released.”

“My mother used to say most settlements were made along the equator, and then spread in both directions. Judging by the sun, we’re in the southern part of whatever continent this is. It’s summer, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes. Most likely.”

“If we went north, how long would we have before the weather grew colder?”

Six murmured in Spanish, rubbing his jaw. “It could get cold fast. We’re ill equipped for that. If we go south, perhaps we’ll see a clue we’re near their settlement. Smoke from campfires, that sort of thing.”

Pietas crossed his ankles in the other direction. He might not be able to coerce Six, but he could lead him. “I think you’re right. We’ll try it your way. South it is.”

“What? Why?” Six braced his hands on his hips. “You never give in that easy.”

“You made a good point about going south. As a leader I always relied on the wisdom of my staff. I can’t know everything, as much as I’d like to. I’ve relied on your wisdom since we arrived. You’ve been out. Seen the land. You parachuted in and therefore saw it from above, which puts you in the position of having more experience regarding layout of the land. Hence, I’d be a fool not to take your advice.”

“Huh. How about that?”

“I’ll be ready to go by the end of next week.”

Six sized him up. “I think you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right. I’m always right.”

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