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Originally this story was supposed to be a side story for a larger universe I’ve written, but it developed into its own concept. Now, I plan to build on this idea and turn it into a full series.

The hero in this story is a snarky science officer that is forced to command an irradiated ship with no crew. He gets a bit sarcastic due to his current lot in life!

Daughters of Ayor is actually a spin on the Daughters of Air from the Peter Pan books.

Science Fiction by David R Bernstein

The SalvationOne’s mission was to find a new home for a dying civilization, but a massive solar flare slowly kills all but one crew member.

Daughters of Ayor
part of the Science Fiction/Space Opera anthology
The Expanding Universe Vol 4

Edited by Craig Martelle
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David R Bernstein is an author of sci-fi and young adult fiction. After several years in the Pacific Northwest, he recently returned to his native southern California to focus on writing. David has three wonderful children and has been happily married to his beautiful wife for over ten years. When he's not writing or researching his next story, you'll most likely find him
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