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Three Things About Drew Avera

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Drew Avera joined the Navy at seventeen and has deployed four times in the last eighteen years. He is an Aviation Electricians Mate and has worked on F/A-18s for most of his career. His knowledge in naval aviation has found its way into several of his books.

He began his writing journey in 2012 and wrote his first book on his iPhone as he competed in National Novel Writing Month. That book was later published and was the first of many works by Drew.

Drew is also a musician and producer. He is currently writing and recording an album with his metal band, Obsolium. The first album, Empire of Dust, is a concept record about an alien invasion and potential destruction of mankind.

Thrust into a life or death situation, the next decision Tawny makes could cost her everything.

Darkened Skies: Chancerian 3
part of the Science Fiction/Space Opera anthology
The Expanding Universe Vol 4

Edited by Craig Martelle
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Drew Avera has been a lot of things in life; a band geek, a comic book nerd, a pseudo rock star, an amateur artist, a Navy veteran, husband, and father. But beyond being a family man, his favorite is his role as the bestselling author of the space opera series, The Alorian Wars.
Getting his start with National Novel Writing Month 2012, the writing bug consumed him. Since publishing in 2013, Drew has written more than twenty books. His most notable works include The Dead Planet Series and The Alorian Wars. But there is plenty more on the way as he delves into new universes, always trying to find what ticks in his characters to bring them to life. Check out the worlds he's created by visiting his website.
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