How to Watch Nik @Nitsvetov perform as the Bringer of Chaos #Cosplayer #SciFi #MFRWhooks

Reserve your space to watch Nik Nitsvetov,
the chaos cosplayer, as he performs
as immortal king Pietas.
Dates and links coming soon.

Meet the Bringer of Chaos Cosplayer: Nik Nitsvetov

When I first saw Nik Nitsvetov, he was portraying Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. But the expression on his face close up was pure Pietas. It was months before I discovered he had an Instagram account. I signed up so I could follow him. When he opened a Twitter account, I followed him there.

My mother was an artist who was admired by those who saw her work. She always longed to have more of her art seen and appreciated, so I understand how important it is to support artists. When I find artists I admire, I find ways to encourage them to create and do everything possible to enable their abilities. Most of the time, a simple note of appreciation does wonders.

When Nik began his Patreon account, I was the second person to support him. I'd have been first if I'd known about it sooner, but it took months for me to get up the courage to ask if he'd cosplay Pietas for me. When he wanted to know more, I was both shocked and excited. I couldn't wait to figure out how all this would work. He performed as the Bringer of Chaos cosplayer in September 2018.

Chaos Cosplayer Reservation

Not only did I get amazing photographs of him (they are all over this site), I also got to see part of it live on Instagram. You can read about my fangirl meltdown over that here and see info about the first cosplay here and of course a bit about him here too.

If you're not sure whether I'm a fan of Nik's, you seriously have not been paying attention. I even created a tribute page for him on this site.

Chaos Cosplayer #2

This year, Nik is creating another cosplay as Pietas, but this one will be the immortal king as soldier. Nik is hand-making the uniform and has been sharing snippets of it on Instagram. Follow Nik to see all the details.

Want an update and advance news when the cosplay will occur? You can make your Chaos Cosplayer Reservation now. Add your email and you'll get advance notice about the cosplay. I anticipate it sometime in August 2019. I'm not sure if there will be others in the future, so please do sign up so you'll know what to expect. (You can opt to receive other emails later. This will be used just for the Chaos Cosplayer Reservation.)

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