In this scene from For Women Only, Khyff awakens beside Mehfawni, the feline-humanoid Kin ambassador to the Tarthian Empire.

He'd been ordered to seduce her, part of a complicated ploy by the Empress, who wants to remove Mehfawni from the Kin line of succession.

It took no time on Khyff's part.

The moment Mehfawni saw the gorgeous blond and blue-eyed human, she pursued him.

Mehfawni tapped Khyff nose and sat up. "I want to take you out to dinner. In Tarth City, surely there is always food ready somewhere."

"I know plenty of places." Alitus had told him to prepare to be spoiled. Kin females were accustomed to being in charge. Khyff hadn't mentioned he was used to women paying his way. They liked to flaunt him to their friends and display him like a new charm on their wrist bracelets. Look what I bought.

"Somewhere quiet." Mehfawni folded her legs, elbows on her knees. "I don't wish others to gawk at you when you're with me."

Again, the unexpected.

She gave a slight sniff. "Gawk is not the word? I know Etymis from classes."

"Gawk is correct. You speak Etymis flawlessly. Hardly an accent at all."

"I don't say b's right."

"Bees? Buzzing bees?"

She giggled. "Letter b's. We have no b in Felis."

"You say them fine."

"Not like humans."

"Say something b-ish."

"B-ish?" She wiggled her nose, sniffing. "This is a word?"

"Sure it is. I made it up."

Mehfawni laughed.

Khyff absorbed the sound of her voice as if it were water on the dry sponge of his soul. It filled him with joy until he thought he'd burst. Having her there beside him, laughing, enjoying time with him...he could scarcely take it in.

"B-ish. Hmm." She tapped a claw against her full lower lip. "Bed. Beautiful. Boy. Beautiful bad boy." Her hot gaze raked down him. "Beautiful bad boy in bed."

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