Fun Facts Solar Eclipse 2017 #solareclipse #eclipse2017

Fun Facts Solar Eclipse 2017 #solareclipse #eclipse2017While researching the solar eclipse happening in 2017, I discovered some fun facts. Here they are, in no particular order.

  • The last total solar eclipse in the continental United States was 38 years ago on Feb 26, 1979. The one prior to that was all the way back in 1442.
  • Totality is the time when the sun’s light is completely blocked by the moon.
  • This time totality only happens in the US.
  • Everyone in the continental US can see at least a partial eclipse. So will most of Canada and Mexico.
  • State capitols in the path of totality include Salem (OR), Jefferson City (MO), Nashville (TN), and Columbia (SC).
  • Telescopes aren’t necessary. You can see the effects of the solar eclipse with the naked eye.
  • Which brings me to the next point. Don’t LOOK at directly at the sun! Use proper eye protection. Here’s a link to solid info you can trust.
  • The eclipse will plunge 14 different states into the dark.
  • You can see stars during the day during the eclipse.
  • A lunar eclipse occurs about two weeks before or after a solar eclipse.

Types of Solar Eclipse

  • Partial eclipses occur when the moon doesn’t line up completely. It only blocks part of the light.
  • Annular eclipses occur when the moon and sun line up directly but the moon is too far away from the Earth or we are closer to the sun. This makes a ring of light show around the moon.
  • Hybrid eclipses shift between a total and annular eclipse depending on where you view it from on Earth.
  • Total solar eclipses when the moon is the right distance to completely block the light.
  • Each year there are between 2-5 solar eclipses. They rarely cross the US, so we don’t see them.

Solar Eclipse Videos

This video is from an app guide. Be sure to check out the website too. The link is below.

Tour the Great American Eclipse app guide from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo.

Watch this entertaining video about the solar eclipse, presented by Wired Magazine.

Are you planning to watch the eclipse? Will you be in the path of totality? I’d love to hear your story! Please share it in the comments.


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Just Like Old Times: Everyone’s Angry #scifi #MFRWhooks

BookHooks is a blog hop where authors share only a small snippet of a story, an enticement to read more. Today’s snippet is from Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas.

In this scene from Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is returning from a meeting where he refused to accept the ten hostages offered by a group of humans. He insisted on thirty hostages instead. His parents, both former leaders and still on the council, argue.

His parents trailed him back toward private quarters. “Pietas,” his mother called. “Wait!”

For her, he stopped, and turned around.

Small compared to most Ultras, and delicate of face, Helia ap Lorectic was as tough as any soldier. Like him and his father, she possessed an eidetic memory, and a fine scientific mind. If anyone was the hope of their people, it was she.

“Pietas, you know this is wrong. We agreed to those terms before we arrived.”

“It is not wrong, Mother, and the terms were made by the previous council head, not by me.” He opened the door to his quarters, and turned back to Helia. “They’ll agree to my terms or they’ll die.”

Mahikos stepped in front of his wife. “You will destroy these talks, you inflexible, intractable narcissist!”

“Why, Father. I’m impressed you know words that big. Thank you.”

The man lurched toward him.

“Stop it!” Helia positioned herself between the two. “Pietas, please. It took–”

“No, Mother. I never negotiate with humans from a position of fear.”

Mahikos jabbed a finger toward him. “You never negotiate at all.”

“Your precious humans have five minutes.” He shut the door in the man’s face.

His father’s shout of anger followed, and then his mother’s calmer tones, soothing. The thud of a fist rattled the door before Mahikos gave way to whatever it was Helia was saying to him.

“Just like old times.” His message board lit up. Furious texts and outraged faces filled the screen. “It seems I made every council member angry at the same time. How efficient of me.”

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas

The immortal Pietas leads the fight against his people’s oppressors: humans. To end the war and save his kind, he agrees to peace talks. But when he attends, he’s betrayed, trapped within an unpowered lifepod, and left to die. His unlikely ally is Six, a human. Though he captured Pietas, he had no part in his betrayal. Together, they must cross an alien world and find the other Ultras. That is, if they can overcome their desire to kill one another…
Genre Military Sci Fi, Soldiers, Bad Boys, Adventure, and Angst
Available free on Kindle Unlimited
Amazon print
Romance Lives Forever Books (autographed copy)


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What little remained of his heart… #SciFi #MFRWhooks

In thWhat little remained of his heart... #scifi #MFRWhooks @kayelleallenis scene from Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas, the hero is performing a ritual to prepare for war. He’s asked his twin sister to assist him. The one woman who held the tattered remnants of his trust and what little remained of his heart. Yet no one had ever betrayed him as cruelly.

What little remained of his heart…

Dessy twirled the dagger. “You should let our people know you still do this ceremony. They’d be impressed by your devotion.”

“I don’t do it to impress anyone. I do it to ready myself for– Stop!” She had been sliding one fingertip along the edge of the dagger. Pietas removed it from her grasp, and examined the blade.

“Honestly, Pietas! I was just testing the sharpness.”

“I didn’t want you to cut yourself.”

“I’m as adept with blades as you. More so, if you ask me.”

“Not the point. If you’d cut yourself, I’d have to consecrate it again. It can only have my blood or my enemy’s.”

“You think I’m witless? As if I haven’t performed this ceremony with you a hundred times. And here I thought you were concerned for my well-being.”

“Stop playing. I told you, I’m busy.”

She let out a harsh sigh. “Fine. Let’s complete the ritual.”

Dagger in hand, Pietas unfastened the clip in his hair, and let it fall. The wet tail slapped the middle of his back. He tossed the clip aside, placed the dagger on his palms, and offered it.

She poised her hand above it. “Who offers this weapon?”

“First Conqueror, War Leader of the Ultras.”

She took it from him. “For whom are you willing to suffer?”

“I suffer for my people.” Pietas turned his cheek.

Dessy slid the knife tip along his face, from cheekbone to chin, drawing a thin trail of blood. “For whom do you bleed?”

“I bleed for my people.” By the time the first drop of blood had risen, the cut had healed, leaving no scar.

“What sacrifice do you offer as proof of devotion?”

He went to his knees, and lowered his head. Here was the true reason he no longer performed this ritual before his people. Pietas abased himself before no one.

Except the one woman who held the tattered remnants of his trust, and what little remained of his heart.

“I surrender my pride.”

Pietas abased himself before no one. #SciFi #MFRWhooks Click To Tweet

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas
by Kayelle Allen
Pietas is an Ultra, an all-but-immortal warrior who leads the fight against the oppressive human race that created his people. But when he’s captured and exiled to an alien world, his only ally is Six, a human who’s been as betrayed as he was. To cross the continent and find other Ultras, Pietas must overcome his centuries-long distrust of humans, and rely on Six. This mortal will either become his closest living friend or the human whose betrayal triggers all-out vengeance by the most powerful immortal ever born.

Read the first chapter
Available free on KindleUnlimited and in print


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When Your Villain isn’t a Villain #writerslife #amediting

Villain: wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately; principal bad character in a film or work of fiction (WordWeb). I’d like to add to that: character who refuses to cooperate with your plot.

When Your Villain isn't a Villain #writerslife #amediting @kayelleallenI started with the definition of villain so we both speak the same language. Mine was named Pietas and he was the bad guy in a book I’d written, edited, rewritten, re-edited, and restarted nine times since 2008.

I picked it back up, considered it, and set it aside again multiple more times before I realized my problem was not with the plot, the hero, or the concept. It was the villain.

My problem was with my immortal Ultra, Pietas.

He would not do any of the things I thought a bad guy should do. Seriously? A villain who doesn’t even swear? What kind of bad guy is that? Although he had used a “bad word” in a book no longer in print, that was me badly writing his character to fit my “vision” of who he was. It felt wrong at the time but I didn’t listen to my gut. I should have.

Like any proper scoundrel, Pietas was cold and inhuman and his followers obeyed him without question. But unlike the usual dastardly-deed-doer, the minions of Pietas followed him out of loyalty. I’d missed something in creating this villain of mine and I didn’t know what it was. I figured I had to either put the book away forever or find a way to make Pietas behave.

Those who know the Bringer of Chaos are laughing right now. Make Pietas do what? Right!

Talking to a writer friend, I lamented about this frustrating villain and how difficult it was to write about a narcissistic sociopath. She laughed in my face and informed me I couldn’t be more wrong. He was not a villain at all, but a passionate, honorable, and humble man who’d been put in a position of being the heavy.

To which I replied, “No, no. I’m talking about Pietas.” Turned out, so was she. Obviously, I had missed far more than I suspected. But what?

With her help, we set up an “interview” where she would ask me questions and I would answer as Pietas in a free association format. This is a thought process in which ideas, words or images suggest other ideas in a sequence. Using what I already knew about him, I would try to figure out how he’d answer. I’d role play. Why not? Pietas was not only the king of the immortals in my story, he was the Gamemaster in the role-playing game they all obsessed over: Peril.

We agreed to record it so I could go back and listen again. She would ask open-ended questions that couldn’t be answered “yes” or “no” which would elicit conversation. We talked for well over an hour. She asked “Pietas” about his father, how he felt about his mother, why he did not get along with his sister, and why he was so hung up on a previous lover. What had happened to him as a child that made him angry now? What did he hope to accomplish?

By the end, I had a far deeper understanding of the immortal king. I got to know the real person and not the superficial character I’d written. What showed up in other books was the person he presented to the world. In reality, the psychotic front he showed to others was not at all who he was.

That insight changed everything.

I got to work writing his story instead of the one I’d wanted. When I finished Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas and released it, one reviewer said “He’s painted as a complete psycho in other books. It’s really great to get some insight into who he truly is.” Readers told me they felt Pietas was a real person and I was channeling his energy. My heart sang. I’d accomplished my purpose and revealed the true person to the world. Although, now I had to deal with Pietas, who wasn’t all that happy about the big reveal! I’ve sweet-talked him into bringing his truth into the light, so we should see several more books in his series.

I’ve been busy writing the sequel to the Origin of Pietas. I’m on the last few pages now. Here’s the blurb for the new book, Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire. (updated cover on the way)

Reviving after death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and wounds of the heart take forever.

When Pietas reunites with the immortal Ultra people he was born to lead, they reject his human friend, Six, a member of Ghost Corps. Ghosts, their most feared adversaries, are resurrected special ops soldiers who possess enough strength to perma-kill Ultras.

Six is taken hostage, and Pietas must free his friend, deal with the brutal father he’s detested since childhood, make amends with his sister, and rescue his ailing mother. Meanwhile, the tempestuous affair he rekindles with a beautiful, telepathic warrior he’s adored for centuries lays bare long-held and deadly secrets.

The gift of telepathy he’s always wished for activates at the worst possible time, but it gives him one huge advantage. He bonds with an ally who harbors every bit as much hatred for his father as Pietas does: a tribe of genetically enhanced panthers. As much as he loves these noble creatures, connecting with their feral bloodlust threatens to undermine his legendary self-control.

How can he even hope love will withstand the unstoppable berserker rage within the Bringer of Chaos? If it can’t, Ghost Corps will be the last thing Ultras need to fear.

To know when this book is released, join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group.
Pick up Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas

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Character Flaws: Narcissism, Writing Pietas #amediting #scifi

Character Flaws: Narcissism, Writing Pietas #amediting #scifiOne way writers allow readers to connect with a hero is to give him serious character flaws. In  Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas, Pietas begins as an arrogant narcissist with a superiority complex. He is sooo above puny humans… but in this book, his immortal life could end when he winds up at the mercy of one.

Character Flaws

In this scene between the immortal Pietas and his father, the two are arguing a familiar topic: humans. To establish the main character’s chief flaw, it’s important to reveal it as close to the opening as possible. This conversation begins on the first page, but we join it here a few pages later. Pietas is speaking.

“You want us to treat humans as equals. They never treated us as such. Even now, we’re hated and reviled. Putting them on the council will make them haughtier. I want nothing to do with humans.”

“Then you want nothing to do with me, Son. Humans are all I care about.”

And wasn’t that the naked truth of his father’s betrayal? He had turned his back on their people. He had turned his back on his son.

“You’re right, Father. I want nothing to do with you. I care nothing for mortals. They all die.”

“You were elected by the council and you serve at their pleasure.” He jabbed a finger at the ground. “They want this treaty. Remember that.”

“I never forsake duty.” Pietas twitched his fingers, dismissing him. He waited until Mahikos reached the door. “Did it never occur to you?”

His father faced him. “What?”

“The council elected me to head these talks and removed you. You want to bring in humans. I do not. Perhaps the council hates humans more than you think.”

A wave of aggravation emanated from Mahikos. Licks of emotional flame scorched Pietas’s skin. Accustomed to the pain, he did not flinch.

“Son, surely you realize they elected you to keep you close and control you.”

“To control–” Pietas broke into laughter. “Did they? How unenlightened.” He shrugged. “Well, they can try. I must say, your annoyance today is a refreshing change from your usual indifference. I’d begun wondering if you had any emotions regarding my takeover. It must nettle, knowing your lowly son succeeded your rule.”

“No one would consider you lowly.”

Pietas lifted his chin. “Except you.”

“I’m surprised you even bothered to show up, as much as you hate humans.”

“It’s nothing personal. I hate humans no more than a physician hates germs yet still takes time to eradicate them. Humans are dangerous.”

“Humans are the reason we exist.”

“Perhaps that was true in your reality. Humans have abused, misused, and betrayed their creations throughout their history. This peace everyone clamors for comes from concern about humans. I care less than nothing about them. As for their good graces? I have no faith they exist.”

“You know, Pietas, one day you’ll rely on the mercy of humans.”

“You think humans show mercy? How amusing.”

Head down, Mahikos rubbed a spot between his eyes. “I hope I’m there to see it. When you realize even humans have value, that will be a good day for all of us.”

“How well you preach love.” If only his father gave it half as well.

“Son, when the conference starts tomorrow, all your mother and I ask is that you try to be gracious.”

“I’m certain I already am.” He toyed with the circlet. “Just this morning when I knocked on your chamber door, I heard Mother say, ‘Oh gracious. That must be Pietas.'”

“Why can you not be serious about this?”

“I consider these talks of utmost importance. It is you I do not take seriously.”Character Flaws: Narcissism, Writing Pietas #amediting #scifi

Okay — now tell me, aren’t you irritated with Pietas right now? If I’ve done my job as a writer, you will be. However, as you walk in his shoes (or lack of them) through the rest of the story, you’ll gain an insight into his arrogance and his hate-love-hate relationship with his father. One reviewer wrote that by the end, she loved this man (Pietas) she had been driven to hate.

Writing a character with serious flaws is like buying a diamond in the rough. You know the gem is in there. It takes time to grind and polish down to the good part.

Writing a character with serious flaws is like buying a diamond in the rough. #amediting Click To Tweet

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The sequel to this book, Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire is almost complete! To learn when it will be released, join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group or follow me on Amazon. Joining the reader group provides immediate access to four free books, including one beautifully illustrated with quotes from Pietas.

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The Honor of a King #pietas #scifi #MFRWhooks

The honor of a king is more valuable than diamonds. As the about-to-be-king of his people, Pietas is zealous of his honor above all things. Strongly tied to that is his name. “Pietas” fits a king whose honor is his sole remaining possession.

The name comes from Latin and has a two-part meaning. The first is conscientious, duty, dutiful conduct, and scrupulous. The second is kind, gentle, and compassionate. Those who know lord Pietas ap Lorectic believe the first definition without hesitation. But the second? Well…

From chapter one, Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas

The announcer mentioned the upcoming peace talks on Enderium Six. “We hope Chancellor Pietas can be reasoned with at the talks this week.”

At her mispronunciation of his name, he gritted his teeth.

“Human families,” she continued, “have been evacuated from the station to protect them from possible violence.”

“I’ll show you violence.” Pietas cut off the video. “And my name is pronounced Pee-ah-toss, thank you. Not Pie-ah-toss. Pee-ah-toss. It’s six letters. How hard is that to get right?” He stormed away from the podium.

He cast off the heavy silk brocade of his robe of state. Silver threads flashed among teal and white as the supple garment billowed to the floor. He tore off the unadorned silver circlet denoting his rank, and tossed it onto a table. It clattered across the wood and knocked over a small ceramic statue of a six-headed dragon.

Pietas righted it. “These peace talks will end in disaster. Why can’t anyone else see it?” He massaged his temples. “This headache is proof. An Ultra doesn’t suffer pain, unless it’s due to humans.”

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas
Immortal. Warrior. Outcasts. Traitors took everything. Except their honor.
Immortal. Warrior. Outcasts. Traitors took everything. Except their honor. Click To Tweet

Joss and Pietas meet #sweetromance #scifi #excerpt #MFRWhooksAvailable free on Kindle Unlimited
Amazon print
Romance Lives Forever Books


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