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From the book by Kayelle Allen. Includes Wulf, Alitus, Jawk, and the Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set.

Books by Kayelle Allen

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Antonello Brothers Series

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

Professional thief Senth Antonello is hired to retrieve a prototype for which the imperial armada has already killed twice. When Senth's brother is kidnapped to ensure the device is surrendered, Senth must rescue him, outsmart the armada, and keep the item out of imperial hands. All doable, except Senth must do it in the company of a genetically altered woman whose pheromones could enhance the mission or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss.
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At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

For Women Only

Mehfawni Ruh, a Kin ambassador, visits the capitol planet of the empire and meets security expert Khyff Antonello, a human. A death in her family forces Fawni to return home, but she can't bear to part with Khyff and takes him along. Her family demands she cast out the human, or abdicate her future rule.
When Fawni searches for an alternative, she stumbles upon Khyff's secret. The cover-up, if exposed, will betray her world to its enemies, and bare her family to open shame. Her duty is clear. Yet how can she leave Khyff to suffer in the darkness that binds his heart?
His secret truth is her people's darkest lie.
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For Women Only


Take two brothers: one a half-blood thief, one a pleasure slave. Raise them in different worlds, reunite them by fate, mix in a powerful immortal, give two the power to be invisible, then sit back and watch the fun. When you can make yourself invisible, invisible truths are revealed.
Bro, the Antonello Brothers prequel

Bro, Antonello Brothers Series Prequel

Bringer of Chaos Series

Bringer of Chaos: The Origin of Pietas

A captive of the people he loathes, the immortal Pietas is left for dead on the planet Sempervia. Six, a human soldier who is abandoned with him, offers food and water. Is this man worthy of friendship? Or is this another trap?
Either way, Pietas must do the one thing he detests. Trust a human...
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Bringer of Chaos: Origin

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire

When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that's the problem. He's not.
Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped in their pods and it's up to Pietas to rescue them. Before he can save his people, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he's fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father. Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever...

Amazon and in print.

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire

The Expanding Universe (Vol 4)
Lights Out — Save Mankind (Ghost Corps)

The Expanding Universe (Vol 4), features Lights Out (Save Mankind) from the Bringer of Chaos series. The tale serves as a standalone story and introduces the character Six in his life as a ghost, back when he was known as Tornahdo.

Why that name? Ghosts were all special ops soldiers who had died and been resurrected. Their call signs often reflected some aspect of their fighting skill. For a Hispanic-Terran soldier with whirlwind fast reflexes, tornado--pronounced "tornahdo" in Spanish--fit.

Universal book link -

Lights Out — Save Mankind (Ghost Corps)

Science Fiction Guidebooks (fiction and non-fiction)

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth, a Handbook for Immortals Relocating to the Tarthian Empire is a tongue-in-cheek look at what relocating would be like for the immortals in my books if they moved to the Tarthian Empire. A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way.

Universal book link – buy from your favorite store:

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth

Tarthian Empire Companion

For the science fiction writer, this volume teaches you how to build believable worlds, track details of your story, organize your writing, and lay out your story bible. Novice or experienced, you will pick up tricks and tips here. This EPIC eBook Award winning writer shares organizational tips, links to marketing sites, groups supporting writers, science fiction groups, and more.
For the science fiction fan, the Companion reveals the worldbuilding magic that makes Kayelle Allen's Tarthian Empire tick. She shares every character in every book, 10k years of future history, offers inside peeks at scenes and stories, lays out a quick tour of the Empire, and dishes up a surfeit of secrets, all in one illustrated volume. Original art by Jamin Allen and Kayelle Allen.
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Tarthian Empire Companion

Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Fantasy

The Last Vhalgenn

The Last Vhalgenn is the first of a new series set in the Colonies of Man, by Kayelle Allen.
Duty to king and country has shaped Raik’s life since birth, but to protect them, she must betray all she holds sacred.
The Vhalgenn is a warrior, bedmate, soulmate, companion, and friend. Trusted by the king. Hated by the queen. To save the newborn prince, the Vhalgenn will risk her position, her honor, and death itself to appease the faerii, and honor the Old Ways. But when she takes the newborn prince to the queen’s homeland for a ritual blessing, she discovers a betrayal so deep the kingdom — and her heart — might never recover.
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The Last Vhalgenn

Human Perfect

In the android business, the best of the best are Human Perfect. #tcefreP
A Terran Crescent story set in the same time and universe as the Tarthian Empire books — but on the Earth side of the galaxy.
In this science fiction short story, for as long as she can remember, Christa has hated androids. The texture of plastiflesh skin and the non-smell of the animate machines jars her senses. Don’t even get her started on robots, or worse — the andys that look human. Her job as a corporate spy for the android maker Innersoul puts her in touch with the creatures every day, but also lets her judge them.
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Human Perfect

Trailing Kaiwulf

Travel to a godforsaken planet on the outskirts of space. Check. Hold intrusive military types at bay. Check. Find an invisible man in a different dimension. Check. Finish out the vacation TRAIL yanked you back from to do it? Easier said than done.
Ordered back from their first vacation in ages, Jee and Dane get handed a top priority mission. The pay is better than any they’ve earned before as agents for the Trace, Rescue, and Identification League. With this much money, they might not need jobs.
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Trailing Kaiwulf

Erotic Romance

Tales of the Chosen (Boxed Set Only)

A CHOSEN protects the Sempervians.
Called to serve
Honored to protect
Obedient to the vow
Safeguard of the truth
Enabler of life
Neutralizer of threats

In the Tales of the Chosen trilogy, Wulf, Alitus, and Jawk are more than lovers to the immortals they serve, yet less than pawns. Their powerful immortals compete in an ancient game called Peril.
Universal book link

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Contemporary Holiday

A Romance for Christmas

In A Romance for Christmas, a Christmas Eve gift changes everything. This is a sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving.It’s Christmas Eve and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves has been lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.
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A Romance for Christmas

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Tales of the Chosen boxed set @kayelleallen #scifi

Erotic Romance

Tales of the Chosen boxed set @kayelleallen #scifi

Science Fiction, Space Opera and Fantasy Erotic Romance

Welcome to the Science Fiction, Space Opera and Fantasy Erotic Romance section of the site!

You'll find books in this area contain Science Fiction, Space Opera or Fantasy settings or themes, while also containing a full romance story and erotic content.

EROTIC ROMANCE: Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

The Chosen series contain my only erotic romances and are for mature audiences. These stories are only available as a set. They are exclusive on Amazon and are free on Kindle Unlimited. The Chosen series books are all gay romances.

Whom do you trust when you live forever? The C.H.O.S.E.N. But trust them at your peril #SciFi #Romance Click To Tweet

In the secret society of the Chosen, a group of mortals who serve the immortal Sempervians, being gay or straight is no different from being brown-eyed or blue-eyed. No one notices or cares. But disloyalty among the Chosen is punishable by death and in this trilogy, everyone's loyalty is questioned.

Covert alignments, mistrust, mistakes and regrets pepper the playing field. Both the Chosen and the Sempervians harbor enemies and spies within their ranks -- some known and tolerated, others concealed behind layers so convoluted eternity isn't long enough to figure them out. When you factor in multiple allegiances and aliases, knowing who to trust takes on a whole new level of danger -- especially if you live forever.

When the fate of hearts rivals the fate of worlds, victory costs everything.

Includes Bonus Book: An Immortal's Guide to Tarth; A Handbook for Immortals Relocating to the Tarthian Empire.

Available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited

Download a printable list of all books and check off stories as you read them. The list also shows the reading order for different series. It's updated with every book and the URL to reprint it is in the footer.

Choose Me Sep 18th at the #Facebook #Party #SFRTG

Choose Me

In the secret society of the Chosen, a group of mortals who serve the immortal Sempervians, being gay or straight is no different from being brown-eyed or blue-eyed. No one notices or cares. But disloyalty among the Chosen is punishable by death, and in this trilogy, everyone’s loyalty is questioned.

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Covert alignments, mistrust, mistakes, and regrets pepper the playing field. Both the Chosen and the Sempervians harbor enemies and spies within their ranks — some known and tolerated, others concealed behind layers so convoluted eternity isn’t long enough to figure them out. When you factor in multiple allegiances and aliases, knowing who to trust takes on a whole new level of danger — especially if you live forever.

When the fate of hearts rivals the fate of worlds, victory costs everything.

Includes Bonus Book: An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth; A Handbook for Immortals Relocating to the Tarthian Empire

A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way, An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth offers guidance from Joss Avaton, one of the immortals. She provides dire warnings about which immortal not to cross, and what to do about pesky Mundanes (namely, those annoying humans), and who among the Chosen is not to be trusted.

Excerpt from An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth

This excerpt is taken from the opening of the book.

Greetings, Fellow Immortals

Welcome to the Tarthian Empire. This book is a guide to the people, places, and possibilities you’ll find here. A list of immortals and their roles in Peril is also included. All Sempervians are welcome here. This will be your home away from home. To those immortals who have joined us in our glorious exile — please know you are our honored guests. We are pleased to share the bounty of the Empire with you.

I’m Joss Avaton, your guide. A little about me. I’m telepathic (which most of us experience and understand), and a scripter, which means by touching you I can discern your abilities and gifts. Contrary to popular belief, scripters cannot tell your past or your future. We can only tell about your present: what gifts you possess now.

An Immortal's Guide to Tarth

An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth

So that neither of us has any illusions, I will tell you up front that I am serving Penance. For those of you new to the game of Peril, that means I lost a game and must pay for it. In my case, it was a technicality, and the gamers in my session had nothing to do with my loss. I lost by my own mistakes, and take full responsibility. The gamer opposite me (Nanchonta) I would trust with my life, and have, many times. However, I would carefully watch the lead player in my support team (Akaghe) and never turn my back on him. Not for one moment. He is not based in the Tarthian Empire, for which I’m thankful. But enough about the past. I’m here to help you in your future with us.

While we are more than glad to welcome a fellow immortal into the Empire, you should be aware that the relationship between Mundanes (mortals) and ourselves is not an open one. To that end, let’s dive straight into the ironclad rules.

Rule Number One: This Book is for Immortals Only

By order of Pietas ap Lorectic, Lord of the Immortals, the Impaler, Hammer of God, Marauder, Soul Ripper, Destroyer of Worlds, Slayer of Innocents, Hound of Hell, you are ordered to set aside this book if you not immortal. Put down this book, walk away, and no one will get hurt. Should you decide to disobey this directive, that assurance is void.

With that warning in mind, you may proceed at your own risk.

Rule Number Two: Immortals Don’t Exist

Of course, immortals do exist. The fact that you are reading this book proves that. We are referring to what the non-immortal Mundane population thinks. They (other than the Chosen) are never to know of our existence. The rule regarding how much to reveal is simple: nothing.

We do not discuss immortality.
We avoid any mention of immortality.
If asked directly if we are immortal, we lie.
There are no exceptions to this rule.

The answer to “Why can’t we tell them?” is also simple: BPSS (Because Pietas said so). If you don’t know who Pietas is, we refer you to Rule Number One.

You will no doubt find yourself exasperated by the sheer number of Mundanes present in the Tarthian Empire, especially humans. They have overrun it and multiplied like rats in a pestilence. Which brings us to Rule Number Three.

Rule Number Three: Live and Let Live

By order of Pietas, humans and other people groups may not be killed for sport. That does not mean you can’t annoy, manipulate, and use them for your own purposes. However, the rule about killing is strictly enforced. You can be banned from the Empire for killing even one Mundane. Justifiable homicide must be proven in Mundane courts as well as before the throne of Pietas.

It has nothing to do with their inherent worthiness. Mundanes have none. However, we must coexist here and the worlds in the Tarthian Empire are filled with these creatures. They farm, raise fish, cattle, sheep, and other animals used for food, create cities, technology, transport, and other items which we find useful and helpful. Since we take full advantage of these things, it behooves us to let them exist. Therefore, the golden rule is “Live and let live.”

We cannot stress strongly enough the need to remember the golden rule when it comes to Mundanes, and especially humans. They tend to bring out the worst in us, so guard yourself against rash behavior in their presence. Pietas does not permit a “temporary insanity” defense. I know this chafes. You must learn to deal with it.

Well, fellow mortals. Will you choose to obey the directive and avoid the book? Or will you crack that baby open and grab all the secrets you can find? Choose…

Both books are available as preorders until Sep 17th. The cost for each is just 99 cents. They will go up after Oct 1st, so grab them now. If you buy the boxed set, you get An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth free. If you already have the Chosen series, just grab the single book.

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Wulf: A Chosen loves forever #freebook #scifi #SFRTG

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen

In the gay scifi romance Wulf, Tales of the Chosen, superstar Wulf Gabriel must depend on the one man he swore he would never trust again. The most powerful man in the empire – the Harbinger. Lust. Power. Forgiveness. A Chosen loves forever.

Wulf Gabriel longs for freedom. A superstar in the Tarthian Empire, he is bound by an unscrupulous agent to a restrictive contract. With his career threatened and his life at risk, Wulf must trust the one man he swore would never again control him — Luc Saint-Cyr, the Harbinger.

For the Harbinger, saving Wulf is a matter of asserting his will. The enigmatic Luc’s legendary power makes him the most feared man in the empire. But to win Wulf’s heart, Luc will have to risk baring his own.

Wulf Excerpt

In this scene, Luc Saint-Cyr is working at his desk when his assistant interrupts him.

“Excuse me, sir.”

His concentration broken for the fifth time in as many minutes, Luc Saint-Cyr tossed aside his reading and leaned back in his desk chair. “Now what?”

The sixth person he’d hired this month to replace his former assistant stepped all the way inside, shut the door quietly, and approached his desk.

“I’m very sorry, sir. I know you didn’t want to be disturbed for the next hour, but–”

He held up a hand to stop further apology. “What is it, Ms. Mead?”

“The gentleman on the holophone says it’s urgent.”

“They all say that.”

“Sir, I know that. I’m a professional, but this –”

“Never mind.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Who is it and what’s so urgent?”

“All he would say was that his name was Wulf Gabriel and that–”

“What!” Luc shot to his feet, making the woman gasp, and sending his chair flying backward into the credenza. Books on its top tumbled to the floor. “Why didn’t you say so?” He made shooing motions at the startled woman. “Put him through immediately.”

Eyeing him as if he were some wild animal, Ms. Mead edged out the door and snapped it shut behind her.

Once alone, Luc opened a desk drawer and swept everything on his desk into it. He stepped one foot into the adjoining bathroom, grabbed a brush, and dragged it through his short hair. A quick feel of his chin told him he didn’t need a shave yet.

He slipped back into his office, seated himself at the desk, and waited for the image to glow into existence. Wonder what he’ll look like? Stupid question, old boy. You see him every day on Imperinet. He’s on half the dentist ads in the empire, and most of the clothing commercials.

Luc imagined the classic beauty of Wulf’s face, the strength of his jaw, the warm whiskey brown of his eyes. On his dresser at home was a picture of himself with Wulf and his parents, taken days before Thomas Gabriel’s death. Before all their lives had unraveled. Before he’d–

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen


Luc unclenched his fists and flattened his hands on the desk. Still no holo-image. The heap of untidy books on the floor drew his attention, but judging by the angle holopics usually took, Wulf wouldn’t see them. How would it appear if the call started and he was on his knees on the floor with his ass in the air? Still… Luc rolled his chair back and pushed them out of sight with his foot.

No image yet.

Luc started to press the button on his desk to call Ms. Mead, but hovered one finger above it. What if she was putting Wulf through and mangled the connection because he distracted her?

He folded his hands again, and waited. On the floor by the right front leg of the credenza lay another book. He scooted his chair over and pushed at it with his foot, but it wedged itself between the legs and wouldn’t budge.

The indicator on his desk still showed no sign of a call.

He loosened his collar, flicked at a speck of dust on the desk, and folded his hands once more. He rolled his thumbs around and around each other. He tightened his collar back up. Muttering curses, he got down on the floor and straightened the damned books, dusted himself off and sat back down.

The door opened and Ms. Mead crept far enough inside to shut it behind her. Head down, hands clutched in front of her, she wet her lips.

Luc stood and went around the desk. “You lost him! Don’t tell me you lost him!”

“No, sir.” Ms. Mead peeked up as he approached. “He told me to forget it. He said he’d changed his mind and it wasn’t important.”

Wasn’t important… Brought up short by those words, Luc went so still the motes of dust in the air came into perfect clarity. As if the universe had suffered as harsh a blow as his heart. The first contact he’d had with Wulf in twenty years and it wasn’t important.

He turned his back, shoulders rigid, jaw tight. “Did he say he’d call back?”

“Um, he…”

His breath felt shallow and too, too fast. He stopped himself from turning his head. “Go on, Ms. Mead.”

She cleared her throat. “No, sir. The call came in on a private channel. I couldn’t get a number to return it. I asked, but he wouldn’t give me one. I was trying to track it when I realized I should let you know what happened. I’m sorry, sir.”

He jammed his tongue against his teeth. Hands clenched at his sides, Luc turned his face enough to show he listened.

“Sir, I’ll make sure he goes straight through if–I mean, when he calls back. Is there anyone else I should know about?”

You mean is there anyone else who could tear apart my life just by dropping a call? Not trusting his voice, he shook his head.

Behind him, the door opened, clicked shut. Footsteps receded. No outside noise intruded. The lonely silence of the oversized room rang in his ears like a death scream.

Luc staggered the ten steps to the windows overlooking Tarth City Park. Sunlight’s radiant caress warmed and soothed his skin.

If only it could reach his heart.

Focus, Luc. Dwell here, not in the past. Let it go. Let it go.

Forty-one stories below lay the verdant trees of the park, the blue and silver flash of Typhin River ribboning its way through open grass in the center. Destine Pietan Stadium’s dome shone holy-white in the glaring sun. Columns of soaring buildings wrapped along the curved route of the Stadium Loop edging the park.

That’s it. Root yourself in the here and now. Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow never comes. Not for you.

Get Wulf for free

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Wulf is the first book in the Tales of the Chosen. It’s available free. You can buy the other two books for $3.99 each, or get the Tales of the Chosen boxed set until Sept 30th for only 99 cents. It includes the bonus book An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth: A Handbook for Immortals Relocating to the Tarthian Empire. That’s four books for less than the price of one.

Barnes and Noble
Coffee Time Romance
CreateSpace (Print)

You can also get the free book Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers when you join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group. You’ll get another free book the next day.

Read Bro for Free

Read Bro for Free

Alitus: A Chosen bares his heart forever #scifi #boxedset #ASMSG

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Life gets complicated when the empress orders Alitus to find out if a friend’s lover is having an affair. Especially since the affair is with Alitus. Passion. Submission. Loyalty. A Chosen bares his heart forever.

Alitus lives in a world full of political intrigue, and he is supremely alone. As a Better, an enhanced human, he can touch no one — his pheromones are addictive. He keeps his affair with Wulf secret, because Wulf belongs to another, a powerful man allied with the empress. When the man asks the empress to investigate whether Wulf is having an affair, Wulf’s relationship with Alitus could be exposed. Complicating matters, the empress reveals her immortality, and requires Alitus to prove his loyalty. Her test will throw him straight into Wulf’s arms, right in front of the empress and Wulf’s lover. Hiding what they are to each other has taken discipline and denial. Now, it will take a miracle.

Excerpt Alitus

Throughout the formal dinner, Alitus listened with polite indifference to the incredibly boring gentleman on his left and the even less interesting lady on his right. He could imagine them as demons in a level of hell where they’d be assigned to torture some wicked intellectual who craved intelligent discussion. These two would be punishment indeed. How he’d managed to draw their company in this seating arrangement he couldn’t begin to fathom.

Who on the protocol staff hates me this much? I wonder what idBot can scrounge up? I do believe this might call for revenge.

The empress sat a few chairs down, the place of honor at her side taken by the newest governor from Notidisia. The previous ruler had ended up beheaded at the Conqueror’s direction, and so far, this one’s career didn’t look promising. Around the table, two dozen dignitaries and guests from around the empire spoke to one another, their sublimely meaningless chatter undirected yet flattering. Leave it to politicians to speak at length without saying a single coherent thing.

The bright spot was an artist whom the empress was introducing tonight. Eliot Taral had created a throne carved to resemble a giant ruby dragon. When the empress sat on it, the creature’s wings looked as if they were rising up to enfold and protect her. Taral had coated the beast’s skin with rubies and garnets, and inset diamonds for its eyes. The claws shimmered with gold. It cost the budget of two small worlds, but Destoiya loved it.

Opposite Alitus and over one, next to Luc Saint-Cyr, sat Wulf Gabriel. Wulf looked pale tonight, not his usual robust self, and like Alitus, was picking at his food. Wulf drank several glasses of wine, and by the time the last course was served, seemed well on his way to being drunk. Most likely, he’d been drinking before his arrival, because his ability to hold liquor rivaled Saint-Cyr’s, who seemed to drink without effect. Being drunk was dangerous around Empress Destoiya. She tended to focus on anyone who appeared out of line.

Talk at the table turned to politics. Alitus refrained from taking part. In his position as Destoiya’s minister of imperial intelligence, listening paid higher dividends. But, when someone brought up the newly proposed Better veil requirement, part of an already long list of Better Laws, Alitus fastened his attention on the topic. As a Better, this affected him.

The law would require all Betters to cover their bodies when in public. An electronic veil would hide their faces from view and dampen the effects of their pheromones. Their voices would be rendered genderless, robotic, and mechanical.

“I think it’s high time Parliament signed that into law.” Roth Kloven, Destoiya’s minister of defense, picked up his wine glass.

Of course you do. You’re an idiot. Alitus folded his napkin and placed it alongside his nearly untouched plate.

“In fact, I propose a toast.” The fact that no one joined Kloven should have been a clue, but the man forged onward. “Here’s to freedom from Better intimidation.” He drained his glass.

“You realize, Minister Kloven–” Every eye turned toward Wulf, who had leaned forward to address Kloven “–veiling Betters won’t prevent being intimidated if you’re already a pussy.”

Soft snickering echoed around the table. Alitus bit his lips to stifle a laugh. Head down, Saint-Cyr pressed fingertips to his brow.

“Tell me, Mr. Gabriel.” The Empress placed her napkin on the table. “Don’t you fear being controlled by Betters?”

“No, Your Majesty.” Wulf settled back in his chair. “I’m more afraid of being controlled by the government.”

“Then it’s good you live in a benevolent and democratic monarchy.”

“Is that what you call it?”

Saint-Cyr tried to distract Wulf, but he plowed ahead.

“I think when the government can step in and tell someone he has to hide his face, how long will it be until they tell us who we can and can’t marry? Next thing you know, some half-wit will outlaw Betters falling in love.” Wulf looked across the table, right into Alitus’s eyes.

Alitus nearly choked. He turned his head to avoid the heat of the man’s brown-eyed gaze.

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

“How amusing.” The Empress stood, and everyone at the table rose to join her. “Our dear Luc must find you quite entertaining when dining at home. Perhaps you should have stayed there this evening.”

Subtle snickers and whispers rose.

Destoiya turned to the artist she was hosting. “Wasn’t this a lovely dinner, Taral? Why don’t we all adjourn to the outer room and learn about your art?”

As the guests followed Destoiya, Alitus took time pushing in his chair. Across the table, Saint-Cyr gripped Wulf’s arm, drew him aside, and spoke to him. Despite his excellent hearing, Alitus couldn’t make out the words. Wulf didn’t answer, and his expression gave away nothing, but he jerked his arm out of the man’s grasp and stalked away.

Alitus turned to go before Saint-Cyr could catch him watching.

An hour later, Alitus stood alone near a window. The night had turned cool for summer, and an earlier light rain had ceased falling. The palace courtyard trees were still dripping, their ancient and massive trunks black with the damp. Alitus shivered. He sensed rather than heard someone come close. Out of the corner of his eye, Alitus caught sight of Wulf, standing two windows down.

Wulf clutched a martini glass as he looked out. He set his brow against the window, and knocked his head against it several times.

Waiting to see what Wulf would do, Alitus turned back to the ballroom and waited, hands clasped behind him. No one else was near.

Wulf drained the martini and looked around as if seeking a place to set the glass.

Alitus crossed to him and held out his hand. “Allow me.”

“Thanks.” Wulf gave it to him. “You know, I meant what I said about Betters. And Kloven’s an ass.”

“Then that’s two things on which we agree.”

When Wulf smiled, it was like the moon coming out during a storm, shedding light everywhere. “Man, I hate these late nights. I won’t get out of here until midnight. So much for an early bedtime.”

“Same here.”

Back in the main room, Luc Saint-Cyr beckoned to Wulf.

Alitus nodded toward Saint-Cyr. “Mr. Gabriel, I believe you’re being summoned.”

Wulf heaved a sigh. “Gotta go.”

Careful not to reveal his interest, Alitus savored the athletic beauty of Wulf as the man walked away.

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Alitus is book 2 of the Tales of the Chosen series. Book 1, Wulf, is free. Alitus, and Jawk (book 3) are $3.99 each. You can order the boxed set for just 99 cents until Sept 30th, and get a bonus book, An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth, at no additional cost.

Read the first two chapters of Alitus.

Tales of the Chosen (includes Alitus and 3 other books)

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Jawk: A Chosen’s betrayal is forever #scifi #BoxedSet #IAN1

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen

When immortal Luc Saint-Cyr arranges a ménage with Wulf and Jawk, he gets far more than he bargained for. Pleasure. Trust. Possession. A Chosen’s betrayal is forever.

Jawk works at Batchelors, an exclusive gay club in the heart of Tarth City, where he meets the immortal Luc. Luc offers Jawk a deal too good to pass up, one night showing him and his lover a good time in exchange for far more than his usual pay. But the sensual Jawk is not what he seems, and one night with him will change the immortal’s alliances forever.

Excerpt Jawk

“Earth is a beautiful world.” Jawk stood beside Luc as Crossfire orbited. “I’ve never seen so much blue.”

“All human life in the galaxy started here.”

He smiled at the confidence in Luc’s voice. “You say that like it’s scientific fact instead of theory.”

Luc scratched a cheek. “I have a different perspective on history.”

I’ll bet you do. Jawk said nothing else about it. How could he, without giving away he knew what Luc was? A Sempervian would know these things. The pristine beauty of this world, with its massive oceans could make one believe almost anything. Maybe Luc was right. “Where will we go first?”

“Terra City. It’s on the southern part of that continent.” Luc pointed. “The most hospitable city on the planet. They’ll love you. The only Kin they’ve seen up to now is Mynkoh. And my son.”

“You have a son?”

“A HalfKin about your age.”

Jawk’s former master had told him about Senth Antonello, and anyone involved in the rebellion knew about Senth and Captain NarrAy Jorlan’s love affair, but Jawk had been coached not to reveal that. “You hooked up with a female Kin? When was this?”

Luc chuckled. “Assumptions, assumptions. Senthys was adopted as an apprentice thief. I was in the Kelthian Thieves’ Guild for many years. Still involved in minor aspects, although it’s becoming a problem in some ways. Conflicts of interest. The Bank of Tarth wants to go into insurance, and my Thieves’ Guild ties are getting in the way, even though I’m no longer a member. I’ll have to sell the bank.”

“I had no idea you had kids.”

“Most people don’t. I have six adopted sons, all human, except for Senthys. And one who’s almost a son, whom I didn’t ‘adopt’ as such, but still consider a son.”

“Is he HalfKin?”

“Khyffen?” He leaned a shoulder against the window. “Human. He’s Senthys’ half-brother. Though he’s married to a Kin who would have been a tzesar.”

“Mehfawni Ruh? I heard about her getting kicked out of her clan. It was major news. She killed a forbear, and she was pregnant by a human.” Jawk folded his arms and leaned back against the window. “And that was your ‘almost’ son.” He broke out laughing. “This gets better and better. So your ‘almost’ son is a rebel. Must make the Conqueror happy.”

“You have no idea.”

The multiple levels of this man’s influence were far beyond anything Jawk had been led to expect. “Does it bother you? Them being rebels?”

“I have ties on both sides, Jawk. No man lives and dies to himself.”

“So my father was right.”

Luc frowned. “In what regard?”

“He warned me you had rebel ties. I blew him off.”

Luc stood up straight, hands lowering to his sides. “You discussed me with your father?”

“Not in so many words. He doesn’t like me working at Batchelors. He thinks it’s some kind of rebel hangout.”

“Ah, yes. Your father was a Praetorian. I recall now. His dim view of Batchelors is well founded. Although Trink and Yvan have no idea, secrets have been passed there for years.”

Jawk shook himself. “No way. My old man was right about that too?”

“Does he know there’s a prostitution ring there? Also without Trink or Yvan knowing, of course. They’d be furious if they found out.”

“Oh, now there you’re wrong. Some of the guys have personal business on the side, but…”

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

Tales of the Chosen Boxed Set

“Nij is the leader, Jawk. Your roommate arranged for you to work there so I could meet you. I paid him a rather large sum to set it up.”

The hair on Jawk’s neck bristled. His claws tingled. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Nij asked me to take over for him because he’s graduating.”

“It’s true he’s graduating. But I saw pictures of you and asked if he could work out a meeting. He managed to provide a good worker for Trink and Yvan, and earn himself a bonus at the same time.”

Jawk sat down, abruptly, as if all the air had gone out of him. “Nij showed you pictures of me? When?”

Luc seated himself next to him. “I asked if he had any Kin in his network. He said his roommate might be interested, but he didn’t want you to know what he was up to.”

“So, let me get this straight.” He twisted sideways in the seat, drawing up one leg beneath him. “You paid him to meet me.”


Thank God, I never confided anything in that little prick. Jawk’s chest felt as if someone had slugged it. “I thought he was a friend.”

“Wasn’t he?” He reached up to touch Jawk’s hair.

The bastard lied to me. He turned back to the front, elbows resting on his knees. Betrayal begets betrayal, Jawk. You used Nij to meet Luc. What are you complaining about? Why shouldn’t the kid make some money on it?

“Look, Jawk.” Luc sat the same way. “I care about you. If we’re going to pursue any kind of relationship when we get back, there needs to be honesty between us.”

Jawk turned away, unable to face him. “I can’t deal with that right now.”

“All right.” Luc sat back. “We can talk later. For today, let’s enjoy our time, shall we? You wouldn’t happen to like girls, would you?”

He turned toward Luc, unsure he’d heard the question. “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Do you like women?” Luc folded his hands across his waist. “Or are you like Wulf? Preferring men.”

For a long moment, Jawk turned the question over in his mind. It seemed alien to what they’d discussed.”No. No, I like women. I have female clients, even. And girlfriends who don’t know I service men. Why?”

“I like women myself.”

Jawk made a dry laugh. “Yeah? Why, do you want to pick up some hot Earth girls or something?”

“Might be fun.”

Scooting back in the chair, Jawk twisted to face Luc again, and frowned. Luc’s scent held none of the bitter smell lies gave off. “You’re serious.”

“Oh hell yes.” Luc gave him a wide grin. “Everyone knows Earth girls are easy.”

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen

Jawk, Tales of the Chosen

Jawk is book 3 of the Tales of the Chosen series. Book 1, Wulf, is free. Alitus (book 2), and Jawk are $3.99 each. You can order the boxed set for just 99 cents until Sept 30th, and get a bonus book, An Immortal’s Guide to Tarth, at no additional cost.

Read the first two chapters of Jawk.

Tales of the Chosen (includes Alitus and 3 other books)

Barnes and Noble


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