Welcome to the circus that was his life, complete with balloons #SciFi #MMromance #MFRWauthor

Izzorah had been injured previously and is taking pain medication. Luc has made sure he's taken it, and the two of them have ventured outside towards Luc's long black hoversine.

About a thousand of Izzorah's fans are waiting. When the door opens and he and Luc appear, a cheer goes up.

Excerpt from Surrender Love

Izzorah hung back and Luc waited beside him. "They're all friends, Izzorah. This is a party. Do the wave." Luc raised his hand and Izzorah lifted his.

The cheer was deafening.

Izzorah smiled, but his chest rose and fell rapidly, his lips a faint blue.

"Relax, Izzorah. Focus on me. Deep breath in. Let it all out."

Izzorah sucked in a gulp of air, blew it out.

"Good. Now, do it again. In... out. You're doing well. Wave again."

Izzorah did so. "Wow." He rubbed his eyes. "This pain pill is making me see things. The sky is full of colors."

"You're not hallucinating. Those are balloons. Someone's handing them out."

"Someone's handing out balloons?" Izzorah sounded incredulous. "Are you sure? That's crazy."

"Don't let it rattle you. It's part of the circus that is my life, although, thankfully, there aren't usually balloons."

Antonello Brothers: Immortal - Because Romance Lives Forever

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#SciFi #LGBTQ #Romance

Release date Feb 20, 2021

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