Party time!

Here are parties upcoming on The Romance Studio (TRS Parties) for the rest of 2018. Pick a party and plan to join in. I hope you'll come to all of them.

10/26/18-10/31/18 Spookapalooza Halloween Party

Do you scare easily? No? Then Spookalooza is the place for you. Join me at the annual TRS Halloween party. New books and awesome giveaways. TRS Parties

Party time! Come hang out with authors you love #Books #Read

11/16/18-11/20/2018 Thanksgiving Party

In November join me at the annual Thanksgiving party. I won't be the only author offering a giveaway. TRS Parties

Party time! Come hang out with authors you love #Books #Read

12/17/18-12/23/18 Christmas Party

In December I'll be at the annual Christmas party. Bring your own lampshade and a table to dance on. Giveaways and books galore. TRS Parties

Party time! Come hang out with authors you love #Books #Read

Lights Out by Kayelle Allen

He can save mankind. After he does one important thing. Die.

Join the Ghost Corps, they said. You'll live forever, they said. You'll save mankind, they said. They didn't say that to do it, first he had to die.
When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line, he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps. Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later, he's assigned duty on the space station Enderium Six.

He's facing his most dangerous mission yet, the very reason the corps exists.

Do they expect him to win? Fat chance. Tornahdo and his team are already dead and this mission is codenamed "Lights Out." No, there's more to this than he can see.
To discover the truth, he must face an unbeatable, unkillable enemy, and this time--somehow--find a way to keep himself alive...

Lights Out, part of the anthology The Expanding Universe 4: Space Adventure, Alien Contact and Military Science Fiction, edited by Craig Martelle.

Lights Out by Kayelle Allen