Antonello Brothers: Immortal

I plan more tales, but three books and three shorts written for the newest series ought to keep people busy for at least a couple days. I hope. ;)

~ A Peek at All the Series ~

#1 Bringer of Chaos (Origin of Pietas and Forged in Fire) featuring the ascent of the immortal race called the Sempervians. Lights Out is the book readers get when they sign up for my newsletter. It's the prequel for the series.

#2 Antonello Brothers (A Stolen Heart, Bro, At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, and For Women Only). Two brothers establish the universe of mortals and the way immortals react within them. In these books, the mortals don't know they're interacting with immortals.

#3 Tales of the Chosen (Wulf Alitus, Jawk) covers three main characters in the same universe, who are "chosen" to serve the immortals and know all their secrets. Wulf is permafree worldwide. Alitus and Jawk are on preorder.

#4 Antonello Brothers: Immortal — features the brothers but focuses on the immortals. Current books include Surrender Love, Ring of the Dragon, Forever Love, and the short stories (one free inside each book), Forbid My Heart, Just Desserts, and Leaving Tarth. More books are planned in this series.

Which ones have you read? If you're on my review team, you can read them all for $0.00! Info at the end.

Antonello Brothers: Immortal - Because Romance Lives Forever

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