Do you love chocolate and cherries? So do Luc and Izzorah!

Surrender Forever Dessert Contest

In Surrender Love, Luc and Izzorah share a dessert made with chocolate and cherries. I decided to look for real world recipes and include them in a giveaway booklet for readers when the book is released.

You can enter your recipe! Details and how to enter below.

Excerpt: the dessert scene from Surrender Love

Luc and Izzorah have finished dinner alone and have polished off a delicious dessert with chocolate and cherries. In the final edition, the dessert will be chosen from the Surrender Forever Dessert Contest. Here, it's cheesecake.


After dinner, they enjoyed a light wine while they each tore into massive slices of cheesecake topped with a thick sauce of fresh cherries in brandy.

"Oh, stars that was good." Izzorah put down his fork. "If my father hadn't raised me to be polite, I swear I'd lick my plate. That was the best dessert ever. McDoth is an amazing cook."

"That was straight from Batchelor's."

"They make cheesecake?"

"Yes. Yvan's famous for it. That one had all the creaminess I've learned to expect from their kitchen."

"I never thought they'd be famous for food. No wonder everyone wants to go there." Izzorah leaned back in his chair. "I probably ate way too much, but I was hungry."

"Same here. No worry. I'm sure we'll work it off." Luc's plate still held crumbles of crust from the cheesecake, along with a smear of cherries. "You know, since you and I are alone..." On impulse, he lifted the dessert plate and while holding Izzorah's gaze, gave it a long, slow lick.

Izzorah giggled, biting his lip. He picked up his plate as well and gave the plate a quick lick with the tip of his tongue.

Luc stroked his tongue across the plate, taking his time, letting his gaze tell Izzorah how delicious it tasted -- and felt.

Color rose in Izzorah's cheeks. His lashes lowered. He performed a far more thorough lick. He gave Luc a slow, sultry smile and then stroked his tongue along the edge of the plate. The soft wet barbs on his tongue glistened in the light.

Stifling an oath, Luc struggled for composure. The tightness in his throat had nothing to do with the surfeit of sugar.

Surrender Forever Dessert Contest Rules

Recipes MUST INCLUDE chocolate and cherries.

Recipes must be original, created by the entrant.

Entrant must have the right to share the recipe.

Recipe must contain common ingredients available in local stores or online.

Limit of 10 (ten) ingredients other than salt, water, milk, oil, or other liquid.*

Entrant must provide a title for the recipe (Ex. Mary's Chocolate Cheesecake).

Entrant may use a pen name or username for publication.

CONTEST ENDS 12:01 AM Eastern on Feb 1, 2021.

*This is to keep the printing size of the booklet small.



No sales will be generated from this booklet. It is intended as a giveaway for readers. A free PDF copy will be provided to all entrants upon publication.

One Grand Prize Winner recipe will be chosen for inclusion in Surrender Love. The creator of the recipe will be mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book.

Recipes of all entrants may be included in the giveaway booklet at the sole discretion of the author, Kayelle Allen.

No purchase is necessary.

Void where prohibited by law.

Age 18 and up only.

Enter your recipe and details here.

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