In this scene from Forever Love, Izzorah and Luc are having breakfast aboard the king's massive ship. They've been joined by Teyhahss (aka Dark Hair), a character introduced in Ring of the Dragon, as well as two others. The table is crowded, but when Joss approaches, asking to sit, they make room.

Joss pulled up two chairs. "Pietas wanted to sit with the newbies." And she, Izzorah judged by her scent, wanted to sit with Pietas.

The man came up, a bowl of red melon in hand. He served it to Joss and sat beside her. "That was the last bowl. I know how much you like it."

"Thank you, my king." She smiled at him as if he were the only man in the room.

A male serving a female -- that was commonplace on Izzorah's homeworld. But to see a king serve someone... This man was a handful of contradictions.

Izzorah's kahlah sensed Joss's love, not the clingy desperation of a jealous lover, but giving, open, heartfelt.

Once he adjusted for the opposite way Pietas's emotions came across, the king's love for her was the same. They were more than close, and each held the other in the highest regard. But though each loved the other, neither was what the other truly needed. Apparently, it hadn't stopped them from finding joy.

"Question, Izzorah?" Pietas tilted his head.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to stare." He speared a slice of strawberry. "I was thinking..." He paused, guaging their interpretations of his words. "It's cool that you and Joss are such close friends."

"It's true. We are." Pietas pressed his shoulder against hers. "Joss was the first friend I made when I started my first life." He reached over and squeezed her hand. "It's safe to say, she taught me the three most important things in my life."

"What those things are?" Teyhahss asked.

"How to love." He smiled at Joss. "How to live, and how to die."

"And he taught me," Joss said, smiling back, "that to a mortal, death holds no beauty, but to an immortal, death holds no fear."

Forever Love will release on May 13, 2021. Preorder here. Surrender Love & Ring of the Dragon are available now.

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