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Bringer of Chaos: Watch Your Six

Bringer of Chaos: Watch Your Six by Kayelle AllenBook 3 in the Bringer of Chaos series
New book – never before published
Genre: Scifi
Heat level: PG13

Pietas leads the immortal Ultras, a people untouched by death. Like them, he is invulnerable. Unbreakable. Until he makes a human friend.

At his side stands Six, once a deadly foe, now the brother-in-arms Pietas trusts more than anybody on the planet. Enemies had transformed Six from human into a quasi-immortal Ultra-killer. Fate united them.

Six’s metamorphosis is not permanent. Before long, he’ll revert to what he was before they changed him.

Ultras revive after death.

Six won’t.

Six will linger before succumbing to a painful end.

Pietas cannot lose his shield brother. Not like this.

But to save his friend, Pietas must abandon his people and engage in a sin he swore he would never again commit. What’s worse–he must violate a vow made in his darkest hour…

Check out Ghost Corps weapons, uniforms and insignia on Pinterest, Nano-Core’s DeviantArt page, and Nimajination Studios.

This book is in progress. Watch the sidebar for updates.

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