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In love, trust is everything.

In love, trust is everything.

First, I want to make two disclaimers. Yes, I have read the book. No, I am not in the BDSM lifestyle. I have researched BDSM (which stands for Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism), interviewed those who are, and I have written about it. I did my homework because I knew if I didn’t my readers would see right through that. I respected them and wanted to make sure I got it right. Let’s get right into the topic.

BDSM Lifestyle

Why the big fuss over this book? It’s like a friend of mine says: 50 Shades is to reading what a quickie is to sex. It’s a quick piece to satisfy an itch. Quickies are not what you want to spend your life doing. This is not the kind of BDSM book you want to make a meal out of. There are countless books on the subject, and many that are far better. Go enjoy it, laugh at the parts that are silly, enjoy the parts you like, and then get other books, done better, and read those. You’ll see the difference right away.

The S&M in this book isn’t safe. The writer has characters doing things they either cannot do or should not do in a safe and sane relationship. You hear this warning all the time, but please don’t try this at home.

The bondage “play” in this book is not what the BDSM lifestyle is about. A Dom (dominant) and sub (submissive) have a trust-based relationship. Why? Because without trust, there can be no real submission. Without submission, there can be no exchange of pleasure/pain. There is only pain. Why?

Pleasure / Pain

Because the relationship of pleasure to pain is a strong one. For many, a spark of pain adds to pleasure. Being restrained can provide the freedom of not being in control of one’s own pleasure. There is nothing to worry about. Nothing to feel “guilty” about. When pleasure is given and/or taken by another, it relieves the sub from having to hold back, to “feel proper” (as some have described it), and allows them to enjoy sex in a way they never have before. It’s not for everyone, but for some, it’s as necessary as air.

Total Power Exchange

50 Shades uses the phrase “Total Power Exchange.” That last word — exchange — is defined as the act of giving something in return for something received. Total power is exchanged in these kinds of relationships. That is not what is happening in the book.

For an exchange to occur, trust must be the dominant (no pun intended) aspect of the relationship. Some writers don’t “get” that aspect. Trust is a delicate balance between control and submission.

Who’s In Control

In a Dom/sub (or D/s) relationship, it’s the sub who is in control. The subs decide when they have had enough and can stop at any time. That’s what the safeword is for. Because with pain, it’s natural to yell “No! Stop!” Instead, when the sub is at the point when it’s no longer pleasure, or they cannot handle the situation, they use their safeword. It might be “bubble” or some word not associated with sex. When the safeword is used, the Dom knows the sub has reached the limit. Everything stops.

At that point, if a situation can be corrected (perhaps something was too tight, or the position was too awkward), then the sub might wish to continue. Other words can be used to slow down the action (orange or yellow, for example). At all times, the submissive has the option to stop. That’s what a true BDSM lifestyle is all about.

When there is no way to stop or to slow down, then there can be no trust. That’s when it crosses over from pleasure/pain to abuse.

What BDSM Books to Read Next

Books I’ve written containing BDSM scenes include the Tales of the Chosen series (Wulf, Alitus, Jawk) available here: This page includes links to buy the books, plus some giveaways you can grab. Here’s a good Facebook page where you can get tons of suggestions for what to read.

Another good post to read on this subject is on Elizabeth Safleur’s blog, in which she interviews Dr Charley Ferrer, an expert on this subject. Click here:

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Cover Reveal: Human Perfect by Kayelle Allen #scifi

Human Perfect by Kayelle Allen

Human Perfect by Kayelle Allen

This is the cover reveal for Human Perfect, a new novella from Scifi author Kayelle Allen. Cover art by The Author’s Secret.

Human Perfect

In the android business, the best of the best are Human Perfect.

In this science fiction short story, for as long as she can remember, Christa has hated androids. The texture of plastiflesh skin and the non-smell of the animate machines jars her senses. Don’t even get her started on robots, or worse — the andys that look human. Her job as a corporate spy for the android maker Innersoul puts her in touch with the creatures every day, but also lets her judge them. When she runs into Humancopy Progress Rep Tom Karellys, she can’t believe her luck. Using a cover identity, Christa shares dinner with him, and the two discuss andys. It soon becomes apparent Tom is not what he seems, and Christa must decide whether he’s a trustworthy human, or merely… Human Perfect.

Bonus Story

Human Perfect includes a bonus sci fi short story “Upgrade This!” set in the same universe.


Human Perfect by Kayelle Allen | In the android business, the best of the best are Human Perfect.

Human Perfect by Kayelle Allen


Terran Crescent, Earth
Lunar Spaceport Earthside Shuttle Concourse D

Having introduced themselves, the two had fallen naturally into conversation as they walked. Tom suggested they eat at AquaCulture, a water-themed restaurant overlooking the hydroponics section of the station. On the barren moon, a waterfall cascading down the windows lent a decadent feel. Synthetic jazz tinkled in the background.

An android waitress rolled up to their table, her lapel sign flashing the soup of the day. Hot pink skin and green hair matched the color of the flowers in the wallpaper and her uniform. “May I take your cocktail order?”

Tom set down the menu. “Water for me, please.”

“Live a little.” Christa perused the list. “They have an excellent white wine.”

“I don’t drink. But feel free. I don’t mind.”

“I’ll have an Ylyptyan Cassis.”

After the waitress rolled away, Tom picked up a bottle of red sauce, squinted at the label, and put it down, then picked up a green bottle. He set that down, slid the red bottle into the green bottle’s place — and then switched them back. After a moment, he lined up all the condiment bottles, peered at them, and then began reordering them.

“Tom, what are you doing?”

“Sorry.” He yanked his hands back and put them on his lap. “Bad habit. I was trying to decide it I should line them up by color or size, or if the name of the product should be–” He shook his head. “Never mind. Order is a flaw, but I will overcome it.”

Raising one eyebrow, Christa took in the neat row of bottles. “Order is a flaw?”

“Perfection is godlike. No real person is perfect. No real person is a slave to order. I embrace chaos.”

This novella is available Jan 19, 2015 on Amazon, and soon on Nook and Smashwords.

Genre Science Fiction and Fantasy, Space Opera
Rating PG13
Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
Editor Jean Paquin
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Are you playing Marco Polo 1/9? @voireylinger +14 authors! #Giveaway

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

January 9, 1324, Marco Polo slipped the bonds of this world and drifted into history. He explored Asia, established trade routes with China, and launched a summer game loved by millions.

To celebrate his life and his game, we are launching Marco Polo day on Twitter. The rules are simple. Follow the players listed below from your Twitter account. When one of them yells MARCO you hit reply and @ them with POLO. First to respond will win an ebook. If you’re not following, you can’t win.

This Marco Polo game is also found on Voirey Linger’s website. Mine is a copy of hers, used with permission. See it here:

The Fine Print

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Unstoppable Heroes is not responsible for prize distribution except in those contests run on the Twitter account of @kayelleallen I’ll be giving away a copy of A Romance for Christmas. Click the cover to learn more about the book.

Participating Authors

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It’s About Time #NYE2014 #NYbloghop

Welcome to the New Year’s Eve Hop! It’s about time.

I often write about immortals. They are affected by time and age like we do (although a bit slower). However, they exist in a world where they are just as pressed for time as we are. In the scene I’m going to share, we discover how Alitus Vivaldi and Wulf Gabriel meet. It’s about time, and someone who is terribly late…

It's About Time, the 2014-2015 Blog Hop

It’s About Time, the 2014-2015 Blog Hop

Book: Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Alitus Vivaldi lives in a world full of political intrigue, and he is supremely alone. As a Better, an enhanced human, he can touch no one — his pheromones are addictive. He keeps his affair with Wulf secret, because Wulf belongs to another, a powerful man allied with the empress. When the man asks the empress to investigate whether Wulf is having an affair, Wulf’s relationship with Alitus could be exposed. Complicating matters, the empress reveals her immortality, and requires Alitus to prove his loyalty. Her test will throw him straight into Wulf’s arms, right in front of the empress and Wulf’s lover. Hiding what they are to each other has taken discipline and denial. Now, it will take a miracle.
Genre: science fiction romance, MM, gay romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R


Tarthian Empire, Tarth, Tarth City
Conqueror’s Palace, Alitus Vivaldi’s Quarters

Alitus slept fitfully, and woke long before dawn. He turned over and pushed himself up in bed, and reached for the book on his nightstand. Beside it sat a stone jar with inset stones. He picked it up and removed the lid. Inside lay individually wrapped white chocolate truffles. Alitus unwrapped one, bit it, and closed his eyes, transported to his last night with Wulf.

The memory thrust him back to the way they’d met. They’d been aware of one another for some time, and interfaced in official capacities. With Alitus being the empress’s personal assistant at the time, and Wulf on various charitable committees, it was bound to happen. They’d finally talked while working on a fundraiser for a society that protected animals. There were supposed to be four people present, but a traffic incident had delayed the other two, and Alitus and Wulf had spent an hour alone, in each other’s company. Wulf had flirted with him shamelessly.

It had been quiet for several minutes. They were seated in one of the larger conference rooms in the palace, and the floor-to-ceiling windows beamed in light. The drapes fluttered in a light breeze. On the third floor, windows were often open. Especially the ones over the rose garden. The scent of flowers wafted into the room.

Wulf stretched out his legs under the table, and folded his arms across his chest. He asked a question out of the blue. “So are you?”

“Beg pardon?” Alitus jerked up his head from the note reader where he’d been making notations. “Am I what?”


Still unsure what Wulf meant, he’d asked, “Better at what?”

“You’re a Better, right? How much better are you?”

“Oh, that.” He gestured with the stylus. “I’m better at everything. Anything anyone else can do, I can do longer, harder, faster. All that sort of thing.”

“Really?” Wulf gave him a long stare. “Sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Matter of genetics, not being sure of myself.” Alitus went back to his notes. “I was designed to be superior. I can’t avoid it.”

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

“So you think in a footrace, you could beat me?”

“If I trained for it, without a doubt.” He hadn’t looked up at Wulf, but he could see the man’s grin. “It wouldn’t be fair.”

“So you say.” A scent of roses came to them. “That smells amazing. You must love living here.”

“It’s all right.” Alitus kept writing.

“Are you better at picking flowers?”

He put down his note reader. “Picking flowers?” Alitus gestured toward the window. “Why, do you want to go see?”

Wulf shrugged. “I’m game if you are. Beats sitting here on a perfect day, while the sun goes to waste outside and those wonderful-smelling roses are out there waiting to be picked.”

While Alitus pondered whether the challenge was serious, his mobile buzzed, and he checked it. “It’s about time they called. This says the others will be late.”

“As if we hadn’t figured that out twenty minutes ago.” Wulf arched a brow. “Let me guess. Traffic.”

Alitus set down the unit. “Seems a shame they’re stuck in traffic in this great weather. They won’t be here for another forty minutes or more. Since this is scheduled to be a three-hour meeting, I signalled them to come ahead.”

He and Wulf held each other’s gazes for a moment longer, and then Wulf stood, and kicked in his chair.

“So. Flower picking contest?”

Alitus rose, and pushed in his chair as well. “Why not?”

They’d picked not one bloom, but had talked while walking around the ambling, circular path of the rose garden. They’d made it around three times before the others had arrived. The rest, as they say, had been history. Being in Wulf’s presence had felt like going home. As if he’d found his other half. Their shared laughter and concern for the creatures they were trying to protect had bonded them.

Alitus popped the rest of the truffle into his mouth, and got up to begin his day.

Visit the Next Author in the It's About Time Blog Hop

Visit the Next Author in the It’s About Time Blog Hop

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Fan Questions: Characters Stahn and Izzorah

Izzorah (Izzy) Ceeow - Kumwhatmay Drummer

Izzorah Ceeow on his drums

Answering a fan question is fun. I love having the opportunity. After all, my books have complex plots and a slew of characters, so a fan question is likely! I also enjoy dropping hints and leaving breadcrumbs for fans to follow from book to book. Today’s fan questions are about the characters Ehrstahn (Stahn) Fasra featured in For Women Only, and Izzorah (Rah) Ceeow from Surrender Love.

Fan Question 1

In For Women Only, Mehfawni has sex with Stahn Fasra, a distant cousin who is a ramz. Did Stahn have any confirmed pregnancies?

I haven’t decided that. The reason is I haven’t decided is because if I make him a Changeling, a hybrid immortal (one of the lost children that Pietas created) then he could not sire children. So, if I say he has sired some, then I can’t use him as a Changeling. Honestly, I go back and forth on this about Stahn. He’s a fascinating character.

Let me back up for a moment and explain what a ramz is for those who don’t know. A ramz is a son of a female breeder, which means he supposedly has more romtzeet (testosterone) than average males. Stahn’s mother (Seren Fasra) “pampered” him with everything he wanted because he was gorgeous (tall and blond) and she made a fortune by breeding him like a stud horse. Each he was sent out to “stud”, the warrior he serviced gave him a clan bead in her color to add to his ramz bracelet. Stahn has two bracelets worth of beads dangling from one wrist, and several belts full of coins circling his waist. The beads and coins are gifts of appreciation, which no one can take from him. Sort of like a tip, if you will.

Fan Question 2

In Surrender Love, you hinted that Izzorah is a twin. Who is his twin? Could Rah’s twin have been a female and they got rid of Izzorah because he was a boy?

Good observation, and a great question. In the context of the story, the idea of having too many boys is a bad thing, which is true on Felidae, where they outnumber females seven to one. In fact, when Rah hears that Luc has seven sons, his response is, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” I liked Luc’s answer. “So was I, a few times.” But in this case, Izzorah’s twin is male, and I don’t want to give away who he is. I’ll only say that he is revealed in Surrender Trust, and that you have already met him if you’ve read my books. Under Kin law, twins may never be separated, so if he’d had a female twin, he’d have been kept. If she became a warrior, when she married, he’d have become part of her household.

I’d love to answer more fan questions — leave yours in the comments.

Join the Santa Watch 2014 #Giveaway @CoffeeTimeRoman

Santa Watch on Coffee Time Romance

Santa Watch on Coffee Time Romance

Each year on Christmas Eve, author Tarah Scott and Coffee Time Romance host the Santa Watch. Each half hour all day from 8am to midnight, one author shares his or her Christmas memories. It’s a special time for everyone. There’s also a gift certificate from Coffee Time. Check out the site and all the various posts. Here’s the schedule so you can find your favorite author’s spot.

Santa Watch 2014 on Coffee Time Romance

Hosted by Tarah Scott
When? All day long on December 24, 2014


Opening 8:00 AM
Pippa Jay 9:00 AM
BJ Scott 9:30
Kayelle Allen 10:00 AM
Kay Springsteen 10:30 AM
Kristina Haecker 11:00 AM
Nathalie Bernier 11:30 AM
Sue-Ellen Welfonder 12:00 AM
T. C. Archer 12:30 AM
Ceci Giltenan 1:00 PM
H. K. Carlton #4 1:30 PM
Tarah Scott 2:00 PM
T. C. Archer 2:30 PM
Lee Brazil 3:00
Debra Jupe 3:30 PM
Mary Ann Jordan 4:00 PM
Joanne Wadsworth 4:30
Collette Cameron 5:00 PM
I Smell Sheep 5:30 PM
Sam Cheever 6:00 PM
Tarah Scott 6:30
Natasha Blackthorne 7:00 PM
Angel Payne 7:30 PM
Joanne Davis 8:00 PM
Ruth Hartman 8:30PM
Hildie McQueen 9:00
Ashley York 9:30 PM
Ella Quinn 10:00 PM
Shirlee Busbee 11:30
T. C. Archer 11:45
Farewell 12:00 Midnight

I hope to see you there. Merry Christmas! I wish you a wonderful new year.

A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

A cop at the door on Christmas Eve brings an unexpected gift. A sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving.
It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves has been lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.
Peek inside the book:
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A Cop for Christmas? #HolidayRomance #MistletoeHop

Welcome to the Christmas Mistletoe Hop!

Mistletoe Hop Dec 19-22, 2014

Mistletoe Hop Dec 19-22, 2014

You’ll find two Christmas giveaways at the end of this post, a downloadable PDF with insights into the story of A Romance for Christmas, and a free, 22 page Christmas cookbook. No signing up for anything; no clicking; no entering a contest — just download and go. Merry Christmas!

Excerpt – Meet the Hero, Scott Gregori

In his old room, Scott stripped out of his uniform and put on sweatpants and slippers. On his bed was the loose T-shirt with a blond-haired elf on the front that his mother had given him the year before. The elf was shirtless, wearing red boxer shorts with holly on them, and he was licking a candy cane while dangling a round ornament on one finger of his other hand.

Upon seeing the shirt when Scott unwrapped it, a cousin had started singing, “Don we now our gay apparel…” and had broken into riotous laughter. That didn’t stop the family from insisting he wear it. He was sure he’d asked Mary to give it to Goodwill, so how it had shown up again this year he couldn’t explain. Yet, there it was. It could only have come from one person.

“The things we do for our mothers.” Scott slipped it on over his head and headed for the kitchen.

Scott's Elf from A Romance for Christmas

Scott’s Elf from A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

He leaned against the door jamb, enjoying the sight. His mother was chopping things for the stuffing and adding them to her biggest bowl. His dad sat at the end of the counter, reading a Popular Science magazine. Neither seemed to pay attention to the other, but while his mother was cooking, Dad always kept her company. She’d crochet in a wooden rocker in the garage while he worked on the boat he was building. As if they couldn’t bear to be parted from one another, even though they didn’t talk much. Maybe they didn’t need words.

Scott had thought he and his wife would be the same, but he and Mary had shared a different lifestyle. Both were often busy, and sometimes saw each other only in passing. He’d worked nights, and she’d worked days. She’d had a downtown office, working as an architect for government housing. Time spent outdoors had given her a great tan, but exposed her to hazardous toxins no one had known were in the old buildings being demolished. When she fainted at work, the company sent her in for a check up. After the diagnosis, the project had been shut down immediately, but cancer took a quick toll. Mary was gone in six months. A government investigation into the cause was still ongoing.

Scott now had sole custody of a four-year old daughter and a job that took him into danger every day. He’d shifted to the downtown beat and day shift because it seemed safer, and he could still do what he loved doing: Helping people.

“Well,” his dad said, not looking up from his magazine, “Are you going to help your mother or stand there in that dumb elf shirt?”

His mother braced both hands on the counter. “That shirt cost more money than any three pairs of your pants.”

“Did not. I paid a pretty penny for these pants.”

“Pants were cheaper back in 1982.”

His dad snorted, and went back to his reading.

And doesn’t that sound just like a family at Christmas? Everyone has an opinion. Scott wears the shirt to pick up Dara for Christmas dinner, and is surprised by what she has to say. I won’t spoil it by telling you. I hope you enjoy the story.


Thank you for popping in today. Here’s the link to the free Christmas cookbook and the free peek inside the book. Both are in Adobe Reader (PDF). This is not a contest — everyone who wants one may download it. No sign ups required.
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A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

A cop at the door on Christmas Eve brings an unexpected gift. On Amazon’s best-seller list — A sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving.
It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves has been lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.

Find Your Copy

$1.99 for eBook, $5.99 for print
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What Christmas Is, Good and Bad #holiday #giveaway

Not all Christmases are cheery and bright, but the holiday is what you make it. The book A Romance for Christmas features a heroine who’s lost her husband, and has only her little girl at the holiday. What Christmas is for her is a time of giving selflessly. She sacrifices to provide for her child. When someone gives to her, it changes her entire perception of what Christmas is.

In my life, when the holidays don’t turn out the way I expect, sometimes it’s because I didn’t let others know what my expectations were. With that thought in mind, here’s my list of what Christmas is, good and bad.

A Romance for Christmas - paper Christmas tree banner

A Paper Christmas Tree from A Romance for Christmas

What Christmas is…

  • having six strings of lights, and not one light bulb that will turn on.
  • unpacking ornaments and recalling the story and person behind each one.
  • that dazed feeling you get when you realize you forgot to prepare a dish for a dinner party — and you’re scheduled to leave with it in five minutes.
  • writing cards to friends you hadn’t thought about for too long.
  • getting a letter from relatives who went everywhere and did everything and wondering how in the world they managed to find the time and the money.
  • shopping for gifts and clothes for a needy child.
  • aching feet and knees from standing in lines everywhere you go.
  • playing Secret Santa at work, and seeing the gift you chose make a difference to a co-worker.
  • driving slowly through the neighborhood oohing and ahhing at lights.
  • the feeling of pride as you watch the town’s annual holiday parade.
  • hugging friends, visiting family, calling to say Merry Christmas to everyone far away.
  • cold winds blowing, a wet mist, snow, lazy smoke rising from chimneys, the smell of a pine fire.
  • watching your child perform in the school pageant and trying not to laugh when one of the reindeer antlers you sewed onto the costume falls off.
  • reading T’was the Night Before Christmas to a little one.
  • tears in your eyes when you hear the familiar carols of your childhood.
  • the lump in your throat when everyone in the audience stands at the first notes of Handel’s Messiah Chorus.
  • hearing again the wonderful story of the Holy Child’s birth.
  • the hope and the joy and the love of God, giving His only begotten Son so that we may live forever.
  • writing a list like this for dear friends like you.

Below, my gift to you, a Christmas Cookbook for you to download and enjoy.
No sign up required, no lists to join, just click and go. That is what Christmas is, right? Giving? I hope you enjoy the cookbook. Merry Christmas!

A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

A cop at the door on Christmas Eve brings an unexpected gift.
A sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving.
It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves has been lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.
Peek inside the book:
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Sweet Holiday Tale: A Romance for Christmas @kayelleallen #MFRWauthor #holiday

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

Most people know me as an author of erotic romance, science fiction romance, and gay romance. So when I said I was releasing a sweet contemporary holiday romance with no explicit content whatsoever I got a few WTFs and SayWhats comments. Even one or two HowzThatAgains. *grin* The nicest was “I know it’ll be awesome but why the change?” One person asked me if erotic romance was dead and I was leaving the fold. The short answer is “Um, no it isn’t, and no, I’m not.” But it was nice that they thought I’d know whether this was true.

I wrote A Romance for Christmas in December 2004 as a gift for my critique group and asked them not to share it, but told them some day I might. Last year, Bill Hinkle, my brother-in-law, died. I promised his wife (my sister Cherry) I would dedicate a book to their relationship, which was 25 years of pure awesome romance and still going strong at the time of his passing. I also wanted to pay tribute to our parents, who had passed away the year of their 50th anniversary. My father had once told my mother he’d go first, and then “wait for her just beyond the moon.” When it was his time, he didn’t have to wait long. She died a few weeks later. The parents of the hero in this story bear my parents’ names. The book is dedicated to my sister Cherry in honor of Bill.

You can download a preview of the book here: A Romance for Christmas (click for the pdf – it opens in a new window). There are more details about the story, and it includes links where you can buy your copy. The book is currently on Amazon’s best-seller lists in Kindle short reads, and genre fiction – holidays.

Here’s an excerpt to get you started.

Dara was gaining strength daily, and would finish therapy the first week of January and return to work. Disability paid for the basics – lights, phone, water, trash collection, and she’d never bought anything on credit, refusing to dig herself into a hole she’d never escape once it got started.

She went to the closet and pulled down a box with a ball, crayons, paper, and three books. A friend had brought over a few things as well. This wasn’t the grand Christmas Dara had wanted for her daughter, but all the other valuables had been sold. There was nothing left but her wedding ring.

She didn’t wear it. Removing it had been part of saying good-bye to Jack.

They said it would help, and it had. Sort of. But not much.

Dara sank into one of the kitchen chairs and put her face in her hands.

Sometime later, when the doorbell rang, she grabbed a paper towel and dried her eyes. The clock over the stove said nine o’clock. Who would be calling at this hour on Christmas Eve? She stuffed the wet towel in her robe pocket on the way to the door.

A Romance for Christmas

A Romance for Christmas

About A Romance for Christmas

A cop at the door on Christmas Eve brings an unexpected gift.
A sweet holiday romance showcasing love, loss, and the spirit of giving.
It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves has been lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.

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Temporarily Employed by Vicki Batman

Temporarily Employed — by Vicki Batman

Time to Party! My friend Vicki Batman (yes, that’s her real name) has a new book out: Temporarily Employed. Join us for a Facebook Party to celebrate.

Hattie Cook’s dream job is down the toilet and her new SUV violated. Desperate for cash to cover the basic necessities of rent and food, she takes a temporary job at Buy-Rite insurance company where she uncovers an embezzling scam tied to the death of a former employee—the very one she replaced. The last thing she wants is to clash with By-the-Book Detective Wellborn, no matter how much he makes her heart pound.
Allan Charles Wellborn has secretly adored Hattie all his life. He evolved from a pocket protector-wearing geek to a handsome police detective. When the police determine there’s more to the death of a former Buy Rite employee, he steps in to lead the investigation. Overly dedicated, always perfect, he puts his job first, even if doing so ultimately hurts the one he loves.
Can the killer be found before Hattie’s time is up?

Facebook Party Details

You are invited to the Facebook Party launch for Vicki’s romantic comedy mystery Temporarily Employed.
Where: Vicki Batman Facebook –
When: Today! October 17th ~ 10 am – 8 pm CST
Facebook Party guests: (including me!)

10am ~ Elizabeth Essex
11am ~ Paloma Beck and Lynda Coker
12pm ~ Angi Morgan
1pm ~ Alisha Paige Wilson and Donnell Bell
2pm ~ Sylvia McDaniel, Karilyn Bentley, and Kimberley Troutte
3pm ~ Liz Lipperman and Kristina Knight
4pm ~ D’Ann Linscott Dunham and Tina Gayle
5pm ~ Magdalena Scott and Betty Bolte
6pm ~ Melissa Keir and Kayelle Allen
7pm ~ Alexa Bourne, Barbara Barrett, and Allie Quinn
8pm ~ And the winners are… To be announced at the end.

Special giveaways, excerpts, laughs and virtual champagne for all at our fun Facebook Party. Come join us!

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