Nizamrak Building in Tarth City

Nizamrak Building in Tarth City

I named the Nizamrak Building after my friend and mentor, the late author Barbara Karmazin. Nizamrak is Karmazin backward. BK, as she was affectionately known, loved the idea of having a site named after her. When my son Jamin created a print of the building, she was delighted. Should you visit the Tarthian Empire be sure to stop in and say hello to the employees at Lucsondis Enterprises. I’m sure they’d be glad to see you. Here’s the full address.

Lucsondis Enterprises Corporate Headquarters
Nizamrak Building, Suite 19800
100225 Destine Pietan Plaza
Tarth City, Di Lusso DistrictTarth, Tarthian Empire

Locations inside the Nizamrak

  • Parking, Transportation, Tube Train – Underground (fifteen floors)
  • Bank of Tarth – Suite 100 (ground) – 800
  • Non-Lucsondis-owned businesses, medical facilities, storage, employee housing, daycare, etc. – Suite 900-4000
  • For Women Only – Suite 4100 – 5000
  • Lucsondis Entertainment – Suite 5100 – 6000
  • idBot – Suite 6100 – 7000
  • CyberEgo – Suite 7100 – 8000
  • Lucsondis Enterprises – Suite 19100 – 19900
  • Unoccupied (on purpose) – Suite 20000
  • Penthouse “The Loft” – Suite 20100 – 20300

Tradestandard labor laws require workers to live in the place where they work. Exceptions are available (for example, married couples who work in different locations).

In the image below, the Nizamrak Building is on the left side.

Nizamrak Building

Nizamrak Building and Tarth City

The two-hundredth floor (Suite 20000) is vacant by design to provide privacy and security for the Loft. The Loft (Luc Saint-Cyr’s penthouse) supports a full parking deck for his fleet of cars, and an entertainment facility. The penthouse occupies the top three floors. Private living and sleeping quarters take up most of the top floor, and provide space for the rooftop pool. The rooftop also has weather and privacy shielding.

Because of its design and height, the Nizamrak Building is equipped with anti-terrorism devices and the highest security idBot can provide. Repulsor technology prevents aircraft from approaching, eliminating the need for traditional blinking lights required on tall buildings. Failsafes turn on the lights in case of power failures or emergencies.

Discrete express elevators run to the penthouse, including one solely for vehicles and delivery. A separate, stacked elevator system transports passengers rapidly to various sections of the building. An industrial elevator system handles delivery. Private parking for those qualified is housed underground. The Tube (the Tarth City tube train) makes scheduled stops. The Nizamrak Building is one of the few tall buildings into which the tube is not permitted to run. All transportation (except Luc Saint-Cyr’s private fleet) is underground. This gives the black-glass fronted building a sleek appearance. It is wider at the base than at the top.

More information is available in the Tarthian Empire Companion.

Art by Jamin Allen, with photos courtesy of Photoxpress.