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Color the Characters Read the Books #ColoringBook

So nice to relax and play with crayons, pens, and pencils. Try it!

De-stress and color!

Are you an adult who likes to color? You are in luck. This week, I'm sharing giveaways that I developed with my son Jamin Allen, who's a graphic designer. You can download, print and color the banner in today's post. Click it to open the PDF, then either download or print directly from the browser.

The image is Pietas (model Nik Nitsvetov).

Together, Jamin and I created coloring books for my various books and characters. You can download seven of them for free on this page on my website.

The first, Unstoppable Heroes and Heroines, features characters found in almost every one of my books. The Antonello Brothers has characters found in At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only.

Peril -- the Immortal's Game is a unique coloring book. It has characters but also a maze and multi-sided dice to color.

Pietas -- the Bringer of Chaos has over a dozen dragons. Pietas dreams about dragons and their symbolism appears in his stories. In a future book, he will bond with one. Do you like flowers and butterflies? There are two coloring books that showcase those.

Color the Characters: Read the Books #ColoringBook #MFRWhooks #MFRWauthorColoring Pencils/Pens

You can pick up inexpensive boxes of crayons and take yourself back to your childhood. I have several sets of colored pencils and pens. My favorite type is gel because the colors are so rich and bright. The Eparon gel pen set has 40 unique colors and they're only $6.99. If you have Amazon Prime you can get them without shipping fees. There are 4 standard coloring pens, 6 neon, 5 mixed pastel, 5 solid pastel, 10 glitter, and 10 metallic. They are acid-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. My advice is to get this set in addition to another with simpler colors. That way you have a variety.

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