Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum) #playlist #scifi #chaos

Playlist: Music for a King — Song # 11 Spirit in the Sky

Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum) #playlist #scifi #chaos @kayelleallenSpirit in the Sky is an oldie but goodie. been around since 1969, and I can’t tell you how many movie trailers it’s been in. Funny thing is, it rarely ends up in the movies themselves. I love the sound of this one. The minute it begins, you recognize this. It is probably the least like Pietas, but I love the song. Spirit in the Sky always makes me feel good. I needed that when I wrote this intense book. Everyone needs an upbeat song in their playlist. I included a snippet with humor for this one.


Pietas waited until the rain had passed and the sun had come back out before he crawled out of the water-filled hole. He dragged the waterlogged packet of blankets after him.

Six grabbed the soggy packet and helped him drag it from the puddle. They plopped onto the wet ground, side by side. Six pointed to the parachute, half covered with water. “At least it didn’t blow away.”

“You sure did.”

Six laughed. “I did at that.” He wiped his face, smearing mud. He looked over at Pietas and chuckled, but bit his lips and turned his head.


After looking back at Pietas, Six laughed again.


Six pointed to Pietas’s face. “That mask in the rain… not a good look, Ultra. Like a ‘weapon of mascara destruction’ went ballistic.”

“Weapon of what?” All at once, Pietas got the joke. He burst into laughter, and threw himself onto his back, into the mud. Using both hands, he wiped his wet face. Black smudged his fingers and palms. “If my people could see me right now, they’d never let me live it down.”

“What? You think I will?”

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Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum

Song: Spirit in the Sky
Artist: Norman Greenbaum
Album: Spirit In the Sky – The Definitive Anthology
Copyright: (original release 1969) re-release 2003 Norman Greenbaum

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