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Scruffy: a scene from A Stolen Heart

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In this scene from A Stolen Heart, Luc Saint-Cyr meets with his old friends, the mortals Flea and Gnat. Flea is button-down and proper; Gnat is the scruffy, button-missing, uncombed-hair type.

Luc loves them both, but Gnat holds a special place in his heart. (A Deshai is a trainee in the Thieves' Guild.)

Flea and Gnat are in their seventies. Being immortal, Luc has been reborn and is in his mid-forties in this lifetime. Although this pair has recognized him as their former mentor, they have never questioned him regarding it.


Flea and Gnat glanced at one another, gave a single nod. "One thing that's true," Flea told Luc. "We were born to rear and train Deshai. It's what we do. Of course we'll care for this boy."

"Agreed." Gnat wrapped one arm around Flea. "Hon, give him our number."

"Our number?" Flea gave his partner a cold stare. "You had a proper meltdown when I wanted a mobile and refused to speak to me for two days once I got it, but now, you want something so it's our number."

Gnat sat there a moment, shrugged, and then gave his partner a blazing smile.

Shaking his head, Flea looked over at Luc. "We have a way to be reached now. Since Gnat's heart attack."

"Since I fainted," Gnat corrected. When Flea glared at him, the man sighed. "Okay, okay. Since my cardiac event. Are you happy now?"

Chuckling, Luc held up a hand. "No need, guys. My idBot liaison gave it to me this afternoon."

"You see?" Gnat threw up his hands. "You get a mobile and the government can trace you. I told you it was a mistake."

"Gnat," Flea said, with his usual patience, "Luc owns idBot. Not the government."

"Maybe, but you mark my words, one day it'll be in the hands of the Empress."

Flea looked over at Luc. "You see what I put up with on a daily basis?"

"I do." A scruffy, grumpy version of Pietas. "Believe me. I can relate."

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A Stolen Heart

Scruffy Grumpy and Oh So Lovable #Excerpt A Stolen Heart #SciFi @KayelleAllenAfter rescuing a half-alien / half-human child who's running for his life, warrior-turned-entrepreneur Luc Saint-Cyr stumbles onto a conspiracy at the highest levels of the powerful Thieves' Guild. Complicating matters, Luc's immortal ex might be involved.

Now Luc must deal with his ex, find a home for the child, squelch the flames of conspiracy and eradicate its perpetrators. As if that's not enough, an unseen enemy is undoing every good thing Luc accomplishes.

But when it comes time to give up the child to a family who can care for him, how will Luc bear to part with the adorable little boy who has stolen his heart...

The Antonello Brothers Series

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