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This is a sneak peek at A Stolen Heart,
on target for a January 2020 release.

In this scene, Luc is bringing home his new foster child. The other five he has fostered over the years are home, which means Luc's house will be in chaos...

Luc's House

Luc arrives home and knows the status of his house will be chaos. Luc's house is orderly. Unless the boys are back.

By the time they drove into the neighborhood where Luc lived, sleet pelted the hoversine. The splash-slide sound of it freezing and then slipping off the vehicle's shields set up an irregular rhythm, a heartbeat out of sync.

Of all the domiciles he owned on multiple planets, this house felt most like home. Dark brown marble trimmed a lighter brown stone and the windows showed lights behind the white curtains.

Which meant his Deshai were back.

Which, in turn, meant his usually immaculate house was no longer so.

What was it about boys? They walked into a house and it was like unsealing an inflatable boat. All available space immediately disappeared. Items fell off them and landed everywhere, scattering across furniture, onto tables, and into every room. Within an hour of anyone's arrival the house looked like it hadn't been picked up in a month.

Surprising how much he'd missed that.

After this, no one was graduating. No one would come back. If they did, it wouldn't be to see him. After all, their new homes would be wherever they decided to work and Luc could think of no reason he'd be invited. They'd want to see each other.

Family. Not him.

A dull ache bloomed in his chest.

The Antonello Brothers Series

You'll find Pietas and Luc mentioned in nearly every book in my story universe.
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