Goodies for RLFG Members

One of the perks of being in my Reader Group is downloadable banners and wallpaper. I created them from copyright-free stock art and each is unique. They are sized for social media but feel free to put them anywhere. Choose the one you prefer and click the link. It will open in a new window, showing all the banners associated (for example, animal rescue).

These wallpaper pages are sized for desktop computers, but will adjust to fit tablets and other devices. Click a link below. To download an image, first click the picture. A larger image will open. Then, on a PC, right click. On a Mac, click and hold. When a dialog box opens, choose save or download. These instructions are repeated on each page.

I hope you enjoy the goodies.

~ Kayelle Allen


Bonus Content

Kin Hook Knives - Custom Art   (samples below)

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