Chaos is Coming - Sci Fi Cosplay

Nik Nitsvetov models the Pietas armor he hand made for the Chaos is Coming Cosplay. His sense of humor is on full display.

Last year Nik performed as Pietas from the Bringer of Chaos series for the Ritual of Strength. You can see the video of him performing below. This November, he will be cosplaying Pietas as a younger version of the immortal king. Before he led his people, Pietas was a plebe in the Discord. After all, even the mightiest river has a beginning.

The live stream will be on Instagram the weekend of Nov 23/24.

The costume and weapons are finished and now we're awaiting a final time and date for the studio where the cosplay will be performed.

Nik lives in Russia, 7 hours ahead of us, so when it's 4pm here, it's 11pm there. Best way to know the time? Try I've linked this to show Moscow time, which is where Nik will cosplay Pietas.

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Chaos is Coming Cosplay Reservation


Ritual of Strength

Pietas ap Lorectic
Immortal King featured in
Bringer of Chaos
Model: Nik Nitsvetov
Voice: Zack Black

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Nik Nitsvetov is a photographer and award-winning cosplayer who often serves as judge at conventions. A gamer and anime fan, he often cosplays characters from popular series. He lives in Russia and is a strong supporter of Russian Cosplay. His personal photography ranges from cosplay to portraits and often includes animals and nature. You will find him online through various social media.
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