Tell yourself it is only fable, if that will help you sleep #SciFi #MFRWhooks #SpaceOpera

Tell yourself it is only fable, if that will help you sleep #SciFi #MFRWhooks #SpaceOperaFable: A deliberately false or improbable account, a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events.

When the Chancellor of the Ultras, an immortal race, says he is coming for you, that’s a promise you can write in stone. In this foreward from the book, Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas, he lays out that promise. The twist of these words won’t become apparent until the end of book 3, Watch Your Six, but it has its beginnings here.

Fable, that’s all it is (from Pietas)

This book you hold is being presented as fiction, but it did happen. It is as real as the air you breathe. While this is not a first-person story, it follows my point of view.

I would never have allowed a human to know these things, but a friend persuaded me there can be no vengeance unless those in the wrong know what they did. When one has wronged another, one must face the consequences.

Having been persuaded to tell the story, I now allow it to be placed into your hands. I want you to know the truth. Why? Because other Ultras have hidden the truth. Buried it beneath fables and false retellings, as if you were a child unable to bear harsh reality. Unwilling to face the consequences of what your kind has done.

Above all, because I will not lie to you.

When I come for you, I want the satisfaction of seeing your regret for what your ancestors did to my kind. I want to see your fear, and taste your terror.

This is no horror story. It’s merely science fiction. Tell yourself it is only fable, if that will help you sleep. By all means, human, do sleep.

Read this, if you dare to know the truth.

Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas

A captive of the people he loathes, the immortal Pietas is left for dead on the planet Sempervia. Six, a human soldier who is abandoned with him, offers food and water. Is this man worthy of friendship? Or is this another trap?

Either way, Pietas must do the one thing he detests. Trust a human…

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About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen did a tour in the US Navy, where she climbed around airplanes (on the ground of course) fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home. She wrote her first science fiction novel at 18, and to this day, it's hidden under the bed, where she vows it will remain. Gems from it, though, launched several series in her galaxy-wide universe of stories. From childhood, Kayelle was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from her mother. From her father, she got a healthy respect for mechanical things. No wonder she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with crazy androids, mythic heroes and warriors who purr.
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9 Responses to Tell yourself it is only fable, if that will help you sleep #SciFi #MFRWhooks #SpaceOpera

  1. He’s implacable, that’s for sure.

  2. You know I love Pietas. He is a scary guy, but he also has a heart — surprisingly hidden at times, but he does have a heart — and his reasoning behind what he does is solid.

    I also love Six. He’s such a strong character, and a great foil for Pietas.

    Just a wonderful, fun, smart, intelligent, excellent book, Kayelle. :-D

  3. henhousepublishing says:

    Creepy and vengeful beginning. One might ask why a supposedly advanced being would hold innocent descendants of the race that killed his people responsible for something of which they have no knowledge.

  4. janwal says:

    Now that is an eerie opening and very intriguing