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We’ll call that one Trouble #MFRWhooks #SciFi

In this scene from Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire, Pietas discovers a different sort of trouble. The good kind. This one is Trouble Joss unfastened her hair, let it fall around her shoulders and shook it loose. The blond … Continue reading

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This is why humans do not deserve freedom #SciFi #SpaceOpera #MFRWhooks

Pietas knows what’s good for humans, and it’s not freedom. An excerpt from book one of the Bringer of Chaos series. Humans deserve nothing The leaders of his people gathered in sleep around him, sealed inside their curved, steel stasis … Continue reading

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Author Facade: being who you are as a writer #Author #MFRWauthor #INFJ

Author façade. Do those words go together? Yes. When people ask me what I do, I could say I’m a wife or mother. I could say I’m a veteran. Or retired. Or any number of things. So could you, right? But … Continue reading

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