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From the book The Last Vhalgenn by Kayelle Allen.

Featured Book: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Christmas #SpaceOpera #PietasFans

1 of these is not like the others: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Christmas  #SpaceOpera #PietasFans

Featured Book

One featured book is not like the others: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy, and ... Christmas Romance? 0_0

Yep, in a weird sort of way they go together.  I have written all these genres. I'd love for you to check out some awesome places to get new books where mine is featured.

This month I'm taking part in three events where I get to share my work with a wider audience.

Check them out below.

Lights Out - Bringer of Chaos seriesFeatured Book: Blast Off with Sci Fi

Pick up new reads in Sci Fi, Space Opera, Cyberpunk and more FREE till Dec 31, 2019.

Featured Book: Lights Out!

He can save mankind. All he has to do is die.

Join the Ghost Corps, they said. You'll live forever, they said. You'll save mankind, they said. They didn't say that to do it, first he had to die.

When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line, he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps. Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later, he's assigned duty on the space station Enderium Six.

He's facing his most dangerous mission yet, the very reason the corps exists.

Do they expect him to win? Fat chance. Tornahdo and his team are already dead and this mission is codenamed "Lights Out." No, there's more to this than he can see.

To discover the truth, he must face an unbeatable, unkillable enemy, and this time--somehow--find a way to keep himself alive...

Featured Book

Featured Book: Christmas Book Fair

Featured Book: Sci Fi and FantasyFeatured Book: CL Cannon's SF & Fantasy Holiday Sale

Pick up new reads in Sci Fi, Space Opera, and Fantasy on sale until Dec 26, 2019.

Featuring The Last Vhalgenn

Duty. Honor. Ritual.

One of these things may kill her.

The Vhalgenn is the last of her kind, a companion bred to serve the king. Duty and honor burn in her blood. When the queen begs for a secret blessing to save the newborn prince, the Vhalgenn answers.

But when she takes the babe to the queen's homeland for the ritual, what she discovers could topple the king and overthrow the kingdom. If she saves them--she must abandon every last thing she holds sacred, and do the one thing that will destroy her own heart...

Featured Book




Featured Book: Viviana MacKade Christmas Book Fair

Featured Book: A Romance for Christmas

A sweet feel-good holiday romance that reaffirms all you love about Christmas. It's Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves was lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive.

When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.

Special Book Fair Event

Origin of Pietas

Forged in Fire

Lights Out

Notidisia and its moons (from the Tour of the Tarthian Empire)

Welcome to the Science Fiction, Space Opera and Fantasy section of the site!

You'll find books in this area contain Science Fiction, Space Opera or Fantasy settings or themes, without a romance story. Some stories might have minor romantic elements (a spouse, partner, lover). However, the romantic relationship is part of a minor sub-plot and not the main focus of the story.


Books in this section feature settings and concepts that contain Science Fiction, Space Opera, or Fantasy.

Gates of Life Series

Set in the same timeframe as other books but in the central part of the galaxy. These are standalone books but characters may cross over.

Trailing Kaiwulf

Travel to a godforsaken planet on the outskirts of space. Check. Hold intrusive military goons at bay. Check. Find an invisible man in a different dimension. Check. Finish the vacation TRAIL jerked you back from to do it? Easier said than done.

Yanked back from their first vacation in ages, Jee and Dane get handed a top priority mission. The pay is better than they've earned before as agents for the Trace, Rescue, and Identification League. After this, they might not need jobs. They're the best there is, and the item, person, or secret hasn't been invented that these two can't recover. Until now. After all, how do you find an invisible man in another dimension? The archaeologist in charge can't afford this fee, and neither can the military. So the real question is who -- or what -- is behind the request to trail Kaiwulf?

Find an invisible man in another dimension? All in a day's work at TRAIL #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet

The Last Vhalgenn

Last of her kind, a companion bred to serve the king. Duty and honor burn in her blood. When the queen begs for a secret blessing to save the prince, the Vhalgenn must answer, but at what cost?

If she risks her position, her honor and her life to protect the queen's child, she must also risk her heart... #Fantasy Click To Tweet

Terran Crescent Series

Books in this category are in the same timeframe as other books but take place in a different part of the galaxy known as the Terran Crescent.

Human Perfect

Christa hates androids.

The texture of plastiflesh skin and the non-smell of the animate machines jars her senses. Don't get her started on robots, or worse -- the andys that look human.

When she runs into a Humancopy agent, she shares dinner with him and it soon becomes apparent he is not what he seems.

Christa must decide whether he's a trustworthy human, a Human Perfect android, or something she never, ever considered.

In the android business, the best of the best are Human Perfect #SciFi #SpaceOpera Click To Tweet
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Return of the Vhalgenn

Return of the Vhalgenn

I was tagged on Facebook for the Game of Sevens and decided to bring it here. I was supposed to go to page 7 or 77 of my latest manuscript, then go down 7 lines, copy the text, and post the next 7 sentences. Mine is from Return of the Vhalgenn (sequel to The Last Vhalgenn).

Knowing what comes before and after, it’s surprising how well those sentences reveal the plot. But first, here’s what the book is about.

Return of the Vhalgenn
When the sacred site where Kierhe’s people worship turns out to be a portal to another dimension, he must decide whether to release the Fae, or keep them imprisoned as the gods he’s come to love.

Kierhe grew up hearing stories of Qarth, dragons, and venturing into the dreaded Denauerman Flats. As one of the famed Fae Guides, he makes a living guiding pilgrims from all parts of Qarth and Kellindahr to worship at the Gates of Life, and showing them how to pass their children beneath them as the Fae commanded. So when outsiders want to dig up the Gates and release the Fae, Kierhe straps on his sword and prepares for war. The summer solstice is imminent, when the veil is thin. The Fae have talked to Kierhe in the past, and he worships them. [pq]What will releasing the gods unleash?[/pq] Should he ask the king for an army to force the enemy from the holy site, or allow them to stay? What if they destroy all he holds sacred?

Theena is also a Fae Guide, and she’s as good a fighter as Kierhe. His ego gets him into scrapes, while Theena tends toward cautious. With Kierhe in charge, there’s bound to be a fight before long. He persuades better with fists and swords than he does with words. Hopefully, Theena’s level head can keep them out of war. If only Kierhe could see she’s a woman as well, but with the Fae popping up unannounced, and an enemy threatening everything they hold sacred, love will have to wait.

Intro to Kierhe:
As a newborn, Kierhe Dahryc Loc Ohra clan Draig was “passed through the gates” — a sacred rite that protects children and provides a blessing from the Fae. His Aunt Raik was responsible for taking him to complete the ritual. He bears an ivy tattoo on his chest, proclaiming his loyalty to the King of Qarth and Kellindahr, and against the “Treacherous Queen” who was beheaded not long after Kierhe was born. Unknown to Kierhe, the queen was his mother, and everything he has been reared to believe is a lie.

Here is my actual “7/7” portion of Return of the Vhalgenn. Kierhe is recalling a moment in his childhood when he saw one of the mystical Fae.

His Aunt Raik had told him the old tales of dragons raiding south out of the northern wastelands, gliding over the plains and calling up storms with their songs.
She’d filled his head with stories of crossing the forbidden Denauerman Flats, venturing into the mountains, and riding for days, lost and dazed.
He hadn’t believed any of it until that moment.
Seeing the Fae standing there before him somehow made every tall tale he’d ever heard seem possible.
The hair on the back of Kierhe’s neck stood straight up.
Kierhe and the Fae regarded one another for a long moment.
The Fae turned to look over his shoulder, as if checking to see where Kierhe had been looking.


The Last Vhalgenn

The Last Vhalgenn

This book is underway and should be completed soon. Its prequel is The Last Vhalgenn (featuring Kierh’s Aunt Raik).
Duty to king and country has shaped Raik’s life since birth, but to protect them, she must perform a ritual that betrays all she holds sacred.
Available exclusively on Amazon http://bit.ly/SciFiFantasy_Vhalgenn

Elemental Storytelling uses Tropes

Elemental Storytelling uses Tropes

Tropes are literary themes that recur across a genre. Think of tropes as the ‘brilliant detective’ of murder mysteries or ‘the virginal heroine’ in Regency romances. Tropes are more than character descriptions, however. They can relate to plot as well.

Films are often identified by their tropes: chick flick, shoot ’em up, RomCon, or the well known Whodunnit.

Tropes are similar to archetypes and clichés, although not necessarily negative in aspect. Tropes can abbreviate writing — and reading.

In the 1990 Arnold Schwarzennegar film Total Recall, the futuristic world had so many futuristic elements that it was hard to recognize roles. In one scene, a woman sitting at a desk casually changes the color of her nails by applying it with a special wand, while she answers a phone. Instantly, her secretarial role became recognizable. The shorthand of her actions told us what we needed to know, without spending time doing it. If a character walks in the room and he’s wearing a white coat and has a stethoscope hanging around his neck, we expect him to be a doctor. The props themselves are part of the tropes for these kinds of characters. It can become a cliche, yes. Even become part of a character archetype. Evil laugh for the villain? Check. But tropes are not necessarily a bad thing. There are thousands of tropes.

Tropes in Trailing Kaiwulf

Tropes as Elements in Fantasy and #Scifi @kayelleallen #IAN1To see where these colored boxes come from and to understand their concept, click HERE to open the Periodic Table of Storytelling in a new window.

Ind – Adventurer Archaelogist (Dr. Viva Post)

An older woman, Dr. Viva Post was confined to a hoverchair after a cave in at a ruins injured her spine. She uses a silver “strength suit” to walk or climb limited distances.

Ag – Action Girl (Jee Tonopah)

Jee is the personification of an Action Girl. She can go toe-to-toe with her male counterparts without breaking a sweat. The day she has to be rescued will never dawn. Although she is tiny in comparison to her beefy partner, she is the undisputed brawn to his brain.

Gb – Genius Bruiser (Dane Raphyel)

The Genius Bruiser is a big guy who is also a geek. Dane is far from being Dumb Muscle. He understands the significance of the MacGuffin being sought, as well as some of the history of the Gates Technology (Applied Phlebotinum).

Cal – The Call (TRAIL mission)

Trailing Kaiwulf

Trailing Kaiwulf

The first step in a hero’s journey is the point where our heroes learn they must abandon their well-earned vacations, saved for over a period of years, and go on a dire quest to retrieve a MacGuffin. A Living MacGuffin in this case.

Ob – Obstructive Bureaucrat (Jeff Thompson / Lt. Cmdr. Morrison / unnamed executive)

There are multiple Obstructive Bureacrats for the price of one in this story. Their machinations generally meet dire ends, as befits the annoying natures of the characters.

Phl – Applied Phlebotinum (Gates Technology)

As the tropes site explains, this is science, magic, and strange things unknown to science or magic. In Trailing Kaiwulf, there are various advanced technologies that are unexplained because they seem commonplace to the characters using them (intersteller flight, strength suits, communication devices, etc.). However, the defining “phlebotinum” of this book is the Gates technology. The ruins of twin steel arches over 200 feet high have been found on several previously thought uninhabited worlds. Scientists have puzzled over their intended use. On the planet Ust, they find a dying race that still uses the technology — or would have, if the key to turning on the Gates hadn’t been stolen. Finding and retrieving the person who stole the key is the crux of the story.

Mcg – MacGuffin (Kaiwulf)

Kaiwulf is a “Living MacGuffin” whose presence in the story serves to drive the plot. He’s an invisible man who can enter another dimension, and the heroes of the story must find and return him to this dimension.

Here’s a link to the original post on Melissa’s site for last year’s event.

Learn More About Tropes

A popular site for fans is TV Tropes. It started out as a small wiki for TV watchers, and has grown into millions of fans in every media. During the month of July, Author Melissa Snark is featuring a number of authors on her Snarkology site who will discuss tropes in their stories. The series is based on the Periodic Table of Storytelling, which is linked to the TV Tropes site. For this event, Melissa’s site and the TV Tropes site will be linked. Be sure to visit both. You won’t want to miss.

Each author in the Tropes event will have the opportunity to show off the varied tropes within one tale. Here is a list of appearances. I’m up first, on July 7th with The Last Vhalgenn.

July 7             Kayelle Allen
July 8             Jax Daniels
July 9             Nicole Zoltack
July 10           Houston Havens
July 11           Melissa Snark
July 13           Caroline Warfield
July 14           Jude Knight
July 15           Emily Walker
July 16           Mari Christie
July 17           Jami Brumfield

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Please visit Melissa’s site and follow her on Twitter to hear more about the event. If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll be the first to hear when the post comes out. Signing up is easy. Just click the link shown above, or enter your email in the link on the left. Why not also follow the blog by choosing one of the options listed? Or sign up for one email when a new book is released by clicking here: Author Alarms Thank you for your support!

The Last Vhalgenn

The Last Vhalgenn

Welcome to another week of Book Hooks, the weekly meme hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog. Here?s a chance each week for readers to get hooked on a new book! Authors each share a short excerpt from their books. If you enjoy the sample, consider purchasing the full book.

This scene takes place between Orix (the king) and Raik (the Vhalgenn). They’ve loved each other since they were old enough to say the words, but his royal, arranged marriage separated them. Raik has come back to deliver the message of a battle, and is alone with him for the first time in ages. It opens with the king speaking.

“Vhalgenn, I promise. She’ll never know.”

“No!” I moved away from him. “She’s no fool. She’s your queen and she’s risking her life to have your child. The least you can do is be faithful.”

The look of horror on his face tore out a piece of my heart. Then I realized he was looking past me.

His pregnant queen stood in the darkness, right outside the door.

MFRW Book Hooks

MFRW Book Hooks

Buy This Book
The Last Vhalgenn
Duty to king and country has shaped Raik’s life since birth, but to protect them, she must perform a ritual that betrays all she holds sacred.
Available exclusively on Amazon http://is.gd/SciFiFantasy_Vhalgenn


Our Warriors Need Help

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project Statistics

Donations to the Wounded Warriors Project organization may be made on their website. Visit to see what other ways you might be able to help. As a US Navy veteran myself, and the wife of a disabled veteran, I appreciate the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make, and am proud to take part in supporting them.

I feature warriors in several books, and have a female warrior on another world. My bio says I write about “warriors who purr” but in this case, the warrior in question is a human female. Her name is Raik.

The Last Vhalgenn

Honor. Duty. Ritual. When she took the newborn prince to his homeland for a ritual, she never dreamed what she would bring back.

The Vhalgenn is a warrior, bedmate, soulmate, companion, and friend. Trusted by the king. Hated by the queen. To save the newborn prince, the Vhalgenn will risk her position, her honor, and death itself to honor the Old Ways. But when she takes the newborn prince to the queen’s homeland for a ritual blessing, Raik discovers a betrayal so deep the kingdom — and her heart — might never recover.

This fantasy features a strong heroine, and was originally part of the 2008 EPIC eBook Award Finalist anthology A Time To… Volume 1 – The Best of The Lorelei Signal, from Wolfsinger Publications, which is now out of print. The strong female protagonist possesses nobility, honor, and courage, and is a role model for women. The Last Vhalgenn is dedicated to all women warriors, whatever their battle.

Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
Genre science fiction fantasy, fantasy
Heat level Sweet


warriors The Last Vhalgenn by Kayelle Allen

The Last Vhalgenn

In this scene from The Last Vhalgenn, the heroine, Raik, has just bathed and eaten, and is alone with King Orix. They grew up together, but his new queen barred Raik from the palace. Raik is back to deliver news of a battle and while delighted to be with Orix, is nervous about his queen discovering them.

Orix set his fingers beneath my chin, and turned my face up to his. “You’re more than pretty, Vhalgenn, you’re magnificent. She’s never once sat near the fire with me and talked.”

It had been our nightly ritual. “Never?”

“Never.” He brushed my hair back from my face. “I’ve learned to get along with her, but I never had to learn anything with you. We grew up with one another. You were my partner in everything I did. My lover, my sister, my sparring partner, my best friend. My everything.”

I lifted my head to look up at him. As I did, his mouth came down on mine. A feverish chill coursed through me at his touch. I’d wanted his mouth from the moment I’d seen him on his throne. Orix could not help but be languid and sultry and hot. I felt desire emanating from him like heat from an oven with its door ajar. It scorched my face and I drew in a shallow breath, afraid of being burnt.

Resisting him was something I had never done, except in play. He thought I meant it that way now and made as if to pressure me, until he saw my eyes were brimming.

“Please, Orix. Don’t.” I pushed myself away from him. “I can’t.”

He frowned, confused. For him, life was simple. A need? Fulfill it. Thirsty? Drink. Hungry? Eat. Lusty? Love.

“Half the palace must know I’m here. Do you think your queen will let this go unnoticed? She’ll have someone in here to check on me before the night’s through and I won’t be thrown out again, Orix. I couldn’t bear it.”

“Vhalgenn, I promise. She’ll never know.”

“No!” I moved away from him. “She’s no fool. She’s your queen and she’s risking her life to have your child. The least you can do is be faithful.”

The look of horror on his face tore out a piece of my heart. Then I realized he was looking past me.

His pregnant queen stood in the darkness, right outside the door.

The Last Vhalgenn

The Last Vhalgenn

Where to Find The Last Vhalgenn

Amazon http://amzn.to/1CKsIIo
ARe http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-are
Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-bnn
Coffee Time Romance http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-ctr
CreateSpace http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-csp
Goodreads http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-good
iBooks http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-ibk
Kobo http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-kobo
Smashwords http://bit.ly/vhalgenn-smw

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