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Sci Fi, Space Opera and Fantasy by Kayelle Allen

Notidisia and its moons (from the Tour of the Tarthian Empire)

Welcome to the Science Fiction, Space Opera and Fantasy section of the site!

You'll find books in this area contain Science Fiction, Space Opera or Fantasy settings or themes, without a romance story. Some stories might have minor romantic elements (a spouse, partner, lover). However, the romantic relationship is part of a minor sub-plot and not the main focus of the story.


Books in this section feature settings and concepts that contain Science Fiction, Space Opera, or Fantasy.

Gates of Life Series

Set in the same timeframe as other books but in the central part of the galaxy. These are standalone books but characters may cross over.

Trailing Kaiwulf

Travel to a godforsaken planet on the outskirts of space. Check. Hold intrusive military goons at bay. Check. Find an invisible man in a different dimension. Check. Finish the vacation TRAIL jerked you back from to do it? Easier said than done.

Yanked back from their first vacation in ages, Jee and Dane get handed a top priority mission. The pay is better than they've earned before as agents for the Trace, Rescue, and Identification League. After this, they might not need jobs. They're the best there is, and the item, person, or secret hasn't been invented that these two can't recover. Until now. After all, how do you find an invisible man in another dimension? The archaeologist in charge can't afford this fee, and neither can the military. So the real question is who -- or what -- is behind the request to trail Kaiwulf?

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The Last Vhalgenn

Last of her kind, a companion bred to serve the king. Duty and honor burn in her blood. When the queen begs for a secret blessing to save the prince, the Vhalgenn must answer, but at what cost?

If she risks her position, her honor and her life to protect the queen's child, she must also risk her heart... #Fantasy Click To Tweet

Terran Crescent Series

Books in this category are in the same timeframe as other books but take place in a different part of the galaxy known as the Terran Crescent.

Human Perfect

Christa hates androids.

The texture of plastiflesh skin and the non-smell of the animate machines jars her senses. Don't get her started on robots, or worse -- the andys that look human.

When she runs into a Humancopy agent, she shares dinner with him and it soon becomes apparent he is not what he seems.

Christa must decide whether he's a trustworthy human, a Human Perfect android, or something she never, ever considered.

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