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In this scene, Pietas performs a ritual with the help of his friend, Six.

A member of Ghost Corps, Six is a fearsome fighter with the strength to kill immortals like Pietas.

Ironically, the two have become intimate friends.

But that doesn't mean Six puts up with arguments, especially when he knows he's right.

Six and Pietas "pretend" the Ritual of Strength

"We should have cut your hair before we set out." Six rummaged through his kit, which held all his belongings when he'd been abandoned on this world. Little more than survival gear.

Pietas tossed back his hair. "I never cut it except in ritual."

"I know." Six withdrew a boning knife used for it. Before every battle, Pietas performed the solemn rite to affirm superior strength and prowess. Six had been the first human to see it carried out, albeit the first half from a distance while hiding. He stood. "Maybe you could perform it now."

"How like you to see the easy solution. But there are a few elements missing. No fire. No water. No mask." He gestured toward the oncoming storm. "No time."

"Haven't you ever heard of pretending?"

"One cannot 'pretend' a ritual."

"What a boring childhood you must've had. Why not?"

Pietas opened his mouth to answer. Shut it again.

Six lifted one eyebrow. "Do you want to go into that dark hole and meet up with your people without performing it?"

"No, but there's no time."

"Rain's coming." Six jerked a thumb toward the forest. "Like I said, you have to go in there or you won't reunite with your people. Are you going to stand out here making excuses, or do this?"

"Ghost, this ritual is important. It deserves respect."

"Blah, blah, blah. That storm is bearing down on us." A few drops of rain splattered them both. "See? Or maybe you'd rather have your sister help you with your hair every morning."

"Fine!" With a resigned sigh, Pietas capitulated. "How do you propose we 'pretend' my ritual?"

Six tucked the knife into his belt and held out his cupped hands. "This is fire."

Pietas hesitated.

"Come on, Pi." Six wagged his cupped hands. "This stuff is hot."

"Of course it is." A smile slipped onto his face and refused to leave. "It's pretend fire. That's the hottest kind."

Watch Pietas perform the Ritual

(performer: Nik Nitsvetov, voice actor: Zack Black)

Origin of Pietas


To save his people, a genetically enhanced warrior must do the one thing he detests... trust a human.
Origin of Pietas


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