Humans were made to be ruled #SciFi #Pietas #MFRWhooks

“Humans were made to be ruled.” A scene from Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas (Military Sci Fi, Soldiers, Bad Boys, Adventure, and Angst) In this snippet, Pietas receives an ultimatum.

Humans were made to be ruled #SciFi #Pietas #MFRWhooksThe leaders of his people gathered in sleep around Pietas, sealed inside their curved, steel stasis tubes.

“You think to imprison me? You think to bring me down like a hunted animal?” He indicated the other life-pods. “I will not cower before you. I will not bow. I will not kneel. I will not serve. I will never submit. Humans were made to be ruled, not by my people, but by me.”

The silhouettes above him contrasted with the bright light behind them. One by one, they slipped away, until one remained.

“Fighting us accomplishes nothing.” The disembodied voice echoed in the chamber. “Enter the pod, Pietas, or we’ll siphon the air. You’ll die.”

“I’ll revive. I’ve died countless times. I do not fear death. Death fears me.”

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Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas
Why should Pietas end the war with humans?

His people are winning, yet they insist on peace talks. The Ultra people want to grant humans a seat on the Council. Pietas ap Lorectic, Chancellor of the High Council, War Leader and First Conqueror, disagrees. What’s best for mortals is oppression, control, and if necessary, elimination.
Pietas seethes with rage at the idea of human equality. Humans might have created Ultras, but the creation has far surpassed the creator. Humans die. Ultras are reborn, no matter how grievous the injury. They have no equals.
His people permit him no choice. He must attend these insipid peace talks on Enderium Six and what’s worse, be polite. To humans.

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Kayelle Allen did a tour in the US Navy, where she climbed around airplanes (on the ground of course) fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home. She wrote her first science fiction novel at 18, and to this day, it's hidden under the bed, where she vows it will remain. Gems from it, though, launched several series in her galaxy-wide universe of stories. From childhood, Kayelle was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from her mother. From her father, she got a healthy respect for mechanical things. No wonder she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with crazy androids, mythic heroes and warriors who purr.
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11 Responses to Humans were made to be ruled #SciFi #Pietas #MFRWhooks

  1. Yeah. Humans are definitely pesky creatures to demand respect, equality and politeness of all things. How dare they expect such treatment from an Ultra? Pietas sounds like an interesting character, but as I count myself as one of those pesky humans, I’m not sure I’d like him much. Then again, he may learn a little humility during this trip. Great snippet, Kayelle.

  2. Daryl Devore says:

    Fascinating! Tweeted.

  3. Kris Bock says:

    Your strong writing skills really show here!

  4. Really great excerpt. I love the final line in what you’ve shown here.

  5. Love a powerful man thrust into a situation he hates. He needs to learn lessons, I bet there’s a human female willing to teach him.