Strong Female Characters should be in every book, am I right? Of course they should! But today, we're celebrating a group of books in which the female characters are especially strong. These ten books are part of a book fair featuring 99 different stories, by various authors. Check them out by clicking the cover or the title, or just click here.

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Zero Day Threat

First, there's Jez, the restless, snarky ex-smuggler pilot, who's flying skills are only matched by her skill at getting herself into trouble. Then there's Ysbel, demolitions expert, mass-murderer, and hopeless romantic for her wife. Finally, there's Masha, the calm, cool, calculating mastermind. No one's entirely sure what she's after, and no one on the team is certain she's not hiding things. But she's not going to betray them. Probably.

RM Olson

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Imminent Threat

Kylie Alexander-genetically altered twin designed to fight for her fractured country, but she's taking matters of right and wrong into her own hands.

Felisha Antonette

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Hand of Steel

A merciful pirate.

A cyborg with divided loyalties.

Bounty hunters out for blood.

Jessi L Roberts

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Silkpunk and Steam

In this coming of age sci-fi novel, Sumiko must decide between personal happiness or risking everything she knows and loves to save her people from invading colonists.

Sarina Dorie

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Serpent's Return

Alice Seymour aka Serpent is a woman who survived an abusive childhood to become Jet City's mysterious costumed vigilante, Serpent. This novel also has an older female mentor who was the original Serpent and a female woman of color as a brilliant gadget inventor. These aren't your brother's superheroes, that's for sure!

TL Heinrich

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

Monkey's Luck

For a not-even-legally-human woman like Kat, Monkey's Luck (a colorful description for whatever can go bad will) is the only kind of luck there is. She doesn't let that stop her.

Bonnie Milani

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance

The Fate of Spectrums

A ferocious conqueror who will do anything to protect her own kind, and to preserve the newfound relationship she has formed with an outsider.

Nicholas Carter

10 Sci-Fi Books with Strong Female Characters #KU #SciFi #Romance


Detective Alana Williams relentlessly made her way to the top of the LAPD with her natural talent of defying the odds. As a series of bizarre deaths hit the city following an earthquake, she is the finest asset the City has to solve the case. But what she discovers will test even her mettle...

Andy Briggs

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

When a playful half-cat thief meets an enhanced-human by-the-book captain, do opposites attract? Oh, mercy!

Kayelle Allen

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