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Pietas, performed by Nik Nitsvetov @nitsvetov


Imagine playing dress-up with living dolls! Watching Nik Nitsvetov cosplay Pietas is like that.

Live Action Imagination

He's performed as my immortal king three times now. Will there be a fourth?

Nik said he would always do a cosplay for me, so I might hold him to it.


Amazing that we accomplished it this year, given the way 2020 has gone so far!

I won't reveal more images on my blog until after I've sent out previews to my newsletter subscribers. They get to see images I won't be releasing anywhere else.

So, how many do I have? Almost 900 from this photo shoot.

Pietas Cosplay

Nik and Julia are extremely generous and they spent a lot of time getting everything just right. Their friend, Vlad, also helped, and I wanted to give a quick rundown of what each person did to make this cosplay a success.


Julia stood on a stool to get some shots, and she would hop down, straighten a lock of Nik's hair, step back, straighten it again and then get back up on the stool and snap the picture. She'd turn him left or right just a bit, take a few pictures, and then move him again. She sat on the floor for some images and the angle (a "hero" shot) produces fantastic results. Having seen the images, I can tell you she is effective at getting just the right aspect of Nik's face and body on camera. She knows him well. They've been together many years. You can tell she knows all his best sides, and gets him to show them off.


Nik's friend, Vlad, also a cosplayer (and a flatmate to Nik and Julia) live-streamed the cosplay. He also played music for the scene (Rammstein - a fave of mine as well as Nik's), and he narrated the comments. It was interesting to hear my name with a Russian accent. It comes across as "Ki-ell" (long I) versus "kay-elle" and it made me smile every time I heard it. I almost prefer it!


Watching Nik perform is so amazing that while I was watching live, I forgot to comment most of the time. I did respond with things like Perfect! Which isn't all that helpful, all told. But honestly, I had no need to direct. Nik and I had emailed about 20 times setting up the various aspects of the shoot and getting the props and poses right. I sent him a link to a few examples of poses that I would like and he did it perfectly. There's that word again. Nik doesn't think of himself as "perfect" but to me, there is no better Pietas. When I think of my character, it's Nik as Pietas that I see -- except that he's seven feet tall!

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Origin of Pietas

Origin of Pietas: Bringer of Chaos #SpaceOpera #SciFi

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Forged in Fire: Bringer of Chaos #SpaceOpera #SciFi

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Lights Out: Bringer of Chaos #SpaceOpera #SciFi

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The Creative Team

Nik Nitsvetov: Performer for Pietas cosplays

Pietas Cosplay

Nik Nitsvetov is an award-winning cosplayer and photographer who portrays the immortal king, Pietas, from Bringer of Chaos. His role on the Creative Team is invaluable.

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Belyaeva Yuliya - AKA By_Cosphoto

Pietas Photographer

Professional photographer Belyaeva Yuliya is a critical member of the creative team. She photographs Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas in videos and snippets, and brings my immortal king to amazing life through her creativity.
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Zack Black: Voiceover artist for Pietas audio and video

Pietas Voice

Professional voiceover artist Zack Black is the member of the creative team performing the voice of Pietas in videos and snippets. He sounds like Pietas sounds in my head.

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Volgraza: Illustrator for the Tarthian Empire Companion and Tarthian Tour Company


Volgraza (aka Jamin Allen) illustrated the Tarthian Empire Companion and the Tarthian Tour Company. He's also my Photoshop help line. :)

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Nano-Core: Concept designer and artist

Concept Design

Nano-Core creates fantasy and sci fi weapon designs, environments, mechs and other objects. His part on the creative team is concept design.

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Cover Artist: GermanCreative

Cover Artist

GermanCreative is a cover artist and graphic designer. She has created many covers for the various series of books set in the Tarthian Empire, including the cover for A Stolen Heart.
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Anime Artist

Myamiiyaa creates anime versions of characters in the overall story universe for Kayelle Allen. Her part on the creative team is anime design.

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Website Design: Dee Carver

Website Design

Dee Carver of Personalized Marketing Inc. created the Kayelle Homeworld theme and is the website guru. She holds a Masters in Business Administration.
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Media production artist Zealot6 creates videos for Kayelle Allen

Media Production

Zealot6 specializes in audio, video, and music. He believes communication and consistency are vital for a great client-experience.

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Reviews and Author Features

Bookish Indulgences with bOOk r3vi3ws

Bookish Indulgences with bOOk r3vi3ws

Bookish Indulgences with bOOk r3vi3ws where authors and readers share beloved books.
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The Romance Studio - Romance Today

The Romance Studio

The Romance Studio, Romance Today for authors and readers. Reviews and features for those who love books.
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Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance is a premier spot for authors and readers to gather around a mutual love of hot beverage!
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Volgraza, graphic artist and designer is known as Jamin IRL



Digital Artist, Graphic Designer

(Jamin IRL)
Art Only Twitter
Nimajination Studios

The major illustrator for my website is Jamin Allen, the founder of Nimajination Studios, who is known as "Volgraza" on the popular YouTube channel V^2Gamers and Twitch. The site features game play, advice, update information for games such as SpaceEngineers, and other games on Steam. He also streams live on Twitch, where he teaches art and design. He is a professional graphic designer. He is also my son.

His professional training as an illustrator began at the Art Institute of Atlanta, but he knew he wanted to be an artist from the time he was five. His favorite gifts on birthdays and at Christmas were always art supplies.

His site, V^2Gamers features his original art and videos he has created to illustrate aspects of various games. He narrates and does creative voiceovers.

Jamin has collaborated on many aspects of my website and my books, and he is the co-illustrator for the Tarthian Empire Companion. The drawings of the Kyrenie firestorms, the FIST (Facility for Imperial Ships and Transports), and the logos for the rock groups in my books were all conceived and created by Jamin.

Jamin Allen, graphic designer, gamer, is also a host on #Twitch as Volgraza and on #Twitter as @JaminAllen1

Jamin created the Tarthian Tour Company logo

Jamin created the Kumwhatmay logo for the rock group in Kayelle Allen's books

Jamin created the Iron Soul logo for the rock group in Kayelle Allen's books

About Zealot6 - Media Production



Media Production


Zealot6 specializes in audio, video, and music. He believes communication and consistency are the keys to a great experience with a client.

I hired him the first time because I needed help syncing spoken words with images and music. He was relatively inexpensive to hire and had a super quick turnaround time. I loved the final product.

After using his services once, I decided to try again when I created another video. This one was great as well. Since then, I've worked exclusively with him to create videos. I plan many more over the next year and hope to have his help on all of them. He's polite, easy to work with, and thorough.

Want to hire Zealot6 yourself? He's on Fiverr.com.

Check out his work by watching the Ritual of Strength or The Ultras video. Each is performed by Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas and Zack Black as the voice of Pietas.

About Zack Black Voice Artist


Zack Black

Voice Artist

Voices by Zack

Zack Black has been a DJ for over a decade and prides himself on his ability to not only rock a party but also read the crowd. Once he has listeners where he wants them, he lets them know who's keeping their feet moving -- all -- night -- long! He is also a motivational speaker and provides daily insights and uplifting messages on Instagram.

As a voiceover artist, Zack's voice is warm, intelligent, and clear. He has a wide range from friendly and fun for commercial aspects and narration, to serious and regal for corporate events and e-Learning.

Zack has performed as Pietas for multiple projects. Pietas is not easy to capture but Zack's voice is close to what I hear in my head when I write. I love hearing him speak my words. Coupled with the performance of Nik Nitsvetov in costume as Pietas, it is a surreal experience.

Zack has astonishing talent and pays meticulous attention to detail. It's a pleasure to work with him every time. Click any of the links below for voice-only samples or hear him as Pietas in two videos, Ritual of Strength, and/or The Ultras.

Want to hire Zack yourself? He's on Fiverr.com.

Zack's performance when Pietas introduces himself is perfect. (5 seconds)

A quote from Pietas, who is found in all the Bringer of Chaos series books. (6 seconds)

This performance as Pietas is a snippet from the Ritual of Strength. (2 seconds)

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