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About Zealot6 – Media Production

About Zealot6 - Media Production



Media Production


Zealot6 specializes in audio, video, and music. He believes communication and consistency are the keys to a great experience with a client.

I hired him the first time because I needed help syncing spoken words with images and music. He was relatively inexpensive to hire and had a super quick turnaround time. I loved the final product.

After using his services once, I decided to try again when I created another video. This one was great as well. Since then, I've worked exclusively with him to create videos. I plan many more over the next year and hope to have his help on all of them. He's polite, easy to work with, and thorough.

Want to hire Zealot6 yourself? He's on Fiverr.com.

Check out his work by watching the Ritual of Strength or The Ultras video. Each is performed by Nik Nitsvetov as Pietas and Zack Black as the voice of Pietas.

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