Fall Into a Wicked Good Time with a Facebook party tailor made for people who like to read. This major author bash features numerous prizes including eBooks, gift cards, and bling! Party with your fave authors and meet new ones. There’s no limit to the fun you’ll have. Sponsored by the wonderful Tina Donahue and co-hosted with dozens of authors, you really will have a wicked good time.

Wicked Good Prize List

Fall Into a Wicked Good Time Facebook Party

Fall Into a Wicked Good Time Facebook Party

There will be a total of 5 winners – please see the graphic to see how prizes will be distributed. There will be spot contests from participating authors throughout the party event from October 15 – November 25 – so visit daily to enter those contests.

I will be offering a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift certificate every Friday. That’s 6 opportunities to win, not counting the two I’ve already given away in preparation for the party. Each week I’ll have something for you to share on Facebook. When you share, you’ll be entered in my personal drawing. Just visit the party site for a chance to share and win. Plus, every Friday I’ll also have a different contest on my Facebook author page, and a different way to win a prize there. Talk about being a wicked good deal! There are oodles of prizes being offered in addition to the ones listed.

BRO - The Story Behind the Story

BRO – The Story Behind the Antonello Brothers

I’ll be partnering with author Houston Havens during the party, so we can double up and offer you a better chance to pick up some prizes. She has a free book on her website, just like I do. Grab my book Bro by joining my Romance Lives Forever Reading Group, and then get her Confessions of a Romance Author by becoming a member of her VIP Lounge. You’ll get a second free book from me after you join, and then a free book from her when you join hers. Since we’re talking about having a “wicked” good time, you should know that her book is super spicy. You’ll want a cool drink nearby while reading. *wink*

You can find someone sharing a goodie, giveaway, or wicked excerpt at almost any time of day during the party. Just drop by, say hello, ask a question, tell us what you like to read, or just lurk in the background and pick up goodies.

Why do I do parties like this? Like you, I love to read. I love to share the books I’ve written. I think most of us authors come away from these parties with a much bigger TBR list. I met both my awesome beta readers at parties like this one. I love getting to know them, sharing stories with them, and getting their opinions.

Why should you go? If you’re like me, you do things for others every day. You work hard, and you don’t take much time for yourself. You put everything else first and do for others. Look at this as a chance to go chill for a bit, read something fun, learn a new way to do things, or get a freebie. Fall into a Wicked Good Time — by giving yourself a break and taking some downtime to get away from the world for a little while. You’ll be glad you did.

Hey, if you come over to the party and say “Kayelle sent me” I’ll know I reached someone and got them to take a well deserved break. I’d love to wave at you and say hello! Come on down.