What You Are (Audioslave) #playlist #scifi #chaos

Playlist: Music for a King — Song # 12 What You Are

What You Are (Audioslave) #playlist #scifi #chaos @kayelleallenI keep What You Are on a disc in my car and play it all the time. It’s often on repeat. It also fits the character Wulf. When I was writing Jawk (the third book in my Tales of the Chosen series) I must have played What You Are about 300 times. I dedicated the original version of the book to Audioslave in thanks for the music. But it fits Pietas because of the line “Now I’m free from what you are.” Listen and you’ll see the progression of freedom in the song.


Six gazed out at the lake. “I love this place. It’s peaceful here.”

“You say you love it here, but my senses tell me you’re homesick.”

“Well, sure. I miss my family. Don’t you?”

How to answer without a lie? Pietas brushed hair out of his eyes. “I miss what made me sad.”

Six squinted one eye. “How’s that again?”

“When you’re with someone you love, they can break your heart. Annoy you. Make you sad. But when you’re away from them, it’s those things that you miss.”

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What You Are – Audioslave

(I couldn’t find a direct link to Audioslave on Youtube, but this is the same version of the song I listen to, not a cover.)

Song: What You Are
Artist: Audioslave
Album: Audioslave
Copyright: 2002 Audioslave

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