I’m writing Watch Your Six, book three in the Bringer of Chaos series. The others are the Origin of Pietas and Forged in Fire. When you have a huge story that unfolds in sections, it’s helpful to give readers a place to start. That’s usually the job of a prologue. Sometimes, it’s a foreword or another intro of some kind.

I’m considering a bit of the story’s history by listing what humans say about the immortals they created, and compare it to what humans mean.

What Humans Say

  • We fashion creatures genetically designed for toil.
  • We make them strong, vital, robust, able to work hard.What Humans Say -- What Humans Mean @KayelleAllen #SpaceOpera #MFRWhooks
  • We ingrain them with abilities to make mundane jobs easier.
  • We create soldiers who recover from every injury.
  • Genslave scientists design more genslaves to enhance our way of life.
  • Renegade scientists design genslaves without proper safeguards.
  • Soulless rebels refuse to accept human authority.
  • These ingrates reject their proper name.
  • The so-called Ultras usurp mankind’s authority.
  • Surprisingly, genetic enhancements result in failure.
  • We purge ourselves of the taint of genetic enhancements.
  • We take back our birthright: Human Pure is our battle cry.
  • We discover ways to kill immortals and keep them from rising.
  • We wish we could turn back time and correct our folly.
  • We regret our lack of wisdom in creating such beings.

What Humans Mean

  • We create genslaves.
  • We permit them no rest.
  • We make sure they can never rise above their station.
  • We create savage warriors.
  • We hand over to slaves the means of creating more slaves.
  • Rebels overthrow the genetic shackles keeping them enslaved.
  • Renegades lead other genslaves to freedom.
  • The rebels call themselves Ultras: ultra smart, ultra strong, ultra powerful.
  • Ultras dominate every part of the galaxy.
  • Obviously, we can no longer control what we created.
  • We destroy anyone with non-human traits and enhanced sensory perceptions.
  • Anyone enhanced or genetically altered or “different” is the enemy.
  • We burn anything and anyone “unnatural.”
  • We don’t know how to undo what we’ve done.
  • We made a mistake…


Immortal. King. Exile. All are what humans say about Pietas. None show the depth of the man known by his peers as the Bringer of Chaos. This series is military science fiction with elements of humor, a small touch of romance, a ginormous black panther “kitty”, a telepathic weapons designer, one used-to-be-human, and the most dysfunctional family since forever.

The Bringer of Chaos series focuses on Pietas and his friendship with the human, Six. In books set in different series in the far future, Pietas is king, and he terrifies everyone. I wanted to understand why his people were so steadfastly loyal to him despite that, so I started this series to find out.

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