Animated banner, cover size, blink


Animated banner, cover size, blink tas-anicovreg

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Want to show a series of books in one spot? Or reveal information a bit at a time? An animated banner is for you. The one shown here uses the same message but changes the color behind it. You can include the same cover, and then reveal the blurb one line at a time, ending with the title and your name. Or consider your name, series title, and website, but having the covers change. The options are limited only by your imagination.

When the banner is created, the blink rate is set and cannot be changed by the user. This one is set at .5 seconds. The other option is to blink a set number of times and then stop. You decide how fast and how long, and I will set it up for you. If you prefer a more gradual change, try the fade effect banner, or if you want no blinking, use the standard banner (one layer only). The default speed is 3 seconds, which is easy to read.

This banner is cover size, either 200x300 or 500x750 (in pixels), your choice, up to 6 covers. If you have a larger series or need more layers, just ask.

$15 In stock
Number of covers 1-2 (0) 3-4 (0) 5-6 (0)
Blink rate .5 seconds (0) 1 seconds (0) 2 seconds (0) 3 seconds (recommended) (0) 5 seconds (0) 10 seconds (0) custom (0)
Repeat Blink forever (recommended) (0) Stop after 3 times (0) Stop after 5 times (0)
Animated banner, cover size, blink Animated banner, cover size, blink




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